It was getting close to the holidays. Not that Herald Square was ever deserted. Red Cross santas were already collecting donations and brought back memories of childhood Christmas seasons and shopping. I hadn't been there for the holidays in so many years I almost felt like old teenage self, as if meeting Sands was not enough of a time warp. Still, people were bustling along staring at their smart phones and everything was updated somehow, slicker. There were hybrid taxi cabs with video touch screens and no phone booths in sight. I hitched up my large shoulder bag and covered it with my right hand. I love New York but you can never be too careful. Of course there was no snow. It seemed that lately we've had tremendous blizzard or nothing. It was the holiday season, but not the one I remembered.

Waves of nostalgia over my childhood Christmas were quickly set aside when I saw him get out of the cab. He had a guide dog. He finally broke down and did the sensible thing. I wondered how long it took him to cave into reason.

Then I realized something. My legs had decided to start walking, no, jogging over to his side of the avenue. Thankfully, the traffic light cooperated. Suddenly, my arms were around him. He was startled for a second. But was smiling by the time my arms were around him. He put one arm around me and held the dog back with the other.

"You should really be more careful. She's trained to attack."

"It's so wonderful to see you again! You look good." And I meant the second part of as much as the first. He looked healthier and his black hair was shorter. It was still long enough to leave him a jaunty sort of frame for his face and to cascade over the top of his glasses.

"How have you been?"

"Okay, I guess. It's a long story."

"You'll have to tell me over lunch. Have you eaten? I know this place. It serves the best Mexican food."


"No, not really. I think we both had enough of that for a lifetime"

My mouth decided to talk without my consent, "Well, it was a good lifetime. Or at least a good time."

His hand found my face and before I knew it his lips were on mine and there was an incredible warmth. Actually, a full fledged fire. And I'm sure we made quite the interesting picture. People had to walk around us.