The Rangers are doing their usual morning training session outside. Jayden and Kevin are sparring. Meanwhile, outside the front gate a man, around 5'8'' with almond-shaped brown eyes, medium-length silky, straight, brown hair and ruddy skin, walks up to the gate. He sets the package he was carrying for the past ten miles. He knocks on the front gate. Back on the other side of the gate with the rangers, Kevin stops mid-swing. He turns to face Jayden.

"Hey Kevin, what's wrong?" Jayden asks.

"I heard a knock at the front gate." Kevin answers.

Jayden and Kevin leave to investigate. Back outside the gate the man hears Jayden and Kevin walking up. He quickly dashes over to one of the trees far enough away so they couldn't see him. A few seconds later he sees the boys walk out.

"There is no one here just a package." Kevin says.

"I can't believe that someone played ding-dong ditch on us." Mike says as he walks up to them.

"Mike, the front gate doesn't have a doorbell." Kevin says.

"Let's bring the package inside," Jayden says.

The man smiles because he is happy that he has done what he was told to do. Another man, Fredrick, steps out of the shadows. He has eyes the color of milk chocolate, red hair, and light-colored skin.

"Well, done my friend," Fredrick says

"Thank you Fredrick, but should you have just sent this to your great granddaughter." The man asks.

"No, because she doesn't even know that she is meant to the next silver ranger." Fredrick says.

The two men head back to the Tengen Gate. Inside the house, Jayden calls a meeting in the living room to discuss what they have found.

"Who sent it," Emily asks.

"I don't know there isn't a return address." Kevin answers.

Mike notices a note attached to the top right corner of the box. Mike takes it off and reads it to the Rangers.

Hello, young samurai,

Inside this box is my prized possession. I would like you to find my great granddaughter. She is the only person I can trust to pass it along to. I have my complete faith in you that you will find her. I know that she is brave in the face of danger and has the true spirit of a samurai.

Thank you again,

The aging samurai

"Okay Jayden, What do we do now?" Mia asks.

"First things first Mia let's open the package." Jayden answers.

Jayden opens package into the box was a Samuarizer encased within a layer of ice, two power discs, a snow leopard folding zord, and an instruction manual.

"That zord doesn't look all that intimidating," Kevin says.

"Do not judge a book by its cover." Ji says.

"You're right Mentor. Jayden how to go about finding the seventh samurai Ranger is?" Kevin asks.

Jayden says that he doesn't know. They know when he or she shows up. The Gap Sensor sounds. He tells the Rangers they have work to do.

Meanwhile the park Tracy Burlew is walking through the park. She yawns and stretches her tired muscles again. She wishes that she was able to get a rest full sleep on the flight here. (She is 5''5' has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pair of glasses that has star beads on the ear pieces.) She is wearing a silver tank top, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes. She also is carrying her purse in her right shoulder, and a reasonably sized backpack that she was able to store on the overhead compartment. Tracy loves how peaceful it is here. She is too scared and ashamed to call her parents to tell them that the apartment complex that she was planning on staying in lost her application. Even though she sent them a paper copy and emailed them a copy as well. She is happy that all her funds had transferred over fine from her bank back home. Then a nighlok walks in (its dark green, and bear-sized. It also has incredibly long razor sharp claws on its hands) and children run away screaming seeing its terrifying appearance.

"Children's screams what a glorious sound." The nighlok says.

"Hey, what are you? What do you think you are doing?" Tracy asks.

"I am a Nighlok, my name is Green Grasper, and I'm doing my job raising the Sanzu River." Green Grasper answers.

"The Sanzu River is not going to raise another inch not while I am here." Tracy says.

"What are you planning on doing, little girl?" Green Grasper asks.

Tracy led all the children to safety before she runs back over to confront Green Grasper again.

"You may have saved the children, but you won't be able to save yourself moogers attack." Green Grasper says.

Tracy is doing well. Green Grasper calls for some more moogers to attack. They surround her. She notices a small gap between them. She leaps and does a summersault rolling to safety. She gets to her feet and turns around to see the moogers destroying each other.

"You're smarter than I thought you were." Green Grasper says.

"You've never heard the phrase big things come in small packages." Tracy says.

It wants to see how she fares against fighting against it. Green Grasper rush in. They do battle for a few minutes until he starts to dry out. Green Grasper slithers into a gap back to the nether world.

"Come back, coward they are not finished yet." Tracy shouts.

Tracy looks down at her arm. She sees a deep cut where Green Grasper's attack hit.

I hate to admit it, but it was tougher than I thought. Tracy thinks.

Tracy leaves the park. She was in worse shape than she first thought. She feels dizzy with every step she takes. She knew she needed to find help. She stumbles up to a large gate in front of the Shiba house. She knocks on the gate as hard as she could. Inside the house the rangers are sitting in the living room resting from their latest battle with a different nighlok in the forest. Kevin hears a knock at the front gate for the second time today.

"Hey, did anyone hear that?" Kevin asks.

"Yes, Kevin, I heard it too." Jayden answers.

Tracy knocks at the gate again with the last ounce of strength she could muster up. Kevin hears it.

"Antonio and I will go a check it out. Everyone else will stay put." Jayden says.

The others nod. Jayden and Antonio walk up to the front gate. Antonio slowly opens it. Tracy falls forward, and he catches her in his arms. He rolls her over, looks down at Tracy's face, and sees her beautiful blue eyes for the first time.

"Wow, you have really pretty eyes." Antonio says.

"Thanks, you're pretty handsome yourself," Tracy says.

Antonio is about to continue this flit feast. Jayden snaps him out of it by shouting at him to focus. Antonio looks back towards Jayden. He apologizes. Jayden bends down to get a look at Tracy too.

"What happened? And who are you?" He asks.

"First question a Nighlok attacked innocent children in the park so I help them. Second question my name is..." Tracy answers.

Tracy faints. Antonio stands up slowly. They walk back into the house. Kevin hears the front door open. The group gets out of their chairs and go to greet them. The blue ranger is the first to notice the unconscious girl in Antonio's arms.

"Who is she, Jayden?" Kevin asks.

"I don't know, Kevin, She fainted before she got a chance to tell us her name." Jayden answers.

Antonio carries Tracy to the spare bedroom and lays her in the bed. Ji enters with the first aid kit and patches up the cut on her arm.

"She'll be all right, won't she?" Antonio asks.

"Relax Antonio, her injuries aren't life threatening. She'll be fine after she gets a little rest." JI answers.

The two of them leave the room. So she can rest, but neither of them remembers to close the door. Antonio walks back into the living room.

"How is our guest doing?" Jayden asks.

"She'll be fine. JI said she just needs some rest." Antonio says.

"What happened to her, exactly?" Kevin asks.

"She said that there was a nighlok attack in the park." Jayden answers.

"Why didn't the gap sensor go off?" Mike asks.

"I don't know Mike." Jayden says.

"Does anyone else think that she fought the nighlok?" Emily asks.

"From that cut on her arm, I would say so." Antonio says.

"That girl's got guts." Mike says.

This girl defiantly has the spirit of a samurai. Jayden thinks.

"Do you guys think that this girl could be the great granddaughter of that aging samurai that gave us this package?" Mia asks.

"I don't know Mia, We'll have to wait and see," Jayden says.

An hour later the layer of ice around the Samuraizer shatters and it flies across the room.

"Well, you don't see that every day." Antonio says.

"Since when can a Samuraizer fly?" Mike asks.

"How about we ask questions later, let's follow it," Jayden says.

They follow it to the spare room and watch it land on the end table next to the bed. Jayden concludes that Tracy is the great granddaughter of the aging samurai and the seventh samurai Ranger. They enter the room. Jayden hears a low moan. He looks down and watches Tracy slowly starts to wake up.

"Where am I? And who are you people?" She asks.

"You're at the Shiba house. I am Jayden that's Kevin, Mike, Emily, Mia, Antonio, and Ji. He is our mentor." Jayden answers.

"Nice to meet you, my best friend Ashley calls me T-Dawg. You guys can call me Tracy." She says.

"How did you get that nickname?" Kevin asks.

"My best friend Ashley gave it to me when we were kids. I don't know how she came up with it though. Don't take this the wrong way, but I could see everyone better if I had my glasses." She answers.

Jayden hands Tracy her glasses off the end table.

"Thanks for all your help Jayden," Tracy says.

She gets out of the bed. She sees her backpack and purse sitting on the desk. She walks over to it, picks them up. She puts her purse on her right shoulder before putting her backpack onto her back. She starts leaves the room.

"Wait, where are you going?" Antonio asks.

"To get out of your hair and try to find another apartment." Tracy says, as she turns back around to face him.

"Find another apartment, how come?" Antonio asks.

"The one I was going to stay at called me an hour ago and said that they lost my application. I don't understand how since I emailed it to them three times and sent two copies of it in the mail too." Tracy explains.

"It sounds to me like you did everything that you could on your end. It was the post office's fault for losing it and sometime when you send an email it can get lost somewhere in cyberspace." Antonio says.

"I know, but I'm still too ashamed to call my parents. I mean they already bought my plane ticket to fly out here. I can't ask them to do anything else for me. Besides, I'm supposed to be an adult. I just can't keep running back to them everything something goes wrong. I need to handle this on my own." Tracy says.

"You can't leave. The Samuraizer chose you to become the seventh samurai Ranger." Kevin says changing the subject.

"What is a Samuraizer," Tracy asks.

Jayden walks over to her. He hands Tracy the Samuraizer.

"It's kind of like a cell phone. It will allow you to become samurai Ranger." He explains.

"If you really need another Ranger, It's not me. I'm just the new person in town. Trust me, this thing chose the wrong person. I'm not built to be a super hero." Tracy says.

"The Samuraizer chose you and we really need you." Kevin says.

"I don't care that this thing may have chosen me. I just can't accept it." Tracy shouts.

She tosses it back towards the bed like a Frisbee. It lands softly on it. Then she runs out of the room.

"Way to go Kevin." Mike says sarcastically.

"Hey, I didn't think that she would get so upset." Kevin says.

"You really can't blame her for the way she reacted. It was kind of sudden." Jayden says.

Kevin tries to put himself in Tracy shoes. He knew Jayden had a good point. The gap sensor sounds again. The rangers leave to fight the nighlok. Back in the park Green Grasper is busy scaring everyone. It laughs as the people are running away in fear. The ranger led the people to safety. They turn around to face it.

"Samurai Rangers, what are you doing here? I have no business fighting you. All I want to do is battle the girl found yesterday." Green Grasper says.

"What girl?" Jayden asks.

"The girl who saved all the children I was scared yesterday." Green Grasper answers.

"This must be the nighlok Tracy told us about." Antonio says.

"Sorry to disappoint you nighlok but you will have to battle us instead." Jayden says.

It calls for some moogers to battle the Rangers. The air is filled with the sounds of the rangers' spin swords clashing against the moogers blades. Meanwhile, back at the Shiba house, Ji finds Tracy outside sitting the bench. He sits down next to her. She looks over at him. She apologizes for running off earlier.

"Don't worry about it. It was all put on you very suddenly." Ji says.

"I don't know what I am supposed to do. My heart says to help, but my brain is saying it is somebody else." Tracy says.

"You should follow her heart." Ji says.

"Do you get all your advice from fortune cookies? You are right Ji. I'm going to help the others." Tracy says.

Ji gives Tracy her Samuraizer and the snow leopard zord. He tells her how to activate it. She has to say go, go, samurai.

"What is the name of the spin sword attack? What is the name of the weapon?" Tracy asks.

"The original owner couldn't think of a name. You'll have to make one up." Ji says.

Tracy races off to help the others. Meanwhile the park Jayden uses his blazing strike to destroy the moogers he is fighting. Green Grasper aims its attack at Emily. Tracy makes a dramatic entrance and pushes Emily out the way saving her. The others run over to them. Mike helps Emily up and Antonio helps Tracy.

"Nice entrance, chica." Antonio says.

"Gracias, Goldy," Tracy says.

Tracy takes out her Samuraizer. She says go, go, samurai and draws the ice kanji correctly. Green Grasper sees the silver samurai stand next to the others.

"What there are seven of you now?" he asks.

"I guess there are. Now we can finish what we started earlier, and this time I don't lose." Tracy says confidently.

She launches her spin sword attack - frostbite. The rangers watch as it heads towards Green Grasper. It dodges the spin sword attack.

"I guess you are more powerful than you were before. It won't matter, I'll still defeat you." He says.

"Keep dreaming Green Grasper. Spin sword Leopard spear, Try to dodge this Leopard spear ice symbol, strike!" Tracy says.

Green Grasper falls over then explodes. He grows to the size of Dodger Stadium. Jayden the other Rangers go into megazord mode. They call for their zords. They form the Samurai megazord.

"All right, then it is my turn now Snow Leopard folding Zord. Megamode power." Tracy says.

Green Grasper laughs when he sees the new zord.

"Aw, the pretty little kitty going to try to hurt me, " He taunts.

"Leopard Zord, hail storm." Tracy says.

Kevin is impressed by how powerful the new zord is.

"Tracy, join us," Jayden says.

Tracy spins the disk in front of her. The snow leopard zord combines with the megazord. She puts her mega blade in the slot on the panel.

"Leopard storm megazord armed for battle." Tracy says.

Antonio welcomes her to the cockpit.

"Is that new combination is supposed to scare me?" Green Grasper asks.

Tracy decides to show Green Grasper what the megazord can do. She launches the blizzard attack. Green Grasper became an ice sculpture.

"Great job, Tracy now let's finish this." Jayden says.

The Rangers activate their Megablades and spins their disks.

"Leopard storm megazord, frozen strike!" The rangers say.

Tracy watches as Green Grasper explodes. Tracy can hardly believe that this just happened.

"Jayden, I think that you should let Tracy says the five words you always says when we destroy a nighlok." Antonio suggests.

"It's ok, Antonio. I don't want to steal any of Jayden's thunder." Tracy says.

"It's ok Tracy, really." Jayden says.

Jayden walks over to her. He whispers the phrase into her ear.

"Samurai rangers, victory is ours." Tracy says.

The rangers walk in the living room. Everyone sits down. Tracy stands in the hallway. Antonio pats the chair next to him. She smiles, walks over to him, and sits down.

"Tracy, you did a great job out there today." Kevin says.

"Thanks Kevin, I think that it was beginners luck and nothing more." Tracy says.

"You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way. You really do have the true spirit of a samurai." Jayden says.

"Thanks Jayden. I really think that you and the others would be a lot better off without me." Tracy says.

"Tracy, we have plenty of room here. You're welcome to stay." Antonio says.

Tracy didn't want to trouble them. She didn't want to admit it, but the Shiba house is a lot nicer than the apartment she would have gotten anyway.

"I could stay for a while." Tracy says.

The rangers stand up and put their hand together in a circle. Antonio's hand is on top of everyone else's.

"What is going on," Tracy asks.

"It's another thing we do occasionally after a battle." Antonio says.

Tracy stands up and puts her hand on top of Antonio's. She looks down to realize that she put her hand the wrong direction their finger lined up so perfectly like they were meant to be.

"Rangers together, Samurai forever!" The rangers say

The rangers raise their hand towards the ceiling. A few seconds later Antonio's hand brush against hers, and her heart skips a beat. Tracy puts her hand back down at her side. Antonio looks over at her. He watches her cheeks start to turn a light shade of pink.

"So, Tracy, I could show you around." Antonio offers.

"That sounds like a good plan to me. I've wanted to see the rest of the city anyway." Tracy says.

"Great, let's get going then." Antonio says eagerly.

He takes a hold of her wrist. The others and Ji chuckle as they watch Antonio gently pull Tracy towards the door.