For Maddie's challenge on RoseScorpius Fans. I was given the place Madam Puddifoots, the object A Box of Chocolates and the word Moonlight.

"Are you sure we should be doing this, Scorp?" Rose asked, her finger tracing the outside of her coffee cup.

Scorpius sighed, "Rose, we've gone through this, it's fine, she's our daughter. It's not like we're stalkers or anything."

"I know, but… it's not really fair on Delilah, is it?"

"Shush!" Scorpius urged, "Duck!"

"Quack, quack." Rose replied, earning herself a nudge in the ribs from Scorpius, so she obeyed and ducked, earning herself a few weird looks from the customers in the corner café.

"That's not McLaggen is it?" Scorpius hissed, "That creep didn't actually have kids did he?"

Rose slapped his arm playfully, "Scorp! You can't talk about people like that." she craned her neck to have a better look, "God, no, Delilah, don't snog the man-whore!"

"Technically, we don't know that he's a man-whore." Scorpius told her, "Not all kids take after their parents, you know."

The two parents watched through the window as their daughter kissed the son of the guy they had both despised through their Hogwarts years.

"He's giving her a box of Honeydukes chocolates." Rose sighed, "That's so sweet!"

"And original, too." Scorpius laughed dryly.

There was a sudden commotion at their table as Rose jumped in the air, "Holy crap, she's seen us!"

"Nice knowing you, Rose." Scorpius muttered, watching his daughter storm into the café and begin screaming at them, McLaggen standing at her side. He flinched. Delilah really had taken after her mother.


Scorpius coughed, "Well, no, not exac-" he was cut off as Delilah sent him a stern glare, and he decided to stop talking. He knew from past experiences not to get on the wrong side of his daughter.

That night, Scorpius and Rose sat in their living room sipping coffee and nursing their wounded pride. They didn't speak, but both knew the other was thinking of all of the insults their eldest daughter had thrown at them, but neither of them felt guilty in the slightest.

"I can't help but wonder if she's still dating him." Rose voiced her thoughts aloud.

Scorpius groaned, "I hope not. If she ever took him up to the astronomy tower-"

"-in the moonlight?" Rose finished his sentence, reminiscing over the hours they had spent in their Hogwarts days, just sitting there and talking.

"I love you, Rose." Scorpius whispered.

"Love you too." She replied.

The two of them sat there, breathing in and out peacefully, feeling thankful for the fact that the two of them were together. They'd made it. They'd made it through their Hogwarts years, been best friends turned lovers, and now they had two kids to show for it.

"Are we sending her a howler?" Scorpius asked, "For kissing McLaggen, you know?"

Rose sighed, "No! Honestly, Scorpius. I thought you'd have grown up by now!"

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