Harmony of elements, sticking to schedules

[ 24 Hour Themes: 4PM]

Barnaby wanted to kill him.

Why had Kotetsu bothered swinging up that damned building like a cat? Oh, wait. Because he had wanted to rescue a cat – something that Barnaby was allergic to in the first place and not overly fond of and it was absolutely ruining their night out.

So he stood there. Waiting. Arms crossed over his chest, foot tapping, a glare permanently souring his features.

Sometimes, Kotetsu was too nice for his own good.

He contemplated, after another few minutes, simply leaving and letting the bastard get tangled up in his own line. Letting Kotetsu dangle like a fish would have been awfully satisfying, after all -

"Sorry about the wait, Bunny!"

And just as suddenly as Kotetsu had scaled the building, he was back – grinning like an idiot as he dangled upside down in front of him as if it was the most clever thing in the world.

Barnaby's glare didn't cease.

"…Ah? Why are you pouting?"

"I'm not pouting."

"You're pouting," Kotetsu swiftly disagreed, though his own features softened in sort of wry resignation. "I'm sorry. There was a cat, so I – "

"It doesn't matter."

But Barnaby did care. Was it so much to ask to have Kotetsu's attention wholly focused on him? Saving a cat should not have been his priority, especially on a rare chance they had to enjoy a date by their lonesome –

Out of nowhere, there was a strong, but surprisingly gentle hand wrapped up in his hair, dragging him forward a step as Kotetsu remained there, dangling from his line with his feet so casually braced to the wall. Barnaby blinked, opened his mouth to protest, but little sound escaped save for a muffled half-huff of breath as Kotetsu's lips closed over his.

Kotetsu had a way about kissing him that was always so genuine. So very open, so very affectionate, even in the most passionate or most awkward of times. This was a combination of the two, he supposed, and even in the middle of the street, Barnaby felt inclined to melt down to his very bones when his lover's teeth dragged over his lower lip – tugging slowly at it, with a warm, wet tongue to follow.

Barnaby's lips parted practically on their own accord, a low groan to follow as that damned tongue wriggled its way into his mouth, dragging against his own and then over the roof of his mouth, making Barnaby shudder and reach out, hands grasping for Kotetsu's hair to tug him forward, just slightly; the tilt of his own head making the otherwise entirely awkward kiss that much deeper.

As they parted, his grip tightened, teeth scraping over Kotetsu's lip as if to beg don't stop, don't go. Kotetsu merely laughed, low and easy, looking all too much like a damned cat that caught the canary – or rabbit, as it may have been.



… No matter now that they had quite a few people staring.

"Apology accepted."