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Queen-lady Annabelle's dresses fit Quinn like a glove. She is seated at the table, decorated with so many different kinds of foods that she doesn't know what half of it even is. She doesn't come from a poor family, but she has never known such excesses. The room itself is large, the walls of mahogany creating a luxurious atmosphere.

She would eat, but her throat feels constricted. She hadn't thought it to be possible, but she's even more nervous now that she has looked into the Queen's eyes. Now that the Queen has expressed such an interest in her – what if she can't meet her expectations? She sudders to think what will happen to her and her family if she proves to be a disappointment.

"Do you not enjoy this food, my lady?"

Quinn, not used to being addresses so formally, looks up at the girl who previously introduced herself as Tina.

"I'm not hungry," Quinn smiles weakly.

"If you have other preferences, I'm sure the Queen would take care of it," Tina assures her. She was there in the hall when Quinn presented herself as Queen Santana's gift. Quinn blushes when she remembers that Tina has seen her naked and witnessed Queen Santana's more than intimate caresses.

"This food is wonderful, but I'm afraid I won't stomach it."

Tina bows her head and takes away Quinn's plate. Quinn's heart is beating in her throat. On the one hand, she fears her walk to the Queen's quarters. She fears the upcoming events, her performance. On the other hand, the wait itself is pure agony. She wishes Blaine would just come and get her already.

As if some higher power has heard her and granted her wish, a knock on the door startles her from her thoughts. One of the girls goes to open it and Quinn is relieved to see Blaine's face. "If you will please follow me?"

Quinn gets up from her chair, takes a last look at the room, takes a deep breath and walks over to the door. She follows Blaine through corridors and on stairs, paintings, weapons and other treasures adorning the walls. Finally, they reach another oak door. Blaine pulls a silver key from his pocket and opens it in a clearly much-performed move. They round another two corners before they reach a door on which Blaine knocks twice, rapidly.

The door is opened by a man with even curlier hair than Blaine and a sly expression on his face. He takes a look at Quinn and smiles, pleased, appreciative almost. Quinn has no idea why. Oh god, she suddenly panicks, I hope nobody will be watching us.

On Blaine's command, she enters the room shyly. Santana is standing on the other side of the bed, still wearing her trousers and cream cape from earlier, her back turned to Quinn. Santana turns around and Quinn quickly curtseys, not wanting to upset the Queen. When she looks up, the Queen's hand is wrapped around one of the bedpoles so tightly that her knuckles are white. Her eyes are wide, fixed on Quinn, who is blushing and studying her feet.

"My sweet Anna," Santana mutters. She finally regains her composure a little bit and walks over to Quinn, cupping her cheek. "My dear, sweet Anna."

Quinn isn't sure what to do. Should she point out that she's not the late Queen-lady returned from the dead and risk Santana's fury at pulling her back from her revery? Or should she just go along with it, even though it makes her feel like Santana sees her an incarnate of her dead wife instead of a proper person?

Santana finally leans in to kiss her softly, her plump lips moving over Quinn's gently, searchingly. She nips her lower lip longingly. It leaves Quinn breathless. When Santana pulls back, Quinn looks up, right into those smothering dark eyes. That's when realisation seems to flicker in Santana's eyes and for a split second, she looks disappointed. Just what I feared, Quinn thinks, bracing herself for what is to come.

To her utter surprise, Santana smiles sadly and says: "I'm sorry. You just – you look exactly like her. The resemblance is uncanny. But Annabelle had eyes bluer than the Iliyabern Sea, and you could just drown in them, lose yourself..." Santana's voice cracks and she goes quiet, a heavy sigh escaping her lips.

Suddenly, she snaps out of it. "Jesse," she says, her voice oozing authority. The man with the curly hair that had opened the door for them looks up. "Remove your men from the room and then entertain the Queen-lady until she is ready for bed. You know best what interests her."

"Certainly, Your Highness," Jesse replies with a bow. He gestures to Blaine and the others standing in the room. They all follow him through the door as Santana goes to sit down on the bed.

"I had that dress made for Anna, you know. All her dresses were tailored to fit her like a glove. You make them look as they were made for you instead."

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, I didn't mean to offend you in any way."

Santana frowns. "I was the one who ordered you to wear them, wasn't I? Why should I be angry?"

Quinn blushes again. "I – I don't – I don't know."

"Don't be so afraid," Santana says. "I know I have quite the reputation, but I could never hurt you. Just like I could never hurt Anna."

Quinn closes her eyes for a second. Already she can feel the heavy weight of Queen Santana's dead wife on every conversation they have. She knows she cannot voice her concerns – this is the Queen herself after all, the seventy-seventh Lopez on the throne. Santana gestures her to come closer and she follows suit. Gently, she pulls at the strings of her dress and in a moment, it has found its way to the floor. Santana leads her to step out of it and removes her undergarments.

"Come sit on my lap," Santana whispsers, her eyes flicking over Quinn's body. Quinn slides on the Queen's lap, shivering at the touch of her naked skin against Santana's clothing. Santana cups Quinn's hips, placing her hands on Quinn's back, holding her as she brings her face closer to her chest.

A shiver runs down Quinn's spine when Santana kisses her nipple, her palms pressing into her hips. Santana's lips are soft, moist, warm. Her tongue flicks around her nipple and she sucks it in, her hands moving up towards Quinn's shoulder blades, her palms pressing into her skin and her nails scraping it lightly. Quinn jumps up when Santana bites her nipple, but not hard enough for it to cause any real pain.

Santana leaves Quinn's nipple and kisses her way up to her neck, inhaling her scent again. "You are beyond beautiful, Quinn," she whispers in her ear.

Santana stands up, holding Quinn in her arms and gently putting her down on the ground. She takes off her own clothes until she's fully naked. The Queen's body is strong and lean. Quinn is too embarassed to look between her legs, but she can't deny that she's curious. Santana pulls her close again for a long, deep kiss and their hips meet. Quinn's head is spinning at the sensation of the kiss combined with Santana's hardening dick pressing against her pussy.

Santana goes to lie down on the bed, pulling Quinn with her. Santana turns them until she lies on top of her, her lips now kissing Quinn's stomach as her hands roam her entire body. Quinn lifts her hips involuntarily when Santana slides a finger in her pussy, rubbing her clit in the most delicious of ways. Santana's other hand is kneading her breast slowly, but regularly. Before she knows it, she feels that she's soaking wet.

Santana smiles, kisses her inner thighs and then plants her hands next to Quinn's head, leaning over her. Quinn hesitantly places her hand on Santana's neck and slides it down between her breasts, over her stomach and to her dick bouncing between them. She wraps her fingers around it, not sure what exactly to do. She moves her fingers up and down, then stretches her fingers to Santana's balls, her palm pressing against the underside of Santana's dick.

Santana lets out a few high-pitched noises that tell Quinn that she's enjoying this. Santana leans her head down until her mouth is right next to Quinn's ear. "Wrap your fingers around it and then tug at it," she breathes.

Quinn follows her command and soon, Santana is grinding into her fist. After a few times, Santana takes Quinn's hands away and quickly pushes open her legs before resting the head of her dick against Quinn's pussy, sliding it up and down, rubbing her clit and entrance. Quinn shivers.

"This is going to hurt a little bit, but soon, you'll enjoy it," Santana reassures her.

Quinn is surprised – she had been sure that the Queen would do this hard and fast, to her own enjoyment only. She had thought that it would hurt and she'd gain little pleasure from it. She had never imaganed the Queen to be so gentle, so understanding and so patient.

Then, Santana enters her with one swift move, filling her to the hilt. Quinn screams out in surprise and pain, her hands holding onto Santana's back tightly. "I thought I'd go for the short pain," Santana pants, delighed at how wet and warm Quinn's walls are around her dick. She pulls out and pushes back inside again, enjoying the friction of Quinn's tight pussy.

Soon, Santana is settling into a rhythm that has Quinn scraping her nails over her back, pushing her hips off the bed, planting her feet firmly on the mattress. Queen Santana really has an incredibly large dick and she wouldn't be surprised if it actually was the largest one in the realm. Quinn's pussy sucks in Santana's dick, getting tighter and tighter around it, squeezing it more and more. Sounds she didn't know she had in her escape her lips. She feels how hard her nipples are and then Santana suddenly has a finger on her clit, rubbing it ferociously.

Santana's senses are going haywire at the combination of Quinn's slick wetness allowing her to slide in and out of her easily and the friction provided by her ever tightening pussy, sucking her deeper and deeper inside. Quinn's moans drive Santana wild with desire that she can feel building in the pit of her stomach and Quinn only gets louder when Santana starts rubbing her clit. The Queen can feel herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm and by the way Quinn is writhing under her, she's not far from it either. Santana comes first, spurting her hot seed inside her lover, pushing deeper inside in the process. Quinn reacts to it strongly and by the time the final spurt has left Santana's dick, Quinn is riding out her own orgasm, trapping Santana's dick in her pussy vehemently.

Santana pulls out of Quinn and falls on her back next to her. Both are panting. Neither can find the words to describe what just happened.

Santana looks at Quinn in surprise when she feels her fingers just above her dick.

Quinn moves to lie down on her side, leaning on an elbow, her head resting on the hand that isn't touching her. "I'm from Benningwood, you know," Quinn starts. "We live at the border of the woods and beyond the woods is Sarthinger Forest. Sometimes, I sneak out and walk all the way to Sarthinger Forest for the amazing plants and animals. I like to draw them."

"You went into Sarthinger Forest by yourself?" Santana asks in surprise. "Isn't that dangerous? The Fylingi live there! You could have been killed!"

Quinn smiles. "I always knew how to hide myself. But I did hear Fylingi women talk. They have this special technique to clean up their men's dicks after having had intercourse. They say it brings added pleasure to the man."

Santana frowns. "You listened to wildlings talk about such intimate matters? They are not civilised, Quinn. How did you even understand their language?"

"You pick up a lot if you listen to a language being spoken and sung for years and years. It's actually quite beautiful, very melodious. Anyway, I would like to try this cleaning method, if you don't mind. I promise to stop immediately if you don't enjoy it."

"You don't need anything?" Santana asks?

Quinn just shakes her head.

Santana hesitates for a moment, then nods. "Okay. Go ahead."

Quinn doesn't know where she got her courage to bring this up, but she has honestly been wondering about this ever since she heard those women talk about it. She gets up and lies down between Santana's legs, taking her soft dick in her hand. She starts licking off her own juices in long, swirling strokes of her tongue. "Holy shit," Santana curses, jumping up with every stroke, her dick hardening rapidly.

Then, Quinn wraps her lips around the head of her dick and suckles on it softly, slowly feeding herself more, sucking harder, still swirling her tongue around it. Santana lets out a never-ending string of profanities, her hand automatically flying to Quinn's head to keep her there.

"Fuck, keep going, keep going," Santana pants. Quinn hollows her cheeks around Santana's dick and then sucks every inch of it as she comes back up, only to go back down again in the same manner. Soon, Santana feels her balls constricting and she's coming for a second time that night. Quinn hadn't heard anything about the substance that would fill her mouth, but after the initial shock, she finds herself enjoying the taste. She eagerly swallows it and when Santana finally goes soft in her mouth, she takes her dick out and licks her lips.

With her strong arms, Santana pulls Quinn up swiftly and takes her in her arms. "That was mind-blowing," Santana confesses. "I've never – with any of my mistresses – and I've had a lot – this has never – wow."

Quinn smiles, blushing. "I only aim to please my Queen."

Santana kisses Quinn passionately. "Oh, you have certainly pleased me. I hope you will agree to stay in the palace because I just want to have you over and over again."

Quinn knows she has no choice. "Of course I'll stay."

"Wonderful," Santana murmurs before falling asleep, her arms wrapped tightly around her new-found lover, who can't deny that those strong arms make her feel safer than she ever has before.