You thought wrong!


Ha-ha, just kidding. I can. So anyway, the other day I was reading some slightly weird crossover with Doctor Who and Sonic the Hedgehog and I thought, "hey, that's a good idea!"

So here it is. My second crossover and weirdest thing in the history of ever, because you all know I have this weird addiction to regenerating Time Lords with police boxes that can go anywhere in the universe… and blue hedgehogs.

Oh, yeah, 10th Doctor! Forgot to mention that earlier! The 10th Doctor and Rose! YEY!

RATED T for intense violence, language, peril, and blood. THE RATING MAY CHANGE


"So you have no idea where in the worlds we are?" Rose Tyler asked, stepping out of the blue police box—AKA, the TARDIS—and glancing around what seemed to be a very dark hillside of some sort with lots of trees. In the distance, a few lights shone from what looked like small houses partly sunk into the ground.

"Um…nope." The Doctor said cheerily. "But that can be a good thing, you see…we could once again discover a new civilization!"

Rose glanced around again. It was quiet. Too quiet. She reached for the small pistol slightly, just in case something jumped out and decided to attack. Luckily, nothing had so far and would remain that way.

"Now how about you and me go and check out those lights over there?" The Doctor said. "Perhaps they can tell us where we are…and maybe let us use their lavatory."

He sort of half-skipped, half-ran to where the lights were shining in the distance. Rose didn't want to be left alone on a strange dark planet, so she hurried after him. They didn't get far before something made them both stop and listen.

There…there it was again!

"What was that?" Rose asked, drawing closer to the Doctor. "It sounded like…"

"The birds on Xios?" The Doctor asked. "Now that I think about it, they do sort of sound like them. They also remind me of something dying."

"Exacally." Rose whispered. "There's something over there…In the trees."

"Hello? Is anyone there?" The Doctor asked cheerily, walking towards the trees. "We're just wondering who lives in that house down there and where we can find a decent cup of coffee and a lavatory."

A second's silence. Not a sound was heard from either the trees or the Time Lord and his companion. Taking this silence as a good thing, the Doctor continued on.

"And could you kindly tell us what planet this is? We sort of got tossed through a wormhole on our way to Earth to visit Rose's mother. What year is it? What time is it? Do you still have indoor plumbing?"

Once again, silence. Rose began to fear that whoever…or whatever…was in the woods had died from pity or something of the sort. She began to walk slowly toward the trees. "H..hello? Is anyone there? We…we don't mean you any harm."

A stick snapped somewhere to their right. Rose glanced in the direction just in time to see a streak of something dark colored and fast. There was a BANG and a tree next to her exploded. Rose screamed and threw herself to the ground. The Doctor had no weapons, so he clutched his Screwdriver in front of him like someone would with a gun. There was silence again.

"I would really like it if you showed yourself now." The Doctor said calmly, even though his face said otherwise. "Honestly, if you shoot now and ask questions later, that'll get you nowhere."

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The sound of shoes on dead leaves. Silence. A click as a gun was reloaded. More silence. And then the question.

"We didn't ask for this war, you brought it upon yourselves."

Rose slowly got up from where she was lying in a pile of leaves. The Doctor walked slowly over to her, his Screwdriver still held out in front of him. "Ok, well, I have no idea what you're talking about. We just came from halfway across the galaxy and we have no idea what planet this is or who you are."

More silence. Then it was shattered by a cold and curt laugh. "It's too late to back out of this. We've killed thousands of you. You've killed millions of us…most women and children. We only fight to defend ourselves!" The deep voice got harsher as the statement went on. Then there was a brief flash of light and dirt was kicked up at the Doctor's feet as a bullet struck dangerously close to his shoes. He staggered backwards just as Rose was fired upon.

She screamed and fell backwards, landing hard on her backside. She drew her small pistol and shot back where the flashes and bangs were coming from.

Their attacker gave a scream of pain. Whoever it was didn't fire back at them but Rose kept her pistol raised in front of her and she got up. The Doctor motioned for her to stay there and he stepped into the woods, the trees illuminated by the soft green glow the Screwdriver produced.

The rustle of leaves and the shape of something struggling to its feet, turning and limping awkwardly away were suddenly heard. The Doctor was startled briefly, but the few seconds he was recovering provided their attacker a chance to escape. The woods were silent again.

"What was that?" Rose finally asked.

"I dunno. But that's the fun of exploring the universe, isn't it?" The Doctor stooped down where their attacker had lain before getting up and running away. Some of the green leaves were stained a bright crimson, and more pointed out which way whoever it was had gone.

"Are we going to follow it?" Rose asked nervously.

"Not now." The Doctor said. "He said something about a war…against people like us? Hmmm…maybe Earthlings have invaded and this is the future."

"Maybe we shouldn't go towards those lights, then." Rose suggested.

"I don't think we should either. I don't really need the lavatory anymore. That scared me enough to make me not ever need a lavatory again!"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Just stop talking, please. There's a lady present."

With that, they glanced around the woods. Obvious signs of battle were present. Trees had slash marks in them and were splattered with blood. There were empty gun magazines littering the ground, and Rose thought she saw a sword.

"Have you noticed the slashes never go higher than my elbow?" The Doctor asked, examining the trees. "These people must be small, whoever they are…"

"Maybe we'll get answers from the person who attacked us." Rose suggested. "Right now that's our only option. It was alone, for one thing, so we can not worry about being captured."

"But I think he had a gun." The Doctor said. "So we won't get captured, we'd just end up dead. Sounds good to me! Let's go!"

On that slightly creepy note, they followed the trail of blood, with The Doctor constantly stooping to search the ground with his Screwdriver. They followed a very zigzagging path until they came to a tree. It had appeared that at some point in the last few minuets their attacker had run into the tree, possibly trying to regain their balance. Blood was smeared around the trunk in what looked eerily like a handprint.

They didn't have to look much longer. Within five minuets they came to a small collapsed form that was curled next to a tree. The figure's right leg was bent out straight from their body and from the dim light from the Screwdriver, Rose could see the damage she did.

"Oh, this isn't good. This isn't good in the slightest." The Doctor sighed slightly. "Rose, I need you to run back to the TARDIS and grab that First-Aid kit thing you forced me to bring because you said we'd need it at some point. You know…the one?"

"Be right back." Rose turned and ran, completely ignoring the humor in the Doctor's voice.

The Doctor then brought the Screwdriver next to the figure's leg, trying to assess the damage his partner did. The creature, brought back to its senses by the whirling, tried desperately to get away from him.

"Listen to me, you really need to stay still!" The Doctor explained softly. "We're going to help you, ok?"

The creature stopped trying to shove his hand away. "Why don't you just kill me?" It gasped. "You wanted us dead in the first place." Its breathing became ragged.

"Like I said, I came from halfway across the galaxy." The Doctor muttered. The Screwdriver whirled louder. "You'll have to explain things to me."

From what he could tell, Rose managed to take a chunk out of its leg but missed the bone completely. No major artery was hit, but the wound was big enough that The Doctor needed some bandages to stop the bleeding as soon as possible… But he wasn't sure if the creature would survive.

"Who…who are you?"

The Doctor was a little surprised by that question. "I'm the Doctor." He replied. "And doctors are here to help anyone, on one side of the war or the other. So who are you?"

"I'm..." The creature managed to say before falling unconscious.