Diversity, blending or healing differences, gentle care toward others

[ 24 Hour Themes: 7PM]

This had to be the most ridiculous thing he had ever done.

Staring down the hideous, over-saturated pink of that… that stuffed rabbit thing, Barnaby had never felt more like a teenaged girl attempting to please and woo their secret crush.

Even though it wasn't that much of a secret.

Well. The comparison remained.

He didn't spend hours in a kitchen getting this damned recipe perfect only to fail at presentation. Barnaby was all too aware at how he tended to stumble over words with Kotetsu and settle upon a sharp comment over something more… endearing? But with this, that couldn't happen – not when he was standing there in an apron with a plate full of rice (and a bottle of mayonaise because as disgusting as the old man's tastes were, he would cater to them).

Deep breath. Set the plate in the rabbit's lap. Stand back and try not to put his hands on his hips and glare.

Smile. Smile. Smile. Easier said than done. God, why was he practically shaking. Why was he blushing.

"… I worked very hard on this, you know – the things I cook are usually – "


Barnaby gave up and buried his face into his hands.

"… I hope you enjoy it, all the same."