Last chapter children! I hope you've enjoyed Driven! I will be making a….what would you call it? I want to say prequel but it happened during this. What would you call that? Please tell me!

Sora, Riku, and Mickey's keyblades opened the door to Kingdom Hearts. Inside, there was a whole different world. We all entered it, but I knew only a few would make it out. In the middle of the world was Xemnas.

"So…it seems your Hearts have led you to obliteration," he said. "Perhaps it doesn't pay to be loyal to one's Heart. I will have to be sure and remember that."

"Why? You'll never have one!" I said, smirking. Wow, I was really starting to push my luck.

A building collapsed between us. On one side, Kairi, Mickey, and Donald were trapped. The door was closing with Sora, Riku and I on the other side of it. Riku called out, but the door closed any way. That was that, we were facing Xemnas.

"We can take him on our own!" Sora reassured.

Walls came up from the floor and surrounded us but Sora sliced through them with ease. We ran further in when Xemnas tried to hit us with a type of ship that looks a little like a dragon. I dodged, and the others must have too, because when I saw them again the were still in one piece. Well, there was a gash on Riku's forehead, but other than that everything about him was okay. And Sora seemed to be fine too. After a very intense battle between us, Xemnas and other lesser Nobodies we finally came out victorious. Xemnas faded away, so we thought.

"You all did great!" Mickey told us once we came out.

Sora turned to Riku. "You're coming with us, right?"

"I had to give in to Darkness," Riku told him.

"Riku!" Sora said.

"How would I face everyone?" Riku asked turning toward Sora, who was squeezing his face like a little kid.

"Like this!" he asked.

Riku laughed at the pathetic attempt. Maybe it really did make him feel better, I don't know.

I laughed weakly, which brought attention to me. There was a dark corridor, and Namine stepped out. How was she here? Then I realized. It was time for me to go now.

I don't know what happened next, but Roxas was there. He was transparent, but at the same time when I reached out to touch him he was solid.

"Xeiria, you're…" he brushed aside my hair and reveal a gaping hole in my chest. I hadn't know it was there. I didn't know Xemnas had stuck me. When…? Riku and Sora saw it too, but they made no move to give me an elixir or anything. They stood there watching my blood drip onto the floor. My legs finally gave way under the little weight I had and I fell, only to be caught by Roxas.

"How bad?" I asked weakly.

He looked down at the wound again. "Worse than it looks. Probably hurts worse too, doesn't it? But…you're going to be okay."

"Liar," I said, smiling a little. "That's a lie and you know it. I'm going to die…it's not worth telling me lies…I'm not as dumb as I look…"

Roxas looked up into my eyes and sighed. "I know…I know you won't make it. But…if you don't then I'll never see you again! Can't we get you back to Airie real quick?"

I shrugged, the Darkness growing stronger and swallowing everything around me. "Maybe I will…maybe I won't…but I'll make sure that I'm there when you go to sleep…I'll make sure…everything…is okay…Roxas…"

My breathing ceased completely then. I knew once my eyes closed I would fade into the Darkness, maybe that Darkness would go to Airie. Maybe I would go to Kingdom Hearts. I didn't know…I would just have to wait.

When I knew I was gone I found myself laying on the concrete of the clock tower. In Twilight Town. Sitting next to me was Axel. He wiped his fingers over my forehead to get the hair off of it.

"Hey kiddo," he told me. "I'm sorry."

I nodded. "I know. What of Roxas?"

Axel looked away. "He's going back to Sora. And you'll go back to Airie soon enough. I'll be left here alone again…" he rubbed the back of his head. "Man! You guys just know where to go do you? You come here to visit me, then you leave. So mean…"

I giggled. "Whatever. Not like we have much of a choice."

"Or maybe it's just because you don't like me anymore," he smirked. "Well, see you soon, kiddo."

The world was black with Darkness again in a matter of seconds. In that Darkness I was able to see Roxas. He walked a little closer to me, took my hands and started rubbing them with his thumbs.

"You're here," he said, trying to convince himself.

"I am," I said, starting to cry. "I am here…"

He smiled. "Calm down. You're hyperventilating."

I shook my head. "Just happy to see you. Don't want to go anywhere now."

"Neither do I," Roxas told me. He inched his face closer to mine until our lips touched, and we shared our last kiss before the Void took us away.

Now we have to wake for own awakening, again.

Airie's Pov

I had to say goodbye to say hello.

I said goodbye to my Heart, and I said hello to Xeiria. She said goodbye to her memories of her life before, but she said hello to Roxas. So is saying goodbye really that hard? It could be, but sometimes it isn't.

When Sora and Riku defeated Xemnas, I was able to wake up. But when I did, I wasn't in the castle anymore. I was on Destiny Islands again. I started to cry, because I knew I had taken Xeiria out of the world, it being my fault or not. Sora told me everything was going to be okay, but when I looked at him, he looked like Roxas. He told me I was beautiful, but I knew he wasn't really talking to me.

Later that day, after that incident, Sora told me for a minute during the conversation I looked exactly like Xeiria. I didn't bother to tell him about Roxas.

Things went on as normal. I said hi to Riku and Sora in the hallway at school, I listened to the same music, I still lived in that little house on the beach. But Kairi and I were friends know. I guys all of that had brought us together, because we knew what it was like to lose something important. I wore that silver necklace everyday, in reminder that I would never like myself forget Xeiria and Roxas.

Maybe one day, if there was some freak accident, they would come out again.

It's over! Alright, so I know it talks a lot about Xeiria and Roxas waking up in the ending, and I might make a sequel about it for Kingdom Hearts 3D, if I like the game.

For now, look out for 'One for Sorrow' which will be all about Xeiria's life in the Organization. Thanks to you all who have loved this story. ;D

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Airie's Theme - Tears of The Light - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Xeiria's Theme - Vector to The Heavens - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

In Proof Of Existence, when Xeiria is trying to remember Xion - Destiny's Union - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

When Airie comes back out - Missing You - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

When Airie finds out Sora is asleep - Friends In My Heart- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

The Incident with Saix and Xeiria - Strange Whispers - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Xeiria's Death - Riku's Theme - Kingdom Hearts (I think it's in all of them, right? And I know it's his theme, but it's sad and sets the mood.)

Roxas and Xeiria - Roxas's Theme - Kingdom Hearts II/358/2 Days/ Coded

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