Sparda was someone who surpassed every demon in the underworld, so why is there so few fanfic about him? So I thought to write something about him. This is my first fanfic, please give it a chance!

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The Legend of Sparda

Sparda eyed the gigantic figure before him. 10-15 meter tall with shining yellow legs and deep blue eyes, the spider-shaped demon was feared by most of the demons in the underworld. However, this time it was not Sparda who feared the outcome of the battle.

"You really think you can defeat me, Phantom?" Sparda's voice had a sharp edge to it.

"It's not what I think. It is the truth!" But even as Phantom uttered the words, his voice faltered for a moment.

Sparda smirked. "You're not filling anyone with confidence. Least of all yourself."

Phantom roared in anger this time. This is only a general like me. I can beat him! He told himself, then charged at the dark knight.

Sparda easily sidestepped the attack. "There's still time to flee, Phantom."


Sparda jumped aside to avoid the fireball that came his way. He pulled Rebellion from his back. "Then that's the way it has to be." he sighed.

The first second Phantom saw the knight standing in front of him, the next moment he was on top of him. The giant demon shot lava from his back repeatedly, but stopped as he felt something pierce his back, going all the way through his stomach and out the other side.

Sparda jumped from his back, caught his beloved sword, Yamato, and sheathed it. A wave of pain shot through Phantom, and he collapsed momentarily.

Unlike others, who would have seen it as a chance to take advantage of his exhaustion, Sparda simply stood there, waiting calmly for the demon to get up and make the first move. He was toying with Phantom, making a mockery of his power. Just the thought of it angered him enough to attack with renewed energy.

With a roar, Phantom summoned pillars of lava from the ground. Sparda dodged them, just as Phantom predicted. The dodging brought him straight near the demon's mouth.

He wasted no time. Engulfing Sparda in a ball of fire, he shot lava at the ball repeatedly. After the ball had extinguished, there was nothing left but a pile of ashes. Even the floor beneath the fire had melted.

Phantom laughed, a deep evil sound that made all the demons within earshot quiver in fear. Save one, that is.

Sparda landed in front of Phantom, smirking. "Not bad, Phantom. But unfortunately, you'll have to do better than that."

"H-How?" the demon looked at him wide-eyed.

"A little speed, and a little wit. The two things you lack."

"YOU WORTHLESS WORM!" Phantom again started shooting fireballs, but it seemed Sparda had had enough.

"Time to end this!" he jumped upwards as the tip of his blade started to glow red. The gem on his forehead glowed bright violet as he began to build energy. Once it was completed, He thrust the sword directly through Phantom's upper chest.

The protective armors all over Phantom's body shattered like glass under the impact. The demon tried to fight back, but it didn't have any effect over the dark knight's power,

Just when Phantom thought he was going to die, Sparda stopped the attack abruptly. Instead, he felt cold steel on his unprotected flesh. Sparda was standing over his neck, Rebellion pointed downward.

"Never try to mess with me again, or whatever isn't happening this time might happen."

Phantom nodded, terrified at how quickly all of his defenses had been shattered. As he was running as fast as he could, Sparda called him back.

Phantom turned. The knight stood in the centre of the room. His face was shrouded by shadows, the burning flames reflecting in his eyes.

"Go tell Mundus, I've had enough of this screwing around." his voice was as cold as steel. "I challenge him to a one-to-one combat."

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