Sparda stood atop a large boulder near the Entrance to the human world. He had sealed every other portal to the Underworld, but before sealing this one, there was something he needed to do.

He had his beloved sword 'Sparda' held in both hands, chanting softly.

A blast of energy surrounded the sword as it changed it's form to 'Force Edge', a long, sharp sword with a stone skull at the top of the hilt. He buried the tip of the blade into the boulder, then gazed at it for a long time.

It has to be done, he told himself firmly. He was a demon, and his already unmatched power was increasing at a frightening enough rate to be a threat to humans. Sparda did not know if he could control this power, but he did know that he could not take any chance. The risk was far too great. He placed both hands over the hilt, and closed his eyes.

His hands began to glow first. Then slowly, the glow covered his whole body. It surrounded and danced around him, then the light began to pour itself into the Force Edge. It began to crackle with electricity, glowing violently. The boulder itself began to tremble from the force.

Suddenly, the electricity gave a loud crack as the last of the demonic energy was passed down to the sword. The light flashed one last time, then vanished. It was done. The power was transferred.

Sparda stumbled back, now in his human form, as he gripped the edge of the boulder tightly to steady himself. Tentatively, he reached out with his right hand to touch the sword.

NO. he pulled his hand back at the last moment. He longer had any right over it. He had given it up, and the Dark Knight Sparda never second-guessed himself. He did not when he challenged the Emperor of the Underworld, he would not start now.

Without even a backward glance, Sparda turned and strode away.

He completed the rituals needed for the sealing, then came out of Temen-ni-Gru, the tower serving as the portal to the Underworld. He looked at it intently. The tower was casting a dark shadow over the city.

He watched as the tower slowly began it's journey underground with a deep, rumbling sound. The shadow was lessening as more and more of the tower went beneath the ground.

After almost 5 minutes, the tower disappeared completely underground. The hole filled itself a moment later, and there was no sign that anything had ever been there.

The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda glanced once at the place where the tower had been, then turned around, his silver-white hair blowing in the wind. He walked down the narrow street, no longer a dark knight, nor a warrior, but a simple human.

For this was the time of the humans now, there was no place for demons. The world was theirs, how they chose to use it was up to them. He would be content to just blend in amongst them, and be a simple man for once.

A soft glow was illuminating the East corner of the sky, signaling the beginning of the sunrise.

A new sunrise.


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