Santana and Brittany walked into the choir room to find Quinn and Sugar staring at each other in eerie silence. Sugar was in the row in front and two chairs along from Quinn. Brittany sat down next to Sugar and Santana next to Quinn, eyeing them both curiously. Brittany and Santana exchanged a puzzled glance and Brittany waved her hand in between them, breaking their line of vision and ending the staring contest.

Sugar looked to Brittany blinking rapidly for a few seconds and immediately smiled.

"What's going on?" Brittany asked.

"Quinn was staring at me so I was staring back."

"Well she'd best stop it. It's Sugar's last meet so you'd best cut out the shit, Q. Q?" Santana questioned her friend, whose brow was creased in furious thought. Eventually having thought on it enough she turned to Santana and asked her straight out.

"Is something weird going on?"

"Yes," Santana nodded sagely. It was the only answer.

Quinn waited but there was no further explanation. She looked down the row to where Sugar and Brittany were creased up with laughter at something.

"Do you think I'd make a good cop?" Santana asked, randomly.

Quinn rounded on her in exasperation.

"Seriously Santana? You couldn't even detect that you were gay."

"Shut up, yes I could. I chose to ignore the evidence, that doesn't mean I didn't know it was there."

Quinn grabbed Santana's hands, startling her.

"I need you to be honest with me right now. Seriously, you shouldn't think that you have to hide stuff from me. I'm your best friend."

"Q... Okay, I'll tell you, but I think you're a little late to the party. Quinn, I'm gay."

"No, you idiot. I mean about Sugar."

"I don't think she's gay but if she was, you know, that'd be cool."

Quinn glared at her. Santana smirked.

"That's not what I meant and you know it."

"Look, I don't even know what you're blabbering on about. If you think something weird is going on with Sugar, you should ask her."

"I did," Quinn sat back and sighed. "And now I'm even more confused. Am I going crazy?"

Santana opened her mouth to say something witty but Quinn had broken out the big puppy dog eyes to plead with her. What a waste of so many jokes and such a wide open invitation for mockery. Santana sighed.

"No, you're not crazy, not any more than usual. Weird shit is going down. Weird yet hot shit."

"I spoke to Sugar," Quinn explained. "And even though she seems to live in the same happy, happy place Brittany resides, and I don't often know what she's talking about... she's let some things slip."

"Like what?"

"Let's just say... She's awfully protective of you."

"We're friends," Santana shrugged.

"We're friends," Quinn insisted. "So, you can tell me stuff, too."

"Well, we were Troubletones together. Don't you have Berry's pigtails to go pull?"

"Fuck you."

"Ha! Taken."

Mr Schuester came in and began to drivel on about them scraping through Regionals on a wing and a prayer, and that it was sheer blind luck that the other groups were worse than them, but no one listened until Santana jumped up and interrupted.

"Okay, that's great. Thank you, Mr Schue, for whatever it was you were talking about. Now listen up, I gots two things to tell you about. Firstly, the protest at Breadstix tonight. I texted and emailed you all the details. Be there."

"For goodness sake, Santana," Rachel spoke up. "It's just another run down, cheap restaurant chain with vermin and dangerous substances in the roof. It's about time it was demolished."

"Yeah, don't worry so much," Mercedes tried to point out the positive side of things. "They'll probably build another one. You know, a non toxic one."

"Rachel, I cant believe how you of all people can be so hypocritical about this. Not only should you be protesting the loss of jobs of those workers who've had to put up with your ridiculous vegetable related demands for years-"

Sam's hand hovered half up in the air unsure whether he needed permission to put his hand up to speak and interrupt Santana. The more he thought on it, Mercedes was sitting next to him so he should be safe with her. He put his hand down and spoke up anyway.

"Uh, the Breadstix employees are on fully paid leave until the new restaurant is built. And I got a job on the construction site for the new build," he grinned happily.

"Sam the Builder." Santana put up her hand to silence him and interrupt his interruption. "I'm real happy for you and that you've got a menial job out of other people's misery and a chance to put your stripping outfit to good use again, but I haven't forgiven you for your inevitable betrayal yet, so sit back down and calm your panties, cos I haven't finished."

She took a calming breath and turned to face Rachel as Mercedes patted Sam on the arm in comfort.

"Rachel, surely you should be protesting for the animal rights of those poor defenceless mice who cant represent themselves and who will be systematically hunted down and destroyed..."

Her voice trailed off as she noticed Brittany and Sugar with identical worried expressions, the warning signs of becoming upset. Time for Plan B., no more Mr nice guy. Straight for the kill.

"Uhh... and of course there'll be TV cameras and full press coverage."

That did it. Rachel and Kurt sat up straight and so did a fair few others in the group with their interest peaked.

"Well why didn't you say so?" Kurt ran his hand through his quiff and began to preen himself. "Count me in."

"Kurt, are you sure?" Rachel looked torn at the thought of media exposure which would naturally zoom in on her shining talent and the thought of being tied to a restaurant like a smelly hippy.

"There's no such thing as bad publicity," he assured her.

Santana grinned. Got them.

"This could be a perfect time to practice interacting with the media in preparation for your inevitable stardom. You cant be too prepared with these things when it comes to dealing with the media. Perhaps you could give a few interviews. Local radio, the Lima News, and I even put a call into the NY Times, they'll all be there. Sue called her contacts at WOHN News to come and cover the event as well."

Rachel and Kurt were now having a furious whispered conversation.

"I'm sure if we sang a protest," Rachel pondered. "We could get noticed and snapped up by a talent scout."

Mercedes perked up a bit at this.

"It'll instantly get on the internet and go viral." Santana fanned the flames.

"We can be on TV and cause trouble at the same time?" Puck pondered. "I'm in. Chicks dig celebs." Puck slapped Rory on the shoulder who winced and tried not to look at Sugar who was looking a little forlorn at being left out.

"But most importantly," Santana raised her voice over the chatter which had broken out. "This is Sugar's last meet and straight after this she's leaving."

Sugar leaned into Brittany's side and Mercedes rubbed her shoulder. She had said her goodbyes and would miss the protest and was sadly thinking of all the things she would miss out with this group of people who had welcomed her and made her feel at home.

"So, Sugar, in your honour," Santana smiled sweetly at her. "We'd like to say goodbye in classic Glee club style." Sugar couldn't help but smile back. "Now, this one's an oldie. It's even older where you're from but still... this is for you and we hope you like it," she trailed off shyly.

Sugar's eyes were glassy with unshed tears and her smile wobbled as she tried not to cry. Everyone got up and stood around in a circle then bent over, their butts airward much to Sugar's curiousity. The piano kicked in and Brad tinkled away and Santana began to sing softly, until after her first line everyone got up and began to dance like nothing that had been seen on earth before.

"We've come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good. I ought to celebrate you baby, I ought to praise you like I shouullllllld."

Sugar chuckled with delight at their antics, even Finn didn't look out of place dancing with them all being total dorks. She watched in awe as the coolest teenager she knew, her future mom, unabashedly released her inner goof, and all just for Sugar. Brittany grabbed her and pulled her into the group and Sugar's tears turned into tears of laughter while watching who could do the dorkiest dance moves.

"C'mon, Sugar lump." Sugar looked up from her reverie to see Santana standing in front of her with her hand stretched out, with Brittany next to her. "We'll walk you out."

"You know it really bugs me when you call me that."

"I expect that's exactly why I do it then," Santana grinned.

Everyone else had left and she took one last look around the empty choir room she saw someone she hadn't said goodbye to yet.

"Bye Brad," Sugar gave him a little wave.

His eyes narrowed and he stared suspiciously at the three girls. After a moment he nodded and almost cracked a smile.

"Be excellent to each other," he offered as his goodbye.

Santana and Brittany exchanged a puzzled glance but Sugar beamed at him.

Around the back of the deserted school by the dumpsters, long after all the bullies and dumped nerds had left, four Lopez's and one 'to-be' Lopez stood around the Delorean.

"Put your suit on and the scuba gear, Sugar," Adult Santana ordered her daughter, herself already zipped into her silver jumpsuit.

"This sucks," Sugar whined. "It'll mess up my hair. Plus it's insane wearing scuba gear in a car!"

"We might end up in a river, you know what your mami's driving is like," Future Brittany chuckled, watching Teenage Santana in amusement as the girl's eyes followed her hand reverently as she zipped up the front of her suit leaving plenty of cleavage on display.

"Heard that," Adult Santana muttered, then slapped her younger self around the head eliciting a howl and a scowl. "Eyes!"

"Cant we stay a little bit longer?" Sugar pleaded.

"No, we're leaving," Adult Brittany insisted. "I'm worried about Quinn, your brother might have killed her. He was doing science experiments the last I heard and you know what that means."

"Wait, Sugar," Future Santana thought of something else to worry about. "Did you pee?"

"Mom! God, I'm not a six year old."

"You remember what happened the last time."

"God, you're so embarrassing."

"Blah blah blah. Everyone pees, get over it. Go and get changed and pee."

Sugar stomped off in a huff.

"What are the suits for?" Teenage Brittany asked. "Do they protect against radiation?"

"No, I just thought they looked cool, right?" Her older version explained. "And Santana and Sugar look so cute when they're dressed the same."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Adult Santana interrupted before any more embarrassing facts could be unearthed. "So, I guess this is goodbye then."

Sugar skipped around the corner back to where her parents awaited her. Her shoes skidded on the gravel beneath her feet as she took in the sight before her. She scrunched her nose up at the dramatic scene before her, sighed and rolled her eyes in a incredibly familiar way. Honestly, she couldn't take these people anywhere.

Teenage Santana was sobbing into Future Brittany's arms while Future Santana was frantically trying to prevent Teenage Brittany from bursting into tears. As Cheerio Brittany's bottom lip trembled, Adult Santana could be heard begging.

"No, no, no, Britt. Please don't cry! I cant handle it well, you know I cant!"

"Why are you taking this so well?" Cheerio Santana wailed into Older Brittany's chest.

"Oh, honey. We're you, and you're... not us yet, but sort of. In a few hours Santana and I will be together with our family and you two will be together and all will be right with the universe."

Teenage Brittany finally broke down and began to howl. She grabbed Future Santana into a bone crushing hug.

"Why aren't you more upset at leaving me, Santana. Don't you love me anymore?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Of course I love you, I'm crazy about you! It's just... She's me, I'm her. I know what's coming and it's all good. Please don't cry, B." Adult Santana pleaded. "I promise, you've got such amazing things to come ahead of you. You're so lucky, you get to meet Sugar for the first time and marry the shit out of me. Not in that order though. You've got to make an honest woman out of me first."

"Hey, Sugar. You forgot your..."

Sugar turned from where she was watching the crying party and smiled at Quinn who was holding a purple Batwoman t-shirt in her hand.

"Oh thanks, Quinn. I must have dropped it out of my bag. It's Santana's and she'd go all Lima Heights if I didn't return it."

She took it from Quinn's outstretched hand which she noticed didn't move back to rest position afterwards. Quinn stood next to Sugar and stared at the scene before them, both unnoticed by the two adults who were consoling two sobbing teenagers.

"B-but you pr-promised to help with Breadstix and now you're leaving before the protest," Teenage Santana was spluttering out her words through the tears.

"We cant be seen there, you know that, babe. We'll be watching from a distance, I promise." Future Brittany rubbed her back soothingly.

"And I wanted to mess with Quinn's mind," Teenage Santana sniffed loudly.

"Don't we all? But she's crazy enough as it is. Plus, I'm the one who'll get all the repercussions, probably in the neck," Adult Santana said. "As soon as we get home there'll be knock at the door and Quinn will be there and, you know what? She probably wont even knock, she'll just break the door down and start yelling, and as fun as that is, it's more fun when she's doing it to someone who's not me."

Quinn and Sugar exchanged a glance. Quinn decided it would be best for her mental health to walk away.

"Take care, Sugar."

"You too. Look after those two for me?"

Quinn let out a strangled chuckle. "Sure. Why not?"

"See you in 8 years, Aunty Q," Sugar grinned and skipped down a couple of steps to jump on the sobbing girls who unleashed a fresh wave of tears as they faced the fact they had to say goodbye to Sugar as well.

Quinn walked away shaking her head and muttering about why she got stuck with two crazy people as best friends and their equally as crazy offspring.

"But I'm going to miss you, Sugar," Cheerio Brittany was slowly squeezing the oxygen out the poor girl's lungs while Adult Santana was having trouble prising her younger self's fingers off Sugar's sleeve where she was holding on with a death grip.

"You wont be saying that in ten years when she hits the terrible two's," Future Santana muttered under her breath. "Britt?" she finally begged her wife, who had been letting them say their goodbyes, to intervene.

"All right, enough! You're upsetting Sugar." With those words the teenagers let go immediately and mumbled apologies while Sugar got her breath back.

Future Brittany took a hold of Cheerio Brittany and Cheerio Santana by the shoulders and looked right at them. They sniffed pathetically and Teenage Santana even managed a lip tremble.

"You are us and we are you, and no one is really going away. Sugar is in here," she slapped them both on the chest over their hearts. "I swear on Lord Tubbington, everything will be okay. Okay?"

They both nodded and held on to each other as they watched as Future Santana led Sugar to the car. Adult Brittany kissed them both on the forehead. "You wont see us at the protest but we'll be watching. Good luck!" She winked at Teenage Santana then determinedly made her way over to the car before anyone could escape and start the goodbyes all over again.

Breadstix parking lot, that evening

The Glee kids had begun their protest in earnest. Puck had cable-tied everyone together outside the main entrance to the building and they were joined by another fifty students from the school who had all an emotional attachment to Breadstix, although none anywhere near the extent of Santana's. Around half of those fifty just wanted to cause some trouble.

Once they started singing loudly a police patrol car was sent to investigate, then another once a news crew arrived and started setting up their van. More and more journalists appeared, much to Rachel's delight as she posed and put on her showbiz face for anyone with a camera lens. Puck had his top off to save time, so he said, and was showing off his guns to a camera woman who was giggling. "Go on, have a feel of these babies," he winked at her.

"I've a list of twelve carefully selected songs from musicals where the heroes are up against overwhelming odds and have to fight to save the day," she announced to the group who all ignored her apart from Kurt.

"Anything from 'Les Mis'?" he asked.

"Of course," Rachel grabbed a hold of Kurt's arm in excitement, her eyes gleaming. "Who do you think you're talking to?"

"Is it, 'Do you hear the people sing'?"

They both squealed in excitement and started singing but no one else joined in, not that that dampened their enthusiasm.

"Or we could sing 'Don't stop me now', you know, a song that everyone already knows the words to," Tina suggested, but Kurt and Rachel were too far gone to care.

The cops approached with heavy duty cutters and began to clip through the cable-ties, methodically working their way along the rows of protesters. When one reached over to take Brittany's arms, Santana lost it.

"Don't you fucking touch her or Lima heights wont know what the fuck is going down. I will ends you!" She screamed at them. "Britt!"

Santana wrenched herself out of the another cop's grip and jumped into her girlfriend's lap, wrapping her arms and legs around Brittany and clicked on the handcuffs Future Brittany had given her. She made sure they were looped around the chain which had been used to tie and lock the door handles to the main entrance of the restaurant closed.

The two officers trying to deal with the two of them sighed. They knew these two.

"We're going to need some heavy duty bolt croppers here. And a hacksaw!" One called over to his colleagues.

Santana and Brittany found themselves face to face and temporarily undisturbed as the cops unclipped everyone else then had to start over again when they realised everyone had retied themselves up with more cable-ties. They then discovered everyone was connected with a reel of wire running through their jackets and every long sleeved top, belt loops and every available orifice.

"Hey," Brittany stared at Santana.


"Don't cry."

"I'm not," Santana sniffled then snarled as a cop got too close trying to figure out how to untie them. "They shouldn't go near you, that's all," she said with a snort as he tripped over backwards in his rush to get away from them.

"Ladies," a reporter coughed and interrupted them. "Lima District Times. Mind if I ask a few questions?"


"What is the purpose of your protest today?"

"We're defending our right to free bread sticks."

"I notice you're in a very close position. Do you know each other, or are you just tied together?"


"Santana. WOHN. You've contacted us on numerous occasions to express your views on the Breadstix chain and in your latest phone call you invited us here for the protest. You mentioned a lot of interesting things which our viewers would like to know more about. In what way does Breadstix mistreat its customers?"

"By demolishing the premises, how much more disdain could they have for their customers? They are leaving the population of Lima with no date worthy restaurants and will be putting thousands of under-age Russian peasants out of work in their Siberian bread stick making factories."

Quinn and Mercedes caught each others eye after hearing that declaration and quickly looked away before they had a chance to start a fit of the giggles.

"What that actually means is," Brittany spoke up. "We are outraged at the way Breadstix treats its customers and the company's attempts to restrict the free flow of breadsticks throughout the country. Everyone should be free to love their 'sticks in any way they want to, and no one has the right to take that away from them."

Santana looked up at her from where her head rested on Brittany's shoulder, unable to to turn and look at the camera and journalists.

"Do you have anything to add to that, Miss Lopez?" A microphone was shoved closer.

"Marry me?" Santana said without thinking twice about it as she gazed adoringly up at her eloquent girlfriend.

All the camera flashes went off at once and the spotlights from the TV crews spun around to land on them, blinding the girls momentarily. A hush fell over the crowd as they awaited Brittany's reply.

"Well, duh. You're my baby momma." The red flush across her cheeks and down her neck were a indicator of how much she meant that answer. She smiled and dipped her head to meet Santana in a kiss.

Quinn started laughing along with the rest of the Glee club who cheered and laughed and more than a few wiped away a tear as the two girls got lost in the taste of the others' lips.

"It's a shame Sugar isn't here to see this," Quinn said, unable to keep the smile from her face as she watched her friends.

On the far side of the Breadstix parking lot Sugar squealed at the sight unfolding before her eyes and started pogo-ing on the spot with unrestrained happiness.

"Time to go," Future Santana sighed with contentment and lifted her wife's hand to her lips where her fingers were entangled with her own.

"Be honest," Brittany said. "It was my defence of your love of stale sticks of bread that made you do it."

"It was the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me," Santana gave her a cheeky grin.

"No, wait! I want to watch this," Sugar begged. "You guys are so adorable. What's happening? Is it saved yet?"


"But what, we're just going to leave? What about Breadstix? I don't get it, what's happening?" Sugar was buzzing with excitement.

Santana didn't even look back as she took Sugar's hand and walked her to their car.

"We came for you, and sure, we got to go to Breadstix; see you perform and saw this moment again."

"But, but..." The truth began to dawn on Sugar. "They're going to knock it down anyway, aren't they?"

"Yup. It does have toxic dust in the roof after all. Even I wont eat sticks with toxic dust on them."

"Did you know that, back then? That you couldn't stop it."

Santana shook her head in reply.

"So you gave it up, just like that, for mom?" A holy flying pig-shit moment struck Sugar and her parents laughed at the look of comprehension on her face. "This is where you proposed to mom, that's why this is important," a huge grin spread across her face. "That's why Breadstix matters. You and mom."

Santana grinned.

"Smart girl. And if you really want to know what happens next... I get too majorly distracted by your mom to care about it anymore. She's way more important than any mouldy old bits of bread."

"Thanks, I think," said Brittany. "Still-twelve-boxes-of-sticks-in-the-trunk," she coughed, in a half hearted attempt to disguise the words.

"All the protesters are removed," Santana continued, while shooting Brittany an indignant glare. "Rachel even gets arrested. She does get a little over zealous about things and was stupid enough to bite a cop. Then my dad has to come get us from the cop shop and I pick up an application form for the police academy. The pictures are all over the internet, we'll look it up when we get back. You can see when they take us away in the riot van, me and your mom are handcuffed together. They never did find those keys."

"But I thought we were here to save it?"

"Sugar baby," said Santana as she opened the car for them. "We've got a time machine! We can come back any time and get 'stix. It's all history."

Sugar settled on her mom's lap in the passenger side and rested her head on Brittany's shoulder. Santana looked at the two of them fondly.

"Is Aunty Q gonna be mad when we get back?"

"Oh yes. For so many reasons. Not least because I still haven't paid her for smashing into her car at least three times. We should leave her and your brother a little longer to get full worth out of it. So, where do you want to go?"

"I want to see some dinosaurs," Brittany suggested.

"I want to see spandex in its natural 70's habitat," Sugar optioned.

Santana scrunched the gears.

"Or maybe we should go back so Mami can take her driving test again." Sugar and Brittany snickered quietly to Santana's annoyance.

"I know that the girl who wants driving lessons off me did not just say that."

Sugar squashed her lips together and tried not to laugh aloud.

"Do you want me to drive?" Brittany asked, faux-innocently.

"No. I know how to do it. God, I can drive, you know. Where are my glasses?" She stalled the car. "Mother fu-"


"You know what? It's about time Sugar learned to drive."

"What? Really?" Sugar squealed and sat up suddenly, banging her head on the roof in the process.

"Sure, get in the drivers seat."

Brittany's eyes widened but she didn't object. "We're never going to get home at this rate," she said under her breath as Sugar and Santana got out of the car again.

Teenage Quinn raised an eyebrow as she watched an Adult version of Santana and a teenage Sugar get out of the Delorean on the far side of the parking lot. Sugar grabbed the older Santana in a bear hug and then half bounced, half ran to the drivers side.

Quinn turned her head slowly to the right where teenage Santana was attached at the lips to teenage Brittany, while flashbulbs went off in their faces.

"Ladies. I'm from Tumblr blog, 'fuckyeahbreadstix'. For our followers worldwide we'd just like to commend you on the strength of your convictions and let you know you have our full support. We have friends in high places and we'd like to make you our Breadstix customers of the month and offer a lifetime supply of sticks for you and your girlfriend."

"Fiancé" Quinn corrected him.

"Fiancé," the reporter said with a smile. "Congratulations. Um, girls, can we get a quote, or a picture?" he asked the oblivious couple.

Santana reached her free hand back without taking her attention off Brittany and gave him the finger.

"If they tear down Breadstix how will they get their lifetime sticks?" Mercedes asked on Santana's behalf.

"Haven't you heard? Breadstix delivers. They'll be transported from the next closest restaurant."

"This is the best day ever," Santana gasped, coming up for air.

The Delorean lurched along the parking lot, running over a couple of shrubs until it stopped suddenly against the back wing of Quinn's car.

A door opened and Quinn watched from her place in the midst of the protest as Future Brittany stuck her head out to look at the damage.

"It's only a scratch." Quinn watched her lips move, talking into the car.

The engine roared but the car went nowhere, what with it being out of gear. Adult Brittany looked up and locked eyes with Quinn who she then had the nerve to wink at and blew her a kiss.

"Santana will pay for it," she yelled and waved, then closed the door again.

Quinn turned back to her friends where teenage Brittany was having her face sucked off by Santana as they furiously made out in front of the press, camera crews and a live feed to the internet. She shook her head as though to clear her vision.

"I better be maid of honour," she jabbed Santana in the ribs and joined in the chant the rest of the group were shouting.

"Save our Stix! Save our Stix!"

Lopez Residence, 2034

Future Santana threw down the car keys and then reverently placed a box of Breadstix bread sticks on the kitchen table as she and Brittany flopped down on the nearest chairs, exhausted. They all startled when a furious banging started up at the back door.

"I think its for you, babe," Brittany waved a hand towards the door and took a huge mouthful of ice cold water Sugar had just handed her. Sugar ignored the banging and continued rummaging through the fridge.

"Santana Lopez, open this door right now before I break it down. I know you're in there and I know where you've been, or should I say when you've been."

"Britt, tell her I'm not here," Santana whispered, recognising Quinn's 'angry' voice.

Brittany rolled her eyes and opened the door and was immediately latched onto barnacle style by a six year old boy with a wild shock of brown hair.


Brittany chuckled and hugged him back. "Hey baby boy, did you have a good day at school?"

"We made rockets and mine went the furthest and then I made one in Aunty Q's kitchen to show her but it blew a hole in the ceiling."

"Awesome. We'll make real rockets in the backyard this weekend. I'll show you how to refine rocket fuel."

"No flammable liquids in this household, Britt, remember?"

"Awww," both Brittany and their son wore identical pouts.

He jumped up on Santana's lap and she peppered kisses all over his face. "Protect me from Aunty Q," she whispered.

Quinn stumbled in behind him, arms full of school bags, clothes and a muddy football kit and dropped them all against the wall.

"Thanks for looking after Tony, Q. I hope he wasn't too much trouble." Brittany grinned at her and pulled her in a quick hug.

"Nothing I'm not used to."

Quinn walked past Sugar and ruffled her hair affectionately then doing a double take as she noticed what Sugar had accessorised her silver jumpsuit with. "Nice, uh... I don't really know what to say. Why the day glo pink spandex, Sugar?" Quinn asked as she sat down opposite Santana, Sugar to her right and Brittany to her left.

"We went to 1974," Sugar replied with her mouth full of breadsticks. "People are so weird. I cant believe it ever went out of fashion.

Quinn raised an eyebrow as she noticed Santana's rainbow striped leg warmers.

"I don't want to talk about it," Santana took a long sniff of the box of bread sticks, savouring the scent. "Quinn used to have her hair that colour, remember Britt?"

"I remember," Sugar smirked at her aunt.

"And remember when I said 'don't tell anyone we have time machine', Sugar?"

"What? She already knew."

"Nice bread sticks," Quinn pulled one out of the box on the table and took a bite.

"Hey, those are very precious and highly sought after."

"Only to you, S, only to you. They still taste like cardboard." She pulled a face and put down the rest of the stick. "So, I've calculated that, considering that my car is now a classic and with inflation and interest, you owe me $2000 for repairs to the wing, ten thousand for therapy bills and ten billion dollars for the psychological stress of you going time travelling without telling me and then freaking teenage me out with it. Shall I take the supposed priceless stale bread out of that total?"

"It was all Sugar's fault!" Santana huffed.

Sugar looked affronted.

"Mom, you made a time machine?" Tony asked, excitedly. Brittany nodded and smiled at him. "Cooool. Does it go to the future?"

"Huh, I don't know. We haven't tried that yet."

"Nor is anyone going to!" Santana slapped her palm down on the table for emphasis. "And you can all stop looking at me like all this was my fault in the first place," Santana huffed, pointing to the two other people at the table who had participated in time travel. Quinn and Brittany started laughing at the look on Santana's face.

"Tell you what," Quinn offered. "You pay for the repairs to the gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling and we'll call it quits."

"Yeah, love you too, Q," Santana rolled her eyes. She looked down at Tony still seated in her lap. "A rocket indoors, really?"

Tony beamed up at her. "What's for dinner?" he asked. "I'm starving hungry."

"Try one of these," Santana passed her son the box of genuine Breadstix bread sticks. "Did I ever take you to a little place called Breadstix? We should go."

"NO!" Everyone yelled, making Santana and Tony jump.

"Ewwwwww, they taste like twigs," Tony scowled and shoved a soggy bread stick back in the box. The insulted look on Santana's face made everyone laugh at her.

"Hey To-To, I got you a present. It's in the fridge," Sugar grinned at her little brother.

"I cant believe Brittany got you to name your son Toto," Quinn sniggered.

"His name is Antonio," Santana glared at her as the little boy ran over and opened the refrigerator door. He gasped in awe at whatever was on the shelf then wrapped his arms around it, hugged it to his chest and carried a giant, swathed, white ball to the table.

"What the hell is that?" Santana asked her daughter as the offending item rolled into the middle of the table.

"It's a dinosaur egg," Sugar beamed at them all.

No one moved a muscle as they all stared at the egg.

"What?" Sugar asked innocently. "It was just lying around for anyone to take."

"It's bigger than your head! And it's wrapped in my Batwoman t-shirt!"" Santana shrieked. "I spent years wondering where that went!"

"We'll have to take it back. Its mother will be missing it," Brittany said, eyeing it warily in case it decided to hatch there and then.

Tony stared at in wonder. "Can I come this time?"

"My shirt had better not stink of dino poop, Sugar!"

"It's an egg, why would it have poop on it?"

"It came out of a dino butt!"

Brittany, Quinn and Tony all stared solemly at the egg as Sugar and Santana argued over who exactly would be delicately hand washing Santana's signed, limited edition t-shirt.

"Get with it, mom! Its the 2030's and I bet it won't fit you anymore, anyway!"

"Oh no you did not just say that."

"It's not just me having visions of Jurassic Park, is it?" Quinn asked Brittany.

The End

Thank you all for reading and reviewing and encouraging me and the weird stuff I write. One day I'll go back over this fic and try to make it less confusing by identifying the multiple Santana's and Brittany's more clearly and sorting my many typos.
To understand exactly how ridiculous the glee clubs dancing is you could watch the Fatboy Slim – 'Praise You' music video on youtube. If you've already seen it, well, you know what I mean XD

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