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Secret Love Series

Story One

Chapter One

Secrets were something that was hard to keep in Mystic Falls. The town was medium size, but everybody knew you if you had parents that were either founding families, part of the law, or you were on a sports team at the high school. Caroline knew this all too well, she was known because her mom was the Sheriff, and because her dad ran off with another guy.

She really hated the spot light sometimes, but she was cheerleader, head cheerleader to be exact. That usually meant you had a boyfriend that was an athlete or something. However up until the school's Halloween party that wasn't something she could say.

She kept a smile on her face looking down at her history text book. The Halloween party had been one hell of one this year. She blamed the cider, but it was one thing she was glad she drank it. It always had some kind of alcohol in it. She wondered if Tyler drank anything without little bit in it. She shook that thought from her mind though.

She'd taken Bonnie's glass since she refused she was better at holding her liquor than her friend was. She promised herself to get drunk till somebody was hot enough to make out with. Of course she didn't need to get drunk to find that person really. She'd only been buzzed mostly.

The plan was to find a guy, any guy and just have sex; however it turned into a different plan later that night. She was running out of time and she needed to get laid. It had been weeks, and Damon Salvatore was not going to be that guy tonight she'd thought then. The paper in front of her somehow got covered with another one that said stop day dreaming about it. Caroline didn't have to look around to know who wrote this note; she wrote a reply and slipped it behind her with the reply of make me.

The retort back was more of a way to get the person to say something back. The last week had gone by with longing glances, stolen kisses and sneaking around. She didn't give a damn though because she knew something that nobody on this planet probably knew. Which was the biggest dick in the school was really a sweet guy underneath it all. He just covered it up with the smart ass comments, starting fights, and acting like a bully most the time.

The note dropped down again and she smiled at it I'll give you a better memory. Caroline never in her dreams would have thought that she'd be replying or taking part in this before now. She had too meet her mom at six, but she scratched down on the note I'm yours till 5:30 then passed it back. She really had to finish this assignment before she left class.

If she finished then she'd have the weekend free till Monday morning. The note was on her desk again. She was glad that the rest the desks in that row were empty and the ones behind her besides his. They wouldn't be passing notes if there were other people around. It was their rule, because the town talked too damn much. They didn't want to be defined by labels because that's what would happen.

Caroline tried to concentrate to give a reply, but damn it was too hard to form words from those words. She looked at the words again Are you wet yet? She groaned hopefully not out loud before writing simple reply No, but I'm getting there. She tossed it back before writing in an answer she found from the text book.

She felt the desk moving back and thanked god it didn't squeak. She sent up a prayer that their history teacher didn't look up right now. Somebody looking back would be just as bad she thought. Her shirt had ridden up some earlier from when she bent over. It was quiet in the classroom besides the occasional book pages flipping.

Caroline bit down on her bottom lip feeling a hand on her back. God he was really trying to kill her now, she wished she had some kind of powers to freeze the room. She went back to trying to write, but it was no use her brain was thinking one thing. Then the hand was gone and the paper was back on her desk. That's just taste what I'm going do later. She let a whimper leave her lips she wanted to turn around so damn bad but she couldn't.

Keep looking down, don't make a scene. This secret she was keeping gossip be damned. It wasn't that he wouldn't be there if it came out, but she didn't want to tell nobody. It was hot and she never thought she'd like being his secret, but she did. He was her secret too after all, she'd kept a secret besides something Elena or Bonnie told her.

Caroline wrote back I want you to… she grinned thinking for a second and she found her self writing again fuck me against any wall we find. She waited till their teacher; Alaric wasn't looking before putting it on the desk behind her. She needed him inside her right now; her body was being turned on just by the thought of it.

She reached down getting her jacket putting it over her lap with a grin leaning back. It wasn't like he could reach that far, but maybe if she leaned back he might put his hand back on her back. The bell ringing however pulled her out her thoughts.

She finished the last answer on the assignment before closing her book. It was the last class of the day and that meant even the teachers would be leaving. She turned in the paper before going back to her seat. She had to get her stuff and then find him since he was now gone.

The note was back on her desk though and she read our spot. Caroline put her books in her bag before leaving the classroom. She put her stuff in her locker looking across the hall finding him standing there watching her.

She blinked and somebody was standing in front of her. She almost let out a groan even if Bonnie was her best friend. She had spent yesterday with her friends and day before today she wanted her man.

"Hey, what are you staring at so hard?" Bonnie asked before turning around but it was just lockers there and some the football players. "You were daydreaming again huh?"

"Yeah, I'd love to talk, but I got to go meet my mom at six, before that have take care of something important," Caroline said with smile. She shut her locker and was gone before she could get dragged into something. It might not seem important but right now she thought it was to her.

Bonnie didn't know what was up with Caroline ever since Halloween she'd been disappearing again. It wasn't Damon though; she was always leaning as far back in her chair in English as she could. The only person behind Caroline was, no Bonnie shook that thought from her head. Caroline would not be ditching her best friend to go meet him.

Caroline was going down towards the parking lot where her car was parked when somebody grabbed her pulling her to the side. She smiled when she was looking at the person she'd been writing to in their class. Before she could think of something to say he was kissing her. Yes, no need for talking, not when her body already needed him. She let her bag drop she put her arms around his waist pulling him closer.

This wasn't their spot, it was in a different place, but this was good. The camera's on the school couldn't reach right here, and nobody would be looking for either of them. She gasped out feeling his lips against her throat. His hands were moving under her shirt up towards her bra. She thought he was going unhook it, but instead he pushed it up. Her shirt was being pushed up too and then his mouth was against her breast biting down on her nipple making her moan.

She never had been for the whole taking it slow, she liked it rough, and he did too. She could meet his roughness with her own. They always fought for who'd be on top, most times she'd let him win though. Right now she wanted him to fuck her till she forgot her own name. It had been three days and her body missed his. She'd never say it out loud, because admitting that she was falling in love was what would kill this.

Caroline whimpered her shirt fell back down and he was on his knees in front of her. Her skirt and panties down in less time took her to breathe in then out. He was giving her that grin, the one that said too much without saying a word. She reached up holding onto the railing above where they were so she didn't fall over. She had one leg to stand on and even though he wouldn't let her fall she held to the rail.

She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming out, somebody could be near by since after school activities were still going on. She closed her eyes letting him work her to her climax. It wasn't going to take long. She been wet by the time class was over, he could do it to her like that. She moaned letting her head go back against the brick wall. Her ass was going hurt later but god this was so worth it.

His tongue was moving against her clit and sucking it into his mouth at the same time. She'd never get tired of this; he knew how to make her feel so damn good. She felt the waves start letting out a little too loud shout, but before could go any farther than that he was covering her mouth with his.

She felt his body covering hers and he was moving against her. His jeans were still on and the rest of his clothes, but she could cum again just feeling how hard he was. She kissed him before working at his jeans, she needed him inside her.

Caroline pushed his jeans and boxers down as far as she could before she was being picked up. Her shirt was gone now and her back against the brick. He was holding her in his arms and her legs wrapped around his back. She winced at the feel of the brick at first, but pulled herself up before slamming down on his cock filling herself till he couldn't go any farther.

His mouth was all over her neck she couldn't hold in the cries any more. It was impossible to keep from shouting it felt too good not to. She was using the rail to pull herself up and back down onto him. He was meeting her every thrust slamming into her. She let her head fall back against the rail putting both her hands on his shoulders. She was going to have marks all over her later, but she'd grab her scarf to hide the hickeys.

Caroline didn't think she could move any more but she was so close one more and she was going cum. He pulled almost all the way out before slamming back inside and she let out scream as they both came. She felt her body shaking as she covered him with her cum. She kept squeezing around him as they were coming down from the high. She whimpered when he pulled out few minutes later.

She didn't want to go, she didn't want be anywhere but here. Damn it to hell for making plans with her mom, god they didn't need to bond. She didn't want to bond with nobody but him. They did more than have sex; they talked about plans for future sometimes. Shared their life's hellish moments and bonded over dysfunctional family.


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