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Secret Love

Story 10

Chapter 4

When Liz got the phone call from Matt about what happened she couldn't get to the hospital fast enough. She had called Mason leaving him a message where she was at and where Tyler and Caroline where. The Mayor was dead and she was being blamed by his wife for his death. Carol wanted answers on her husband's death, but all Liz could think about was Caroline.

She was never there for her and she could now possibly be loose her daughter. She picked up her cell phone calling Damon. He had become a friend to her and she needed his help right now. Mason was not a threat she was thankful of, but he was going have to take care of his family. Carol and Tyler would need him right now. She told Damon she was going to be at the hospital and about Caroline. She was terrified she'd lose her daughter before she could make things right.

Mason was trying not to go stir crazy sitting waiting for the doctor to clear Tyler. He had taken off when Carol said they were going home. He had gotten a call from the hospital after he hadn't found them there. Tyler had lost control of the car and crashed. He was in the hospital along with Caroline. He had used that he was the Mayor's brother to get information on Caroline.

She was in surgery at the moment and Tyler seemed to be okay no damage had been done to him. He knew there was no doubt that Tyler had the wolf inside of him. It was what kept him from getting hurt in the crash. He had seen the car and how Caroline was still alive was beyond him. The door had been smashed in half way in the passenger seat. He had passed it coming to the hospital it hadn't been cleared from the scene yet.

When the doctor opened the curtain he saw Tyler putting his shirt back on. "He's fine, I don't know how to explain it, but he has no damage," she said, "If he feels light headed or dizzy bring him back immediately," she added before handing Mason the release papers. She saw no reason to keep Tyler if he was not in pain. There wasn't even a concussion and she'd been told how they had found him.

Mason signed the release papers before looking over at Tyler. He got up going over to where his nephew was. He didn't know how to tell him that they didn't know if Caroline would make it. She was the girl that had taken care of Tyler. She had helped him when nobody else could. She had called for his help. Caroline was the reason that he had come here to make things right again.

"Where's Caroline at, I have to find her, I have to tell her I'm sorry," Tyler asked looking at Mason.

Mason knew that he couldn't hide it from Tyler, "She's in surgery right now, she's bleeding on the inside," he said trying not to let the fear show that he had inside of him. Caroline had to make it Tyler would never forgive himself if she died, and he would trigger the curse.

"No, she can't die, it should be me in there," Tyler said clinching his fist, Caroline was never supposed to get hurt. She was in the hospital because of him when he had promised she would always be safe. "I didn't mean to crash, I don't know what happened," he was going on and on wishing Caroline was here now.

"This is not your fault Tyler," Mason said, "Look at me, do not blame yourself for that accident, somebody else caused it," he said before telling Tyler he knew what happened and soon as they knew Caroline was okay he would tell them both. He could tell that Tyler was hurting he had to make sure he knew this wasn't his fault; it was John Gilbert's fault.

"She just can't die, Mason, I love her too much, I can't live without her," he confessed loosing the last ounce that held him together. He thought he was going to fall over from the pain in his heart he felt for Caroline, but he felt Mason catch him before he could fall over.

"She's going to be okay, Tyler," Mason hoped that it was true, because watching Tyler fall apart was something he'd never wanted to see again. He couldn't protect him from this if Caroline was gone then Tyler would loose it. He couldn't explain to Carol why she lost her son and husband too.

Matt was sitting on the chairs waiting for anything about Caroline. Tyler had asked him to stay near her if he could. Mason had told the nurse if anything happened to tell him so he could tell them. Caroline's mom was back there now. He never had seen Tyler like he was in the ambulance. He'd been begging Caroline to wake up.

As long as they had been friends he'd never seen Tyler cry. That wasn't who Tyler was; he kept everything inside and took it out on others. Caroline had changed him though, and he was praying she woke up because without her he didn't know what would happen to his best friend.

Matt looked over when he saw somebody coming up out of the corner of his eye. Elena was coming towards him and he stood up. "How's Caroline and Tyler?" she asked, she couldn't do anything for John he was in surgery having his fingers sawn back on. She wanted nothing to do with the man, but Stefan told her to go. When she got here she had seen the ambulance pull up with her friends on it.

"She's in surgery and Tyler's being checked out," Matt said telling her what had happened, "Caroline's mom is checking into her condition, she got here few minutes after Mason,"

Elena sat down on one of the seats before Matt followed suit. "There was a fire tonight, my dad's old practice, in the basement," Elena said, going on to tell him that the Mayor was dead and that her Uncle was there because somebody tried to kill him.

They were sitting there talking when they heard a code blue called. There were two people they knew that was there and not many other critical's in the hospital tonight. The place was usually deserted because the town was small. They knew it had to be one of the two. The nurse was taking off from the nurse's station and the crash cart was being taken down the hall.

Mason was walking towards the waiting area with Tyler when he heard the code blue. He didn't think twice when he heard Tyler's shout of pain. He turned around grabbing hold of Tyler pushing him at his full werewolf speed to the stairwell exit. He knew what it meant, Caroline was dead. Even if she was brought back Tyler would have to live with the curse.

Why did everything have to go wrong in one day and night? Wasn't it bad enough that they crashed the car that Caroline was fighting for her life and that Tyler was blaming his self? "Just breathe, it'll pass," he was hoping nobody could hear them because they would want to check Tyler again.

"Get away," Tyler didn't know what was happening. One second he was going down the hall the next he felt his pain. It was different from earlier that night and then he was in the stairwell before he could blink. Mason had done it; he had moved them faster than humanly possible. He just wanted the pain to stop. He didn't know what was happening, but felt like something was finally breaking inside of his body.

"Tyler, stop fighting me," Tyler's eyes were golden with amber highlights and he knew the wolf was at the surface. Mason was trying to keep them from being exposed right now. Tyler wanted to be left alone, but he couldn't do that. He didn't know about werewolves or vampires. He hadn't gotten to tell him what he knew.

Tyler didn't mean to do it, but he shoved Mason and Tyler felt himself going back against the railing. He was confused and there was something that was trying to take control. Mason wasn't backing down though he moved fast again grabbing him before he fell backwards. He thought he was going to go over the railing for sure. He'd lost his balance in the strength that had been behind the shove. It had sent him backwards as well.

"What's wrong with me?" Tyler asked feeling whatever it was finally calm somewhat.

"You're a werewolf now, but I'm going help you, Tyler, you're not alone," Mason promised hoping that Tyler didn't think he was insane. There was no easy way of breaking it to him.

"What, I am a what?" Tyler asked before he saw Mason's eyes shifting to golden right before his own eyes.

"I'm a werewolf, and are too now," Mason said keeping the wolf only partly at the surface before shoving it back.

Caroline kept thinking about Tyler the entire time she was unconscious. She had to wake up and get back to him. Tyler needed her and she needed him. She felt herself slipping away and she fought as hard as she could. She refused to leave him, she loved him so much. She wanted to marry him, to have his kids, to be his everything. He already was her everything that she could ask for.

She watched as they worked on her to bring her back and it was like she could feel Tyler. She was pulled to him and she saw what was happening to him. His eyes turned and he was trying to get away. She wasn't sure why she was here right now or watching this. She felt the pull back to her body; she was going to live she thought. The last thing she heard before going back was Mason telling Tyler he was a werewolf.

It had been almost twelve hours now and Caroline felt sore all over, but better. It was like she hadn't been in the crash. She didn't understand it; she should be hooked up to tons of machines right now. However all she saw was Tyler sitting beside her in one the chairs. He looked uncomfortable, but he was asleep right now.

She looked at the one machine she was hooked too keeping check on her heart beat and all the other vital signs. "Tyler," she called out hoping he would hear her. "Tyler," she said it a little louder this time noticing something else moving beside her. She looked over noticing that Mason was sitting on the other side of the room. He looked tired sitting in the floor with his legs stretched out. Tyler and him both hadn't been home to change apparently.

"He's probably in a deep sleep," Mason said, he had explained everything to Tyler earlier. Once nurse said they could see her after Liz had spent few hours in here Tyler had wanted to stay. Liz had been called away to deal with everything on the Mayor's death.

He had stayed here not wanting to leave either of them. He still didn't know why Damon had been in here earlier. He hadn't wanted him near Caroline, but Liz had let him see her. Damon and Stefan were vampires, they were Katherine's exes. Damon kept eyeing him like he knew something, but he knew they didn't know a thing about werewolves. For now he was safe against whatever the vampire thought he was.

"Thank god he's okay, I was so worried," Caroline said looking at her boyfriend. She was the one that had been hurt the most, but her concern was for Tyler.

"How do you feel right now?" Caroline had died for five minutes, in those five minutes the curse had been triggered in Tyler. She had stitches and her ribs had been broken from the impacted. Her lung had about collapsed, but she was healing quickly. He had heard the doctor telling the nurse it had to be some miracle. They had already had her dead once and didn't think she would live past a day.

"I feel fine, little strange, but fine," Caroline said, "I know what you told him about the curse," she said in almost a whisper. There was no way to explain what had happened to her, but she did the best she could. "I was pulled back in before I saw anything else, but werewolves are real, everything I thought was true?" she asked looking at Tyler then back to Mason. She had never thought it would be real, but all the times she had thought it and the way Mason had been. The extra speed, strength and the warmth.

"Yes, but you can't say anything to anybody Caroline," he had to make sure she didn't tell.

"I know how to keep some secrets," Caroline said not knowing why she felt safe right now. She guessed it was because she trusted both of them. They were watching over her and in the last month Mason had become her friend too. She wasn't turning away because he was a werewolf. He hadn't caused her any harm he had been the one protecting them.

"It's two weeks until the next full moon, I have to find a place to keep Tyler and myself safe, but I'm not leaving town," His brother was gone and Tyler never had to worry about being hurt like that again. However, there was still Katherine to worry about. She could still keep her promise, she hadn't left town.

He had seen her on his way to the hospital. He knew who her friends were and Isobel had been with John Gilbert. Katherine thought he didn't know, but he knew more than she gave him credit for. He had followed her once.

"Okay, I want to help," she said, she wasn't going to leave Tyler alone. "Don't even try and tell me I'm not either," she added when she saw the objection coming. "I promised him always to be here for him, I am not letting him down now," she said.

Mason didn't want to put her in danger, but if he found somewhere to lock their selves up maybe she could be close by. Not in the same room, but close enough so that Tyler could hear her. He would never put her in immediate danger.

Katherine compelled the nurse to let her see Caroline. Bonnie had thought she was Elena, which was what she had wanted. Carol Lockwood had let her in the house thinking she was Elena as well. It was time to pay the Salvatore brothers and Mason back. They didn't know she knew about Caroline, but if Damon healed her then she still had blood in her.

Caroline had convinced Tyler to go home with Mason for few hours. She had seen Tyler told him that she hoped Caroline got better. He had not even known the difference. He was a werewolf now though she had smelt it on him. She wondered if he was like Mason, but instead of tasting his his blood or taking him for a ride, she'd just turn Caroline. Mason, Stefan and Damon would all get a piece of this game.

"Elena," Caroline said sitting up. She had told Mason to go get Tyler to eat because she couldn't have him sick too. They had both reluctantly went finally after she promised to call if she needed company.

"You know who I am, Caroline," Katherine said with her wicked smile.

"Katherine, get out of here now," she hissed at the vampire, "Stay away from me or Mason's going to kill you," she knew that he would if she touched her.

"I want you to give the Salvatore brothers and the Lockwood boys a message for me," Katherine said, seeing Caroline's confused look, "Game on," she took the pillow smothering her.

Caroline fought, but she still wasn't back to her full strength and with the pills she had in her. She felt herself dying and let tear fall as she thought about leaving Tyler alone. She didn't get to have those kids she wanted with Tyler. She couldn't be his wife he'd never be her husband.

Katherine watched as she died, the girl had no clue what she was about to become. She put the pillow back before leaving. She was going to have Damon, Stefan, Mason, and probably Tyler after her now, but she had been running for over five-hundred years. She would just keep doing it, but she'd play her game first. She just had to find another werewolf to be hers now.

The End

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