She Will Be Loved

Set before Twilight, what happens when the Cullen family moves and realize there 5 year old neighbor is being abused by her father? Will they adopt her? It's a really good story….give it a chance.

Esme P.O.V

I was working on the plans for our new home when my favorite person in the world arrived home from work. I smiled and greeted him "Hello Carlisle dear."

"Hello honey." He came and kissed me softly.

"Would you like to help me with the new home? I have the living room, kids' rooms, kitchen, and bits of our bedroom done but there's still a lot left to create."

"It would be my pleasure to help you mi love. Why don't you tell me about the house so far?"

"Well on the first floor there's our new living room, kitchen, dining room, den, a game room for Emmett and Jasper, a music room for Edward and Rosalie, and art room for Alice and I, your study, and about four bathrooms. On the second floor there's a big study/library, our bedroom, a room for Emmett and a room for Rosalie for shows, and two guest rooms. The third floor is Edward's room, Alice and Jasper's room, Rosalie and Emmett's room, a home theater, and two guest rooms. The garage is for five cars, I have a garden, and there's a basement for anything we want with us but we can't seem to find a place for."

"It sounds like you're done."

"The floor plan is done, the decorating and furniture layout, not so much."

"When will the house be ready?"

"Well, with the builders we have hired, probably about three months. I thought we could get a rental house until our house is finished."

"Sounds good, have you looked into it?"

"Yeah, there's one in a nice gated community that will hold us all. It's not like it's permanent or anything."

"The kids won't like having to act human at home."

"They'll manage."

"My last day at work is tomorrow. We should go ahead and pack up so we can leave late tomorrow night. Are things settled with the rental house?"

"Yes, all we have to do is drop by the real-estate office and pick up the keys."

"I'm going to go tell the kids to pack."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

He kissed me again and walked out of the house. I was going to miss our house in Forks but if we wanted to move back sometime in the next few decades we had to get going before the younger generation had the memory to remember us when they are adults. I like the house we are building in Tennessee. The town we are moving to is small, and surrounded by woods so even on sunny days we wouldn't be revealed. Rosalie wasn't happy about starting high school again but she will do it anyway. None of the kids really like school but they tolerate it for the sake of the family. I was excited to get a fresh start. I looked at the clock and sighed when it said 8:30. Even with our vampire speed, getting everything packed and ready by tomorrow night would be a challenge. I ran to help my family pack.

The next evening

Carlisle would be home soon. The kids were getting one last "good use" of their bedrooms. Edward was out hunting. I heard Carlisle's car pull up and ran outside to greet him. He picked me up and twirled me in a hug. I giggled. "How was the last day at work?"

"It was good. I missed you like always."

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes. Is everything packed?"

"Yupp, the children are a bit occupied at the moment."

"Oh, where's Edward?"

"He went hunting. I told him to be back by 8:30 so he should be here any minute."

I heard the door open. It was Emmett. He picked up Carlisle in a bear hug and said "Daddy, you're home!"

Rosalie and I laughed. Carlisle chuckled "It's good to see you too Emmett."

Emmett put him down right as Edward got home. Alice and Jasper walked out of the house. Carlisle spoke to them "Is everyone ready to go?"

They nodded and I said "Well, let's hit the road. Rosalie you drive your car, Emmett you take the jeep, Edward the Volvo, Alice and Jasper take Carlisle's Mercedes, we'll take the SUV. Try not to get any speeding tickets on the way. We will see you all at the house."

They nodded and got into the various cars. Carlisle and I got in the SUV and headed to Tennessee.

15 long hours later

We arrived at the rental house after picking up the keys to the house around 11:30 the next morning. The neighborhood was very big. It had all large homes; obviously the wealthier of humans lived in them. There were a lot of children too. I was glad our new house was being built in the same neighborhood. Our rental house was one of the biggest houses in the neighborhood. We got our cars inside the garage and waited for the moving truck to get here. Alice said it would be about 30 minutes. Luckily we had two moving trucks, one for the rental house and another to go put the rest of our things in storage until our new house was finished. When the truck got here, neighbors began arriving asking what they could do to help. Carlisle actually met a few other surgeons from the hospital. I met some women who were into gardening and cooking. We talked for a while. At 3:30 we realized that teens and kids began arriving at their houses. Most went straight inside. I realized one little girl, maybe around the age of 5, sit down on her porch and put her head between her knees. She had on oversized clothes and I could tell of the bruises that someone had caked makeup over. One of the women, Nicole, realized I was looking at the child. She sighed and said "Oh, Emily's got your eye too? We all have suspicions but no evidence. She rarely talks to anyone and when she does, it's only yes or no."

"Where are her parents?"

"Her mom is probably home by now, her father is at work. He's a CEO, he's not home much."

"Oh, so do you have any children?"

"Oh yes, Hunter and I have 4. Our oldest, Henry is a senior in high school, then there's Samantha, a freshman in high school, Luke is in 4th grade, and our youngest, Sophia is in 1st grade."

"I think you have probably run into a few of my five. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett are Juniors, Edward is a sophomore, and Alice is a freshman."

"You have a beautiful family."

"Thank you. Your family sounds beautiful."

"I think so."

"Thank you so much for your help today."

"No problem. If you need anything I'm just across the street."

"Thank you."




Emily P.O.V

Today when I got home from school I realized a moving truck and most of our neighbors at the house that was up for sale. School was awful today. The teacher asked me about my eye, which mommy had put make up on, the kids made fun of me for being so small and having big clothes, and on top of all that no one would quit laughing at me at recess. I got home and tried to open the door. It was locked and I knew mommy would be mad if I knocked. I sat down and waited for her to let me in. Last night, mommy and daddy hit me because I asked for some water. They hit me a lot. They tell me it's because I'm a bad girl and I deserve it. Sometimes they lock me in the closet, sometimes it's just hitting, sometimes mommy holds my head under the water, and sometimes daddy touches my private area. It hurts most when he does that. They tell me if I tell anyone, that person will hurt me worse than they hurt me, and when they find out they will hurt me worse than ever. All mommies and daddies hurt their kids, so I guess I'm just normal. When daddy got home he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me inside. As soon as he shut the door the yelling began.

"You bitch! You are an ungrateful, sorry excuse for a daughter! I wish we had never had you! You were an accident anyway! No one likes you! You are the worst child a parent could ask for! I hate you, your mother hates you, EVERYONE hates you!"

I couldn't hold back my tears. As soon as I cried I regretted it. He hit me in the face really hard! I felt my nose bleed. He kicked my ribs a lot. Mommy came in and began kicking my back. He grabbed my arm and twisted it until it snapped. It hurt so bad I screamed in pain. He continued hitting. It hurt worse this time than usual.

I begged him to stop but he wouldn't. It hurt so bad. Everything went black.


Esme P.O.V

I knew something wasn't right with the little girl, Emily. That kind of bruise does not come from a little trip, it had to be someone hurting her. I found Carlisle and said "Sweetie, I think the little girl next door is being abused by someone."

"Esme, we can't jump to any conclusions. Even if we are certain she is, how would we explain how two people whom have never met the child know she's being abused. We have to wait for some evidence."

"What about the bruises?"

"Kids get bruises all the time."

As if on cue we heard a man yelling and the smacks of hitting. We heard a cry of pain and we couldn't just sit there and do nothing. We decided it might be a good time to meet our new neighbors. We walked over and knocked on the door.