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"This will be your desk."

Sakura let her fingers drift over the polished mahogany wood. "Thank you, Mister Uzumaki."

The blonde man with dazzling blue eyes winked at her. "Call me Naruto. I hate formalities."

"Oh, no, sir, that would be inappropriate."

Her new boss shrugged. "Suit yourself. I'm still calling you Sakura."

She folded her arms across her chest. "And I'm still calling you Mister Uzumaki."

A slow grin spreads across his tanned face. "We will see. For now, get yourself acquainted with your desk and computer. Organize your pencils, play some solitaire. If anybody calls in the next half-hour, tell them I'm taking a nap."

Sakura was nodding attentively up until the last half of his comment. Then she sputtered, "Tell them what?"

He waved a hand in the air as he walked into his office behind her desk. "That I'm taking a nap. Long day yesterday. I deserve it." Two seconds later, he poked his head back out. "Ah, that's with the exception of anybody with the Uchiha name attached to their introduction." His brow wrinkled a moment in contemplative thought. "Tell them I'm in a meeting with my staff concerning a…ah…mishap in the weekly report."

Her brows rose. "You want me to lie?"

"Are you planning to assist me or not, Sakura?"

"Yes, but – "

"Then be a good girl, play some solitaire, and cover my back."

Sakura felt her fingers twitch. What kind of boss is this? "Sir, I really must object."

His lips curled into a dramatic pout. "Please?"


"I'll give you an hour for lunch."

Sakura considered this. "Deal."

She should have held her ground. The phone rang out of control. Apparently her eccentric boss was in high demand. Which was understandable considering he is Director of Marketing at Uchiha Technology. And Sakura found herself lying more times than she had a brain to keep track of.

"Uchiha Technology Marketing Department, this is Sakura, how may I assist you…oh, I'm terribly sorry sir, he is on a break right now."

"Uchiha Tech…my apologies, ma'am, there is an emergency involving one of his employees that he is attending to. He will be a moment."

"Uchiha Tech…sir, I can't hear you…sir, there's terrible static…Naruto who…what…"

After a while it became a game to keep her amused when her boss's half hour nap turned into an hour…

"Uchiha…he's having a terrible case of upset stomach. He is currently indisposed right now."

"…I sincerely apologize, ma'am, he lost his brain and he's busy searching for it…"

But then the wrong person called and their name did not include Uchiha…

Sakura was twirling a pencil in her hand while puzzling out a game of Spider Solitaire when the phone rang for the umpteenth time. Sighing, she picked it up. "Uchiha Technology Marketing Department, this is Sakura, how may I assist you?"

"Would you please forward me to Mr. Uzumaki?"

"May I ask who's calling, ma'am?"

"Tell him Hinata is on the line."

"Ah, Ms. Hinata, I'm very sorry about this but-"

The voice on the other end came across as sickly sweet. "Ms. Sakura, please don't spout nonsense. What is he really doing?"

Sakura's shoulders fell. "Ah, he's, uh…"

"It's alright, you may tell me, ma'am. I promise not to be upset with you."

Sakura's shoulders deflated. "He's taking a nap, Ms. Hinata."

There was a long pause on the other end, followed by an icy voice; "He's. Taking. A. Nap?"

Suddenly the phone was yanked from Sakura's hand and pressed against Mister Uzumaki's ear. "Hinata! Darling, how are you?"

A long pause followed by the steady flow of color draining from her boss' face.

"Uh, haha, um, I wasn't technically…"

A wince.

"I, um, babe, why don't I send this call to my private phone and we can chat…"

Another wince. Naruto quickly pushed a button on the phone set and darted back into his office.

Sakura stared at the door that slammed shut behind him. What in the world?

"That would be Hinata Uzumaki, Naruto's wife," a smooth, deep voice spoke from behind Sakura's turned head. "She's also Director of Work Ethics and Production."

Sakura turned to the speaker and blinked. Twice.