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WARNING: This chapter contains smut and rough sex kinks.

Chapter 19: Slip Up

Rachel woke up groggily as she heard someone knocking on her door. Pushing her hair over her shoulder she was still drunk with sleep so she didn't bother to run her fingers through it, she pulled on her underwear were she spotted them across the room and threw on one of Santana's large flannel shirts that sat at about mid-thigh and buttoned it about half way up. She looked over her shoulder to see if the knocking woke up Santana, who was lying on her stomach across the bed snoring lightly and the covers only covering from the dimples in her lower back down leaving her completely bare upper half exposed.

Shuffling her feet down the hallway, still trying to keep herself upright as her knees gave out slightly ever few steps from the frequent love making her and Santana have been engaging in since they got back together, the knocking got more frequent and louder. "I'm coming. I'm coming. Goodness.." Rachel grumbled loudly. "Relax!" Rachel opened the door huffily. "What?!"

"Good it's nice to know you're alive Rachel. We haven't heard from you in like four days. Have you and Santana been holed up in your apartment this whole time?" Mercedes easily pushed past the tiny Diva into her apartment.

"Hello Mercedes, sure you can come in." Rachel rolled her eyes as she closed the door.

"What do you even have on Rach? Is that Santana's, you're like swimming in it." Mercedes raised an eyebrow at the large flannel shirt that was adorning her best friend.

"Can you keep it down Merce?" Rachel whispered harshly, fixing the shirt to make sure her breasts weren't exposed. "Santana is sleeping. And yes this is Santana's shirt. I was enjoying a deep, peaceful, post coitus slumber with my girlfriend before you interrupted. So if you could kindly tell me what it is you acquire to so I can go back to sleep, that'd be more than pleasant."

"Alright first off, did you or Santana even leave the apartment? Like I know for a fact that you don't own any flannel."

"If it's any of your business, Santana left the next day after we got back together to pack a bag for a couple of days so she could stay. Now on with what you wanted please?"

"Oh yeah right. Anyways, Puck wanted me to come over and tell you that we're all getting together tonight at Tina's and we would all appreciate it if, and these are his words 'could get your tongues out of each other and hang out with your friends'." Mercedes cringed at the visual. "But in a less nasty Puckerman way, it's true. So get Santana-"

"Get Santana what?" Santana interrupted wiping sleep from her eyes dressed in nothing but a sports bra and boy shorts.

"Babe, put some clothes on and go back to bed." Rachel walked over to Santana and kissed her lips gently before swatting her butt playfully.

"What? It's more than what I went to sleep in." Santana smirked filthily. "And you better stop it before Mercy gets a show on this table. You know I like it rough." She winked as Mercedes let out a disgusted scoff in the background. "Hey Merce."

"Nice to see you emerge from Rachel's bed."

"Nice to see what the rest of the world looks like instead of just what's between Rachel's thighs."

"Santana!" Rachel looked scandalized as Mercedes plugged her ears screaming 'la la la la la' as Santana laughed out loud.

"Alright, I'm done I swear." Santana raised her hands in surrender. "What's going on Merce?" Santana sat down on the couch as she pulled Rachel down onto her lap.

"Before you were being completely inappropriate Santana, Mercedes was telling me that our presence is requested at a get together at Tina's place tonight."

"I guess it is time to see the real world. What time?" Santana asked tickling Rachel's sides lightly as she squealed and squirmed in Santana's lap.

"Tina said nine. And she said bring beer." Mercedes rolled her eyes at the two in front of her acting like two lovesick teenagers. "And it's almost one now, so that gives you plenty of time. And you better be there to."

"We'll be there right Santana?" Rachel held Santana's hands to her sides so she could stop tickling her.

"Si, mi amor." Santana smiled cheekily at Rachel on her lap as she leaned in to press a kiss to her lips.

Rachel smiled as she released Santana's hands and wrapped her arms around the Latina's neck. "I love you too." Rachel mumbled before she pressed a series of small pecks to Santana's lips.

"Aww, you two are making me sick. I'll see you guys later." Mercedes rolled her eyes as she got up and walked to the door.

As Santana distracted Rachel with kisses she took the liberty to full on start tickling Rachel, using all her power to flip the diva onto the couch and straddle her hips. Rachel squealed as Santana mercilessly attacked her most ticklish spots as she gasped for air. "San- San- stop…OH MY GOD…CAN'T BREATHE STOP!"

Mercedes smiled at the sight of the two, she's never seen Rachel so happy or so in love. Before she closed the door and called Sam. "Pezberry is in for tonight. So order a vegan pizza for Rachel."

Santana fussed with her hair in the mirror, she was still trying to decide if she wanted to take the extra twenty minutes to straighten it or just keep it natural. Well I'm wearing a hat anyways so fuck it. Padding over to the speakers that currently her iPhone hooked up to it, she decided to play some old Fall Out Boy, dressed in a pair of ripped skinny jeans that were cut to capris and a sports bra she started to bop her head to the song playing while applying her eye liner and singing along under her breath while Rachel was still in the bathroom.

The D.A. is dressed to the nines
In the mirror he practices all his lines
To his closing argument twelve hearts beat in favor
I'm guessing that he read the morning paper
The headline reads "the man hangs", but the jury doesn't

As soon as the guitars picked up, the bathroom door flew open and Rachel skidded out dressed in nothing but a white V-neck t-shirt and black panties, hairbrush in hand, almost slipping on the water from her hair on the floor screaming, "STOP IITTTTTT!" before singing along as well.

And everyone's looking for relief
United States versus disbelief
Mothers cast tears on both sides of the aisle
Clear your throat and face the world
The verdict falls like bachelors for bad luck girls
Only breathing with the aid of denial.

Case open, case shut,
But you could pay to close it like a casket
Baby boy can't lift his headache head
Isn't it tragic? (Whoaaa-ooo)

He glances at his peers sitting seven to twelve stacked
On one to six the gallery is hushed
Boys in three pieces dream of grandstanding and bravado
The city sleeps in a cell notwithstanding what we all know
Hang on a rope or bated breath
Whichever you prefer

Santana's mouth almost dropped Rachel, in her eyes could not be any more perfect at this point. Any girl who appreciated Fall Out Boy, is clearly a winner in every category. Instantly smiling as she watched Rachel bop around the room in her own little world singing into a hairbrush, she chuckled before she decided to play along acting as if she was playing a guitar and singing the back up harmonies to Rachel's lead vocals.

And everyone's looking for relief
A bidding war for an old flame's grief
The cause, the kid, the course, the charm, and the curse
Not a word that could make you comprehend
Too well dressed for the witness stand
The press prays for whichever headline's worse

Case open, case shut,
But you could pay to close it like a casket
Baby boy can't lift his headache head
Isn't it tragic? (Whoaaa-ooo)

The song picked up and now at this point completely oblivious to the world around them, Santana is jumping up and down on the bed rocking out playing air guitar as Rachel's failing her arms around and jumping in circles rocking out to the song playing loudly over the speakers. Santana and Rachel would occasionally peek looks at the other only to burst out laughing at the others childlike behavior and they instantly felt like two teenage girls dancing around and enjoying life. Rachel hopped on the bed with Santana and they both continued to jam out as Rachel leaned over sharing the end of her hairbrush with Santana as she played the guitar solo.

Fresh pressed suit and tie
Unimpressed birds sing and die
Can talk my way out of anything
The foreman reads the verdict
"In the above entitled actions we find the defendant..."

Case open, case shut,
But you could pay to close it like a casket
Baby boy can't lift his headache head
Isn't it tragic?
Case open, case shut,
But you could pay to close it like a casket
Baby boy can't lift his headache head
Isn't it tragic?

As the song ended, Rachel looked at Santana and fell to the bed in a fit of hysterical laughter. Every time they would start to calm down, they would look at each other all out of breath and flushed from exertion and start the cycle again. Santana chuckled and kissed Rachel's nose sweetly once their laughter calmed down and looked deep into Rachel's eyes.

"You're perfect Rachel." Santana brushed some of Rachel's hair from her face and gazed into her eyes lovingly.

Rachel felt the blush rise up from her chest and make its way up her neck and to her cheeks. She surpassed the ability to count on her hands the amount of times Santana had told her that. She felt like a high school girl with her crush every time, she never got tired of hearing it. "I love you." Rachel said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to Santana's lips softly, their lips meshing together gently before they broke away and stared into each other's eyes.

Santana smiled softly before running her hair through Rachel's hair. "I never got a chance to say I love your new haircut Rae. It looks really good on you." Playing idly with the hairs on the back of Rachel's neck, Santana pulled Rachel closer to her and meshed their lips together in a heated kiss.

Rachel moaned softly into the kiss as Santana ran her tongue along her bottom lip and Rachel wrapped her arms around Santana's neck wanting Santana as close to her as possible. Santana crawled on top of Rachel hovering over her, never once breaking this kiss. Rachel gripped Santana's hips as she felt the Latina's hands roam under her shirt and graze the underside of her breasts.

"Don't tease San…" Rachel panted against Santana's mouth and pressed her knee to Santana's core. Causing the Latina above her to growl and in two swift motions, took off Rachel's shirt and bra, depositing them on the floor next to them.

Santana quickly made work of her sports bra and her jeans and panties as Rachel shimmied out of hers leaving them both completely bare and wet before they connected their lips again in a sloppy lust filled kiss. Rachel reached down and roughly grabbed Santana's ass, moaning against her lips.

Feeling Rachel grab her roughly pushed Santana into overdrive, trailing kisses from the smaller diva's lips down to her chest, she wrapped her lips around one of Rachel's nipples and bit gently causing Rachel to gasp and buck her hips involuntarily. Using Rachel's breathless gasps as ammunition, she continued her attack to the Diva's breasts.

"San… baby please." Rachel gasped out, her hand snaking between her and Santana to start playing with her painfully throbbing clit.

Santana grabbed Rachel's hand from between her legs. "No Rachel. I'm finally gonna make through on that promise of making you watch me fuck you on your vanity." She smirked as she reached down between Rachel's legs and was met with a pool of wetness.

"Please San." Rachel's hips bucked against Santana's hand. "Please baby…inside…inside now… please." Rachel begged and let out a sob of desperation as Santana got up and walked over to her closet and retrieved a box.

"I want you bent over the vanity Rachel." Santana commanded as she pulled out the purple strap-on and the Hitachi Wand Rachel purchased. She smirked as she slide the straps on her hips and slide the inner piece in herself while Rachel, eyes blown and lust hazed as she scrambled off the bed and braced herself on the edge of the vanity. "Spread your legs." Santana commanded.

This dominance in Santana is something Rachel has never seen before in her girlfriend, and it turned her on almost painfully. Feeling and smelling the evidence of her heady arousal dripping down her legs, she wasn't prepared when she felt three of Santana's fingers graze across her sopping slit and trail back up to her clit where the Latina started tortuously slow circles on her nub. "Ohhh myyyy…." Rachel moaned throwing her head back in pleasure.

"I'm not stopping till you can't walk." Santana rasped out in Rachel's ear, her breasts grazing along Rachel's back. Snaking her free hand up Rachel's body, grasped at Rachel's neck roughly before slamming her fingers into Rachel's sopping pussy.

"Fu-" Rachel could barely gasp out, her knees instantly giving out on her as Santana choked her and roughly pounded her fingers into her from behind. Santana continued to thrust forcefully into her while her fingers closed tightly around Rachel's throat. The sounds of Rachel's gasps each time Santana thrust into her and the sloppy wet sounds of Santana's hand in Rachel were the only sounds heard. Rachel could never understand why, but she had a serious kink for being choked during sex. And the way Santana's fingers would wrap tightly around her throat and release with every thrust from behind had her knees shaking and her knuckles white with the force she was trying to keep herself upright. She felt the all too powerful and familiar coiling in her lower stomach as her walls started to tighten around Santana's fingers. And she almost wept as she felt Santana pull her fingers out from behind her.

"You won't come till I tell you to Rachel." Santana ground out from behind her, ending her statement with a slap to Rachel's wet, abused pussy. "This," Santana stated while cupping Rachel's sex roughly. "This is mine Rachel. No one else's. And I think it's about time I show you exactly who you and it belong to."

Rachel's legs trembled with anticipation as she waited for whatever Santana was going to do next. "Only yours San. Only you."

"You damn right only me Rachel." Santana ground out, grabbing a handful of Rachel's hair and tugged back roughly so they could make eye contact in Rachel's vanity mirror. "No, one else can get you this wet. No one can do this like I can." Santana pulled back on Rachel's hair roughly as she slid the dildo through Rachel's slickness.

"N-n-no one San. No one." Rachel stuttered out and gasping as Santana pulled on her hair roughly again. Each pull making her even more wet with arousal if that's even possible.

"Look at you Rachel, so desperate for me to fuck you, your shaking with need. I can smell you from here." Santana husked in Rachel's ear as she lined the toy up with the Diva's entrance. "Look in the mirror. I want you to watch." Santana tightened her grip on Rachel's hair before she leaned into Rachel's ear again. "I love you Rachel."

Santana slammed with all her force into Rachel's sopping hole as Rachel screamed out in pleasure. "OH MY… FUCK….. SANTANA!"

The Latina grunted in exertion as she continued to pound into Rachel from behind, using the hand that wasn't tugging on the Diva's hair to hold her up as her knees turned into jelly with each thrust she made.

Rachel finally understood what everyone meant when they said they saw stars. Every thrust Santana made into Rachel from that position, hit her spot so thoroughly and with such intensity she saw stars. She's never in her life been as thoroughly fucked as Santana is doing to her in this exact moment. She couldn't even form words, she could only whimper, gasp and moan with every thrust Santana threw at her. She could quickly and forcefully feel her orgasm approaching as Santana's thrusts became more erratic and sloppy, a tell tale sign that the Latina was close to coming as well. "I'm….cum…SAN."

Right on the brink of Rachel's orgasm, Santana pulled out again as Rachel sobbed for being brought back from the precipice of her orgasm for the second time and if not for Santana holding her up, falling to the floor in a puddle. Santana picked Rachel up and placed her over on back on her bed on her back.

Rachel no longer had use of her extremities. Santana could do whatever she wanted to her and she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't even keep her head held upright. She had literally been fucked numb. She didn't even know someone could do that. Her eyes widened as Santana spread her legs, climb in between them, lined up with her abused slit and started her relentless rutting again. Causing Rachel's eyes to shut tightly as she moaned out again, she was sure Santana was purposefully hitting that spot deep within her every time on purpose. She screamed out when she felt the vibrations on her hyper sensitive clit.

Santana was relentless. She knew it was only a matter of time before the smaller Diva came undone. She didn't know when exactly this possessive side of her came out, but pushing through the burning in her legs and lower stomach she continued her attack on the smaller brunette underneath her. In the days following her getting Rachel back, they spent all their time making slow sweet love. This, Santana contemplated was all the pent up aggression at almost losing Rachel coming out tenfold.

"San…don't stop." Rachel panted out, feeling her pending orgasm come back with more force than before while her body thrashed about violently.

"I'm not." Santana grunted, her own orgasm burning through her veins like fire. "I won't Estrella. Come…"

Santana's last thrust and rub of the Hitachi Wand against Rachel's clit sent the smaller brunette free falling over the edge. "I LOVE YOU." Rachel screamed as her body went completely rigid with the force of her almost painful orgasm, setting her body aflame as her juices sprayed like a geyser against her girlfriend as she continuously thrusted above her splattering against Santana's stomach.

Feeling Rachel jerk underneath her and her exclamation of love caused Santana to fall into her own body racking orgasm, her body collapsing on top of her from exhaustion as the racks of pleasure shot through her body like wild fire.

Rachel felt herself fall in and out of consciousness as her orgasm racked her small body over and over for what felt like forever. The continuous locking of her stomach muscles caused her body to jerk almost seizure like before she finally lost the fight and fell into blackness. The only thing her mind registering is Santana's "I love you too."


Rachel groaned hearing her phone vibrating continuously. She felt like she had the most intense hangover ever, until she looked down and noticed she was naked and sticky with her girlfriend asleep on top of her. Rachel tried to finagle her way out from under the slumbering Latina but her limbs were numb still and useless. Memories of early flooded Rachel's mind again like the most erotic porno to be seen, Santana had fucked her to oblivion and beyond and back one more time for old times' sake. She instantly felt wetness start to pool at her legs again. She would never forget this one and she would more than likely get wet every time she sat at her vanity.

"Rach, get your fucking phone before I smash it to pieces." Santana grumbled into Rachel's neck, tossing the smaller brunette from her thoughts.

"If you would kindly remove your body from on top of mine, I could gladly turn it off before you smash it to pieces." Santana grumbled before climbing off Rachel and flopped over to another sections of Rachel's bed and let out a grunt.

"The whole fucking bed is soaked, Rachel."

Rachel got up from her spot and rolled her eyes at the Latina's statement before walking over to her phone that was vibrating nonstop. The ache between her legs sitting so deep, she actually was limping. Santana had actually fucked her so thoroughly that she was walking funny. She hoped this was just temporary because even if she is comfortable with all their friends together, she'd rather not be limping around especially after everyone already knew exactly what they've spent the last four days doing.

"Nice to know that I cracked it so deep you're limping, Rach." Santana smirked as she noticed Rachel's slight hobble as she went to retrieve her phone.

Rachel scoffed looking down at her Caller ID thoroughly confused. "Santana stop being crude. My brother is calling me." Rachel slid her finger across the screen leaning against her dresser as she felt her knees get weak again and answered her phone. "Hello Evan."

"Rach, why are you not answering your phone? Mom is over here shitting bricks. She called you like seven times."

Rachel looked confused as she checked her missed calls. Surely enough, her mother had called her seven times, left four voicemails and sent her three text messages. "I'm sorry. My phone was on vibrate across the room and I fell asleep with Santana..." Rachel mentally face palmed herself at her word vomit, she knew her idiot brother would have an inappropriate comment for that.

"You fell asleep with Santana, now did you?" Rachel could hear the insinuation laced in her younger brothers voice. "She wear you out that bad Rach? Damn Rachel, you're a Berry/Corcoran AND you took all those dance classes with that crazy workout routine, you should have better stamina than that." Evan laughed hysterically down the receiver of the phone before Rachel her a loud slap followed by and "OW MOM. SHIT." Rachel chuckled as she heard her mom berate her brother over the line before she snatched the phone from him and called out "Stop teasing your sister! And so help me Yahweh, Evan Michael Corcoran if I hear you curse again.. You'll be doing nothing but reading from the Torah for the two months!"

Rachel laughed at her Mother's berating of her little brother as he grumbled in the background as she heard Santana snickering behind her hand, apparently hearing her mother yelling as well. Rachel loved it when Santana laughed, her nose scrunched up really cute and her body seemed to turn in on itself. Rachel was dragged out of admiring her girlfriend by her mother's again serious tone.

"Rachel Barbra Berry! Why didn't you answer your phone when I was calling you? This is important and you just blatantly ignored my phone call!" Shelby chided in Rachel's ear as the smaller Diva recoiled away from her phone at her mother's tone.

"I'm sorry Mom. I was sleep and I didn't hear it vibrate."

"Well I hope your nap was worth it, because now you have some serious damage control."

Rachel looked confused at her phone, her eyebrows furrowing together on her forehead. "Damage control? For what?"

Shelby sighed exasperatedly, she knew Rachel didn't give the go for this. "Rachel have you looked at the tabloid lately?"

"No, you know I pay no attention to those. It's all trash."

Shelby ran her hand over her face. "Is Santana with you?"

"Yes. But what does this have to do with Santana?" Rachel looked over at her clock, 8:35pm. "And can this hurry up? Santana and I have a prior engagement at nine and we're already gonna be late." Santana's eyes widened at the statement and swore before jumping out of bed before grabbing her and Rachel's clothes from off the floor throwing Rachel her clothes.

"Put me on speaker." Shelby commanded. She figured it would be easier to break it to the both of them at once.

Rachel and Santana shared confused looks as Rachel put her phone on speaker. "Alright Mom. What's going on?" Rachel stated as she ran into the bathroom to freshen up really quick as Santana threw her clothes on, they didn't have time for another shower.

"Rachel, did you ever change the point with your publicist to reveal your sexuality to the public?" Shelby asked, she already knew what the answer was, but she was really hoping she was wrong.

Rachel walked out the bathroom in a fresh pair of panties, a white cami and a pair of short denim high waisted shorts as she pulled her now unruly hair in a messy bun. "No. I've told Hanna several times that my private life was private and I wanted to keep it that way." Rachel shrugged on a sleeveless sheer shirt and tucked it into her shorts.

Santana sat back and listened intent fully to the conversation, already dressed in a pair of cut off denim capris, sleeveless tank and a Young & Reckless snapback perched slightly off to the side of her head.

"Rachel baby, I'm so sorry." Shelby's voice rang through the room sadly. "I don't know how they found out or who tipped them off. But they took pictures of you and Santana in a club or something kissing and then of you guys leaving together. They just released them today and they're all over the place. I'm so sorry sweetheart." Shelby explained mournfully.

Rachel's jaw dropped as her eyes widened as Santana rushed over to her computer. "Wait what? Santana and I have been all out in public everywhere for the last six months, how are they just now printing stories?" Rachel was literally dumbfounded. She had been so careful with the keeping of her private life under wraps. She wasn't ashamed of being a lesbian, she was very proud in fact. But she learned from her past relationships more specifically with Finn and later Quinn. The more people involved in her personal life, made it just that more difficult to maintain. Since then she only kept her inner loop of friends and her family in on details of her personal life. Once she broke out into Broadway when interviewers would ask about her personal life, she would politely state if she was or wasn't currently in a relationship and change the subject. She never gave signifiers of the sex of her significant other or names, and whatever else the media came up with after that was all their crazy. Not hers.

"You've got to be shitting me. Rachel look at this fuckery." Santana huffed out. She knew how her girlfriend felt about outsiders in their relationship, and Rachel knew how Santana felt about outsider's period. Rachel shuffled over to the computer and fought the back the urge for her eyes to fill with tears. There scattered all across Google search page next to her name where pictures of her and Santana, them kissing, them looking at each other all lovingly, ones of them leaving together fingers interlaced. They were all from the night when they got back together. Headlines spanning everything from: "Rachel Berry, Broadway's Sweet Heart: Secret Lesbian?" to "Broadway Starlet Having An Affair With Another Women?" or her personal favorite "Broadway Diva Rachel Berry Dating Tattooed Stud"

"How did they even find out who you were?" Rachel signed out as she slid to the floor and covered her face with her hands. How was she even supposed to handle this? And she'll be damned if she lets this affect her relationship with Santana right as they made things right again. Why couldn't they just catch a break?

"Rachel, honey? My publicist is working to clear this as well. I suggest you give Hanna a call too. This can't be too bad and easily fixed. You work on Broadway, the most gay friendly community in the entertainment industry." Shelby tried to sooth her daughter, they already had this conversation years ago during a tear filled conversation when Rachel came out to her.

"I'm not worried about that Mom." Rachel felt her chest begin to tighten as her breathing became labored. "Like me and Santana…" Rachel gasped out clutching her chest tightly.

Santana looked over to her girlfriend alarmed as she watched Rachel fall into the early stages of a panic attack. Dropping to her knees she placed Rachel's hand against her chest and started to breathe in and out deeply. "Baby, I need you to breathe. In and out deeply, follow my breaths. Just like that Estrella."

"God Santana is she having a panic attack?" Shelby asked worriedly over the phone wishing nothing more than that she wasn't in Lima and could hold her baby girl and sooth her worries like when she was a little girl. "Rachel, honey. I need you to breathe."

Rachel soon started to breath normally as she stared wide eyed into Santana's concerned eyes and followed her breathing. "Estrella, nothing is going to happen to us. We've made it past this last month we'll make it past this. Yes, it will be new. But we have each other and the people in our lives that love us. We'll be fine." Santana gently stroked the side of Rachel's face and looked into her eyes deeply and placed a passionate kiss to the smaller Diva's lips. "I love you Estrella."

"I love you too Santana." Rachel reached up and grabbed Santana's hand from her cheek and interlaced their fingers, placing a gentle kiss to each one. "I love you so much."

"Rachel, honey I'll call you back. My publicist just emailed me and she's starting the process of helping Hanna clear everything out as much as they can."

"Alright Mom, thank you. I love you, I'll call you tomorrow."

"I love you too sweetheart." Shelby disconnected the phone call. And Rachel looked up at Santana who was texting on her own phone.

"I'm telling Puck what's going on. He gave me some directions to take to get to Tina's that will lose the paps if they are outside. And he said that Mike would go out and get beer. If you still want to go out tonight?" Santana asked the smaller girl.

"Of course we are. We'll take Puck's route if there the paparazzi are outside. We gave our friends our word and I won't let those media vultures keep me locked up inside afraid of the outside world." Rachel huffed slipping on some flats before looking at Santana worriedly. "I mean this is a lot and I know you didn't really sign up to be followed around by cameras and people prying into our personal lives when we started things and-" Rachel rambled off worriedly before Santana interrupted her.

"Hey. When I asked you to be my girlfriend Rachel, I knew that there was a possibility of this happening." Santana said grabbing her keys, wallet, cellphone and slipping on a pair of Vans. "I didn't care about any of this because I wanted you. That was it. I didn't want anyone else. And I don't regret it. I love you Rachel. That's it, that's all that matters. Period." Santana finished her statement by placing a gentle kiss to the side of Rachel's head as they walked out of Rachel's apartment towards the elevator.

"How did I get so lucky to be loved by you?" Rachel asked staring at Santana lovingly and gripping their interlaced fingers tighter. "I just hope they aren't outside."

"Well if they are then we try our best to ignore them and face it together. Alright. You're a star Rachel. The biggest and the brightest, they'll eventually leave you alone once they see it doesn't sight a reaction from you."

Rachel smiled brightly before placing a kiss to Santana's lips gently right as the elevator door opened and the couple was swamped by flashing lights and reporters sticking recorders in the couple's faces and asking questions "Ms. Berry, how long have you been gay?" Rachel, how long have you been dating Santana?" "Rachel, is this your first lesbian relationship?" "Santana, what's it like dating Broadway's shining star?"

The couple kept their heads down away from the flash of the cameras as they made their way through the crows. Rachel held Santana's hand tighter as the taller Latina pulled the smaller Diva through the crowd as the apartment complex security came to help the couple and escort them to Rachel's Jetta. Santana let out a laugh as she got behind the wheel of Rachel's car and strapped their seatbelts in.

"Well I see now why your windows are tinted so dark, Rachel." Santana blew the horn that scared some of the paparazzi out of the way as they sped off away from the crazy.

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