Ann's Enduring Love


Foreword: This Story takes place one year after The Journey to Johto.

In it, Taylor (aka Silver). Kris (aka Crystal), and Hiro (aka Gold) share the title of Johto League Champion. Together with Ted they form the Grand Masters, I group more powerful than the Elite 4. In the Late 1990s, the Human Genome Project was started in an attempt to map the Human Genome. This takes place just after it is completed. I'm saying this because it has to do with the Course of the story.


Chapter 1


"This is Vicky Mitchell reporting live from the Wayne Johnson Home in Los Angeles Where Pokemon Trainer Ann-Marie Johnson has just given birth to a Human-Pokemon Girl. This unique breed of half-human half-Pokemon was developed and created completely by Ann's Father, Dr. Wayne Johnson. Dr. Johnson took the Cells from a random Pokemon and fused it with his Daughter's Cells to create this new Human-Pokemon."

I looked on as Reporters continued to try and interview me and my parents. Some Photographers tried to get some shots of me holding me new daughter, Katrin. I looked across the room at my friends Ted, His brother James, his mother, Tom, Taylor, and Kris. Without their help I wouldn't be holding Katrin now.

Ted also wouldn't have a new Human-Pokemon either. One of his Pikachu, Puma had also given birth to a half-Human, half-Pokemon baby. Puma had given birth to a Baby Boy, Fin. Like Katrin, his Pokemon features and abilities wouldn't show until later.

"We're right now about to get the exclusive story on how Baby Katrin and Baby Fin came to be and the stunning battle that took place just before she was born." Continued the reporter. Ah, the story. It isn't all that people think it is.

"Ann, I just got a call from the Hospital." Said Ted. (This story is from Ann's point of view) "Misty just had a Baby Girl." "Wow, that great!" I said. Misty's new baby was a complete normal baby. Misty's Boyfriend, Duane would be a good father.

"I think it's time everyone hears the story." Said Mom. "Okay, we'll start from the beginning." Said Dad.

"As everyone knows, I gained international attention when I created the first human clone. The completion of the Human Genome Project made it possible. With it complete and using the Super Baby Method, I was able to create a child that was resistant to many incurable diseases. Not on that, any Children that child has will pass this down from Generation to Generation."

"The idea to make Marie the first person to give birth to a Human-Pokemon was her idea." Said Mom. That wasn't entirely true. Grandfather wanted to see my have my first child before he passed away. After getting hurt in a bus accident 3 months ago, he's been confined to a wheelchair. "We began this project 10 months ago." Continued Mom.

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