Chapter 1

I do not own these characters, they belong to J.K Rowling I just borrowed them for this story. So sadly everything except the plot belongs to the author of the great book series Harry Potter.

Run! That was the only thing going through my mind at that moment, was run. Get away! Live! Of course I totally forgot about my wand, but hey when your life depends on getting away from the one thing that wants to hurt you, you don't really stop to think about anything other than get to safety.

I Hermione Granger was on the run, from who you may ask? Simple, Snatchers. Why? Because Harry and Ron were in the tent we're hiding out in in the middle of the forest playing wizards' chess, when Harry finally beat Ron. As you can guess Ron did not take this very well, and promptly shouted "Bloody Hell! Stupid arse Voldemort!" and since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named put a Taboo on his name so that the snatchers would be alerted if a "brave soul" dared to say his name, we are now on the run from the people that want to turn us in to Voldemort.

As I ran, the leaves crunched under my feet, and branches from trees scratched my arms, legs, face, and hands. Purple, blue, green, and even pink curses surrounded and whizzed past me as I ran. At the time I didn't think about Apparating, again, stupid I know right, but I just wanted to get away from the men that were chasing me. The sound of footsteps getting closer filled my ears as I tried to run faster, but a cramp was slowly starting to make its presence known in my side. Panting now, I clutched my side and continued to run. Sadly though I was paying so much attention to my chasers, that I wasn't watching where I was running, and I promptly tripped over an up raised root, twisting my ankle and as I fell I heard a sickening snap come from the bone. After I fell on my side I clutched my now broken ankle and bruising my body as I landed. The footsteps from behind me slowed as I struggled to get up, and two sets of hands grabbed me and yanked me to my feet, making me scream in the process from the added weight to my ankle. There were laughs all around as I gasped for air, and as a few tears leaked from the corner of me eyes.

"Well look what we've caught 'ere boys! Now what's a pretty young thing like you doing out 'ere in the woods all by yourself?" said a terrifying man with grey-blue eyes and black hair. After he said this I breathed a sigh of relief, they had only found me. Ron and Harry were still out there, they could continue to look for the Horcruxes.

"I asked you a question girly, you 'de do best to answer me. Now I ask again, what are you doing out here in the woods all by your lonesome, and to top it all off saying the dark lords name?" he said while looking me in the eye and caressing my cheek with his thumb. This was disgusting because he looked as dirty as me, and I haven't bathed in a few days, leaving my curly brown hair falling limp on my dirty skin and in my chocolate brown eyes.

"I. . . I just . . . I. . ." just as I was about to come up with a very good lie to try and get myself out of this mess, I heard a low growling coming from behind me. Oddly though, I was the only one that seemed to of heard the noise.

"I said answer me!" the man yelled as he struck me with the back of his hand making me fall to my feet as his men let go of me. Through my tear filled eyes, I looked up into his eyes of grey-blue, which was blocked by his black messy hair.

"I'm sorry I just. . ." but I was cut off again by his boot making contact with my ribs, cracking one instantly. I heard the growling behind me get louder, as I gasped trying to bring air into my lungs. Vaguely I heard more than one growl being added to the first, making it louder, and finally drawing the attention on the Snatchers surrounding me.

"What the bloody 'ell is that?" the snatcher who slapped me whispered. With one last look around, he and his men Apparated away. Leaving me on the ground surrounded by the vicious growls around me.