Chapter 24

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Swiftly Fenrir entered the room, and bypassing the bedroom completely, he carried me into the bathroom, where he promptly set me down on the counter, and turned around to start filling the bathtub with water. When he had the water at the temperature that he wanted, he turned back around to me and looked at me carefully. Looking into his eyes, I could tell that his wolf side had completely taken over now, even more so than when we were at the Manor with the Dark Lord, so I lowered my eyes and waited for him to do something. Surprisingly, the first thing that he did was lift me up and then gently set me down on my feet in front of him, before he pulled my dress over my head, and laid it down on the counter top before he turned to me again. He got down onto his knees in front of me and gently lifted my legs up one by one to remove my shoes.

Once I was completely bare to him, he carefully picked up my bruised and battered body as though I was the most important thing in the world, before he gently lowered me into the warm water that had filled the tub to the brim, before turning off the faucet and turning back towards me. The warm water of the bath helped to relax my aching muscles, and the sudden need to clean myself filled my being. I reached for the washcloth and body wash that were sitting on the edge of the tub next to the shampoo, but just as my hands reached it, a growl filled the air. Quickly I dropped my hands into my lap, lowered my eyes, and bared my mating mark to him. The growling stopped and the sound of him purring filled the air, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Fenrir pick up the washcloth and body wash, before he picked up one of my bruised arms, and gently washed away the dirt and grime that had accumulated on my body. Curiously I looked up at him, and he met my gaze as he continued to wash me.

"You are my mate, and you are injured. I will wash you, take care of you, and provide for you until you are healed enough to wash and care for yourself. But even then I will not stop providing for you." With that being said, he gently rinsed the soap off of my arm, before picking up the other and doing the exact same thing to it.

As he continued to gently wash my body, I began to think about all the possible reasons that could explain why Fenrir could be acting this way towards me. I knew that male wolves always took care of their mates; they cleaned, provided, nurtured, and cared for them to the greatest extent, and they also cherished them greatly. In return they would expect their mate to respect and love them, which they did, while also letting the male wolf take the dominant role in the relationship. I wondered if it was the same for werewolves, after all they are half wolf, and it would explain why Fenrir was acting this way towards me now when his wolf was fully in control, rather than when his wolf wasn't in control. When Fenrir was in charge of his body, he did want me to respect him, and I did, but he also wasn't as dominant unless it came to my safety. But here now with Fenrir's wolf in charge of him, he was dominant, while not being abusive, caring, nurturing, and loving, just like any male wolf in the wild would do. So yes, I concluded, werewolves' habits were a lot like wild wolves habits when they were in charge of their bodies.

With my epiphany that I had just had, I knew now to just let Fenrir take care of me and to not try and do it myself like I had done when I was first in my bath. Fenrir continued to purr to me as he rinsed the water off of my arm before moving so he was a little behind me where he quickly washed my back, before rinsing me off and moving onto my hair. When my hair was all clean, and my body was sparkling in the dimly lit bathroom, Fenrir lifted me out of the tub, and set me on the counter, before he opened up all the cupboards in the room until he found the one with towels. Softly he dried me off with more care shining through his eyes at me than I had ever seen before. When I was dry he set me on my feet, pulled my dress over my head, slipped my shoes on my feet, and he handed me my wand which I tucked into my dress.

Lightly, he pulled me up into his arms so that my legs were around his waist and my arms were around his neck, before he carried me back down stairs and into the kitchen, where we were met with an awkward silence, and the stares of all the order members on us. Fenrir sat down on one of the vacant chairs, before pulling me so I was sitting in his lap facing away from him. Quickly I looked around noticing that the rest of the pack had all left except for Henry who nodded at Fenrir and me as we sat down.

A loud throat clearing made all of our eyes snap over to Dumbledore who was looking at us expectantly. "Well, you show up unannounced, barging in as though death is on your tails, physically harm Remus, then ignore the reason that you came here in the first place and go upstairs. What do you have to say for yourselves Hermione?"

I didn't answer him which seemed to make the calm and collected Dumbledore lose his patience even more, instead I looked back at Fenrir who was growling softly at how Dumbledore was talking down to me. Without thinking about anyone else in the room, I turned around so I was straddling Fenrir, and I buried my face into his neck so that he could see, smell, and touch my mating mark easily.

"Well?" Dumbledore said impatiently. I can't say that I blame him for being impatient since we did barge in here like the hounds of hell were on our heels, but apparently Fenrir didn't share the same opinion.

"MY MATE WAS INJURED! She is more important to me than all of you, and even this damn bloody war, so I think you could have all waited while I tended to my Mate! If you had any questions about why I was ignoring you, you could have easily asked my Beta, Henry, or even the wolf cub Remus. Instead you wait for MY INJURED MATE to sit down and finally relax after a long and trying day, and then you talk down to her as though this is all her fault." Fenrir stopped his rant for a moment and gently sat me down on the chair that we were occupying, before standing up to his full height and continuing. "As a werewolf, I am more in tune with my animal side especially when my mate is in pain, and when that happens she comes first, she will ALWAYS come first. You humans may not notice it right now, but I know that Henry, Remus, and my Mate do, that my wolf side is completely in control at the moment. When this happens my Mate is the only one who is safe from my wrath if I am angered, as you can all probably see. So by treating her as though she doesn't matter at all, you have completely angered me, almost more so than I have ever been angered before."

When Fenrir paused for a moment, I quickly got up and moved towards Fenrir, but before I could take another step, Ron grabbed my waist with both of his hands and pulled me backwards until our bodies collided all while yelling, "NO Hermione don't he's dangerous!"

With a loud "oomf," I bumped into Ron and tried to get to Fenrir, but I guess since he thought I was in danger, he wasn't letting me go. Fenrir who heard my exclamation turned around and looked at Ron's arms around my waist with narrowed black eyes. A loud growl caused Ron to drop his hold on me with shock, where I promptly walked over to Fenrir and laid my head on his chest.

"Did you not hear me you insolent little boy!" Fenrir yelled at Ron as he wrapped his arms around me. "I could NEVER hurt my mate, EVER! So if she wishes to come to me she may, am I understood?"

"Y . . . y . . . yes . . . s . . . s . . . sir." Ron stuttered.

"Are you alright pup?" he asked me much more softly and quietly than how he was speaking a mere moment before, causing several people around us to gasp at the tenderness his voice held for me.

"Yes my Alpha, I am fine."

"Good," with that he pulled me tightly into his body, and looked over at Dumbledore who had been silent throughout Fenrir's whole speech. "Now, speaking TO ME! we can get this meeting underway, what is it that you would like to know?"

"Why you are here, would be a good place to start," He said condescendingly.

Which Fenrir didn't take to well, so I quickly cut in before my mate could be angered further, "Professor, if you wish to live until you see the Final Battle, I suggest that you treat Fenrir with respect. His wolf has fully taken over his being right now, making him completely and utter the ALPHA MALE, you need to treat him with the respect he deserves for holding such a title, and maybe he won't rip you a new asshole."

'Shit' I thought, by cutting him off I was disrespecting him, and by disrespecting him I was challenging his dominance, and by challenging his dominance I was just making things worse for me in the long run With that being said, I turned around and buried my face in Fenrir's chest as I gripped his arms. "Please don't be mad that I cut you off Alpha, I didn't mean to disrespect you, but he was just making me so angry, you deserve more respect than what he was giving you." I mumbled into his chest, so only the other lycan's in the room could understand what I was saying.

It was only after I thought of the repercussions of what I had done that I noticed Fenrir wasn't growling, instead he was gently holding my body to his and purring. Carefully I looked up into his eyes, and saw him looking down at me softly.

"I am not mad at you my mate, how could I be when you were defending me to all of these people. I would be mad at you if you had put yourself in danger by doing it, but since you didn't, I am very pleased that you deem me worthy of your defense." He said to me while nuzzling my neck and gently licking and sucking my mark.

With a sigh of relief I melted into his arms, and allowed him to assert his dominance over me again by showing everyone around us that he had marked me, and that I belonged to him. When he was sure that everyone knew I was his mate, and that he was in charge of this relationship, he stood up and addressed the Order. "The Dark Lord has set a date for the final battle, in one moths time, He and his Death Eaters will attack Hogwarts, and try and kill Harry Potter. He told us all to prepare, and then he left."

Dumbledore nodded his head thoughtfully as he stared at me and Fenrir, the latter of which didn't like this, so he pulled me so I was hidden behind his back. "If you wish to say something, you say it to me, and not my Mate, is that understood?" Fenrir spoke in a deathly calm voice.


"Well, if that is all, I will be leaving with my mate and my beta, if you need to contact us, send a patronus, other than that, we will contact you if anything new comes up." Quickly, Fenrir scooped me up into his arms, and walked to the Apparation point with Henry following silently. And it was only after we were away from everyone that I looked up at Fenrir, and saw his warm brown eyes smiling back down at me, before the madness of the day caught up to me and my eyes fluttered closed. The last thing I heard before I succumbed to the darkness, was Fenrir as he whispered, "Goodnight little wolf," in my ear.

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