Tony DiNozzo waltzed into the apartment, his hands clutching some a bouquet of roses for his wife. As he approached the door, he heard voices- one female, one male. The male voice seemed dauntingly familiar, a sound he had heard quite a few times before.

"You look gorgeous, baby," the voice complimented Ziva.

"Why, thank you Ray," the Israeli giggled, "You're much more complimentary than my stupid slob of a husband.

Tony gasped, tears blinking his eyes.

"What are you doing?" he burst into the apartment. Instead of being shocked, his wife turned around and smirked. Ray stood behind her, his left arm around her waist.

"I love this man," Ziva pointed at CIRay, "Not you. I want a divorce. Ray respects me- you are way too stupid and promiscuous. Plus Ray is gr…."

"Please don't finish that sentence," Tony held is fingers interlocked in a begging motion, "I love you, my precious angel. Please, give me a chance. You're my soul mate, Zi!"

"Maybe she doesn't want to be," Ray spoke for the first time an icy tone, "Maybe she loves me."

"I do" Ziva confirmed it in two sharp words, "And you want to know something, Tony?"

He gave her a pleading look.

"Caitlin is actually Ray's" his wife gave a cruel cackle, sounding scarily like Cruella de Vil.

"No," Tony had tears sharply running rivers down his cheek. Ever so slowly, he was slowly dragged out of the apartment into the darkness.

"NO!" he screamed, thrashing furiously as the door shut in his face.

Tony gasped, launching his head and neck from the pillow. Beads of sweat trickled from his brow. The intensity of the dream had stayed with him in the form of heat. He panted heavily, reaching for his wife.

Who was gone.

Tony's eyes widened and he slipped out of bed, the quilt falling violently around him. He rushed off, out of the bedroom into the hall of their new house, desperately hoping his nightmare had not come true.

He usually wouldn't be worried, but this nightmare, combined with sleepless nights, had got to him.

"Ziva?" he pushed the door gently to reveal Ziva putting their newborn daughter (Caitlin Jenny DiNozzo) into her crib. She turned round, a little surprised.

"Tony?" she looked confused, her brows furrowed, "What's wrong?"

He ignored her, striding forward. Once he'd reached her, he buried her in his arms, trying to take the pain away. He rocked her gently from side to side, stroking her beautiful brunette hair.

"Ziva," Tony crooned over and over again, "I had a nightmare. I don't want to talk about it- all I'll say is that Ray was in it, and you were in love with him, not me."

His wife took her head from his shoulder and blinked for a second.

Then she reacted in a way he had not expected.

She laughed.

"Tony," she smiled at him, "My silly Tony. Why would I ever leave you? Especially for a dirt bag like Ray. I love you. I know I don't say it very often, but I do."


"Do you doubt me?" Ziva joked.

"I love you too," Tony chose this in response.

Suddenly, a loud wailing filled the air, piercing the ears of the embracing couple.

"I think she wants her daddy," Ziva nodded at Caitlin.

Tony smiled and walked over to the crib, taking his daughter in his arms. She immediately stopped crying, and stared up at her father with big blue eyes. And with that, she began to gurgle.

The pair looked at each other and Ziva side-stepped into her husband's spare side. He placed his lips to her temple in a kissing motion.

And that was the first time Caitlin DiNozzo smiled.

It wasn't a nightmare.

It was a dream.

One the three never wanted to end.