Area 88 story

Summary: random A88 story. Area 88 is besieged (once again) by an enemy sniper. Saki resorts to…unconventional tactics to win.

Once again, the base of Area 88 was under attack by an enemy sniper. This time, Saki had a plan in place. One day, Shinjou walked into the tower.

"Saki, the pilots are growing restless and, what are you doing?" Shinjou asked, seeing Saki crouched near the window.

"Get down! Get down, for heaven's sake!" Saki cried. Shinjou did as he was told, crouched near the commander.

"Alright. How long have you been here?" Saki asked.

"1 year." Shinjou said.

"I've been commanding Area 88 for 6 years now. And it wasn't easy. Sent plenty of pilots to their deaths, hell, may have executed some prisoners. But that's business. I built this base from the ground up, and it cost me a marriage, my seat to the throne of this country, and every day of my life to get this base to where it is today. And this morning, I walk in here, and the rebel sons a bitches put a sniper in the mountains, just like last time." Saki said.

"Sir, after last time, I doubt they'd do such a thing." Shinjou said.

"Course they would. We're almost about to win the war, and they're desperate to stop us. That's why their number 2. But let me show you we're number 1. Get me that case." Saki said. He then opened the case, and put a rifle together.

"You see, war is all about adapting. And everything worth while, takes sacrifice. You can't make an omelet, without breaking a few eggs. Now, the sniper is gonna shoot at a target. I need you to take a picture of the flash, and tell me what section he's in." Saki said. "Roundell, send up an intern."

"More coffee sir?" the intern asked. His head exploded. Shinjou quickly took as many pictures as he could, while Saki fired as many rounds as he could.

"Alright. I think I got him. Just to be sure, Shin will bomb him." Saki said.

"Alright. The photo says he's in sector 8." Shinjou said.

Saki told Shin where he was. Shin flew his jet, and napalmed the area. Just then, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Saki asked. The person on the other end was pissed.

"Goldman, you son of a bitch. Nice try with that sniper! Yeah. He took my intern's head off. Listen, you guys are gonna loose the war, I don't care what you do to try and stop your inevitable demise, you loosing the war is final." Saki said, just as a flash bang landed in.

"What's that?" Shinjou asked.

"Flash bang." Saki said, as the grenade went off.

"Jesus." Shinjou muttered.

"Quiet. I'm texting Shin where Goldman is." Saki said. Several seconds later, a roar of a fighter jet is heard, and a nuclear bomb goes off.

"You still there?" Saki asked, seeing the nuke; nobody could survive that.

"Good. I'm glad your surrendering. Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay. Right. Okay, say hello to the missus for me. See you on the greens. You too, bye." Saki said, turning the phone off.

"Business. Plain and simple." he said, as he lit a cigarette.

"Now, what was it you came in here for?" he asked.

"Uh, I was gonna tell you the pilots were growing a little restless, should I give 'em their weekend passes already?"