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AN: Well, here you are; an original plot exploring Bella's past, as well as exploring my own theory about the origin of 'Twilight' vampires in the Whoniverse (Since the Doctor has encountered more traditional vampires in the TV storyline 'State of Decay', among other book and audio adventures)...

AN 2: I'm having to improvise some of the geography here due to my lack of actual knowledge of the area I'm describing to work with my plot, but I hope nobody minds

The Future in the Past

As we walked out of the TARDIS, I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed at the sight that greeted us; after taking the Tritovores back to their home planet, the Doctor had assured me that he had set the coordinates for a random destination on Earth in my past, but even knowing the sheer scale of human history that we could have visited, I'd still been hoping that we'd arrive somewhere interesting.

As it was, all that I could see right now was a fairly grim-looking cliff a short distance away from us as we stood on the outskirts of an equally grim-looking forest, the day reasonably overcast and a town visible a kilometre or so away, along with a small river with a relatively fast-flowing current at the bottom of the cliff.

"Where are we?" I asked, looking in confusion back at the Doctor.

"Coordinates were random, but I took a peek at the yearometer," the Doctor said, smiling casually at her. "We're just a short distance from Ashland, Wisconsin; not an area I've visited that often, but there's bound to be-"

"Hold on," I interrupted, looking sharply over at the Doctor, the name he'd just given our location swirling in my mind. "Ashland, Wisconsin?"

"Uh... yep, that's what the coordinates said," the Doctor confirmed, nodding briefly at me.


It had only been briefly mentioned to me in passing- after Edward had told me her story, I'd asked for a few additional details about where everything had happened, but I'd generally tried to avoid being too inquisitive given the emotionally sensitive nature of the whole incident-, but the tragedy of the tale I'd heard had been enough to make it stick.

"Ashland in... maybe... the early 1920s?" I asked again, looking urgently at my friend.

"Well..." the Doctor said, pausing to take a quick sniff of all things before he looked back at me, "atmospheric content does suggest that we're shortly after the First World War- hints of a recent excessive use of gunpowder, the lack of iron-oxidant pollutants caused by the perfection of petrol, things like that..."

Looking urgently at the area around me as the Doctor's words faded into the background, I took in the forest behind the cliff I'd noticed earlier before my eyes fell on a figure standing on top of the cliff, my blood running cold at the sight.

The odds against it had to be impossibly long; I hadn't even told the Doctor a thing about the Cullens apart from Edward's name, he couldn't even know that he wasn't the first non-human I'd met in my life or who the others were, there would be no reason for him or the TARDIS to bring me here...

Then the figure leapt off the cliff, and all thoughts of the unlikeliness of the possible circumstances I found myself in was forgotten; even if this wasn't who I thought it was, this wasn't the kind of situation I could ignore, even if I wasn't the Doctor's companion.

I didn't even stop to give the Doctor any kind of explanation about what had just happened; without giving any thought to the implications that this could have on my past or future, I began to run towards the cliff, the Doctor only just behind me as he anxiously followed on after me, clearly confused about what I was up to even as he continued to follow me. For a few moments, my clumsiness was forgotten as I focused on the race towards my destination, my gaze fixed on the still figure lying at the bottom of the cliff...

Finally, I reached my destination, crouching down to stare in horror at the battered and bleeding face of the young woman lying before us, my heart almost breaking at the sight of the woman who'd been virtually my second mother for a few short months lying on the ground, looking so much more broken and vulnerable than I had ever seen her look before.

"Esme..." I practically whispered, staring at the woman whose human life had just come to a particularly sudden and bloody end.

AN 3: Short, I know, but I hope you like which Cullen I chose to 'visit'; it just always seemed slightly off to me that trained doctors could assume that Esme was so badly injured that she was already dead, when she was still alive enough for Carlisle to find and turn her later, so I thought that this seemed like as good an opportunity as any to account for that particular anomaly (How will be explained in the next chapter)

AN 4: If anyone has questions about Bella knowing this kind of detail about Esme's past when it wasn't revealed in the books themselves, I'm assuming that she may have learned some of the general details about the Cullens' humans lives- where they were born, where and when they were turned, etc.- 'off-screen', even if the more difficult details like Esme's dead child or the exact details of Rosalie's human death were unknown to her at this time