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The Future in the Past

A few hours after leaving Earth's past, I found myself sitting in the TARDIS's kitchen, preparing a basic snack for myself out of a lack of anything else to do. The Doctor and I might both recognise that he'd only done what he had to do in order to preserve history- from past examples it seemed fairly obvious that trying to change history wouldn't be a smart move-, but that didn't mean that I didn't feel at least slightly guilty about the fact that he was essentially forced to create a new breed of his race's oldest enemies because I'd inspired his own curiosity.

I wasn't sure if I'd have ever told him about what the vampires I'd encountered if we hadn't encountered Esme before her human death- the odds against such an encounter had to be incredible-, but there was no point in worrying about how I might have brought that topic up when it had already been exposed. I could make all kinds of mental arguments about how the Doctor would have had to do what he'd done at some point in his life- I didn't know much about time travel, but if the Doctor hadn't been there I had no doubt that the vampire who'd created 'my' vampires wouldn't have instilled the Doctor's programmed commands to not try and take control of the human race-, but the fact remained that he'd only had to do it now because of me...

"Are you all right?" the Doctor's voice asked, breaking into my melancholy train of thought. Looking up, I smiled slightly at the sight of my friend, looking at me with nothing but the same casual concern and curiosity that he'd always shown in me, with no sign that he resented what I'd revealed to him or what he'd had to do to preserve history.

"I'm fine," I said, shrugging out of a lack of anything else to do; admitting that I felt guilty wouldn't do any good, but maybe if I understood how the Doctor was dealing with this situation I could help him get over whatever he might be feeling about this mess. "But... how about you? I mean, we couldn't save anyone there..."

"The Ogri was pretty much already dead and it was nothing but an animal; saving it would have been pointless," the Doctor said briefly, shrugging slightly dismissively; there was a slight tension about his stance as he spoke, but otherwise he seemed to be telling the truth that the death of the Ogri wasn't that much of a concern for him.

"And... what about other humans the vampire might have been studying?" I asked, looking uncertainly at my friend.

It was almost disturbing to think about how in the past I wouldn't have cared much about 'collateral damage' so long as the people I knew were safe- admittedly, I would have just not cared about it by not thinking about it unless someone brought it up-, but something about working with the Doctor encouraged you to think beyond yourself...

Besides, no matter how much of a mystery he might still be to me, I liked to think that I knew the Doctor well enough to see that what he had just been forced to do had really hurt him.

"He wouldn't have bothered taking more than one hostage at a time; keeping them alive would be too much of a hassle, and too many disappearances would draw too much attention to what he was doing," the Doctor explained. "He might have been trying to create a race of super-vampires, but until he'd achieved his goal he wouldn't want to let anyone else know that he was there by taking too many people captive at once, given that even a primitive culture like this could overwhelm him if they found him during daylight; trust me, there was nobody else in that base when we left."

"Good," I said, smiling at the Time Lord before another thought occurred to me about a potentially less awkward topic that I hadn't had the chance to ask about earlier. "When you... sensed... the vampire earlier... how did you do that? Know where he was, I mean?"

"I've encountered enough vampires over the years- plus, there was this whole thing that happened to me the last time I met one- to have a bit of a sensitivity for what they're doing when I'm looking for them," the Doctor explained, looking at me with a slight shrug. "With that in mind, it's relatively easy for me to cast a basic 'psychic net' to know when one's in the area; it's essentially similar to this old sense I used to get when I was in the vicinity of another Time Lord... like the 'shadow' version of that feeling, if you will."

"Ah," I said, nodding in simple understanding.

When the Doctor started to say anything that would refer to the other Time Lords, there was no sense in continuing that discussion any further; there was no reason for me to know more, so he wasn't going to talk about it.

"So," the Doctor said, looking at me with a somewhat pointed stare, clearly having come to the same conclusion as me that our original conversation was over, "you dated a vampire?"

"Well... for a few months, yeah," I said, nodding at him, now increasingly aware of what I'd had to reveal about my own past during this particular trip. "I met Edward when I first arrived in Forks, we started dating a month or so after that when he saved me from some muggers and I learned what he was, he helped to save me from another vampire who wanted to kill me, and..."

For a moment, I stood in silence- actually saying what I was about to say would somehow make it more real; I couldn't even remember whether I'd told Charlie about the Cullens leaving and Edward breaking up with me or if someone else had done it-, but in the end I finished my sentence. "And then, on my eighteenth birthday, his brother slipped up and tried to attack me after I suffered a papercut while unwrapping my presents, and he just... decided that it wasn't worth sticking around any more."

"Ah," the Doctor said, looking at me in a blank manner that could have meant any kind of reaction to the news he'd just heard, before he looked more pointedly at me. "When you said that you wanted to be with him forever... you meant that literally, didn't you?"

"Well... yes," I said, looking awkwardly at the Doctor, a slightly hostile tint to his expression that I'd never seen before as he stared at me, as though he'd suddenly evaluated his opinion of me and didn't like the result. "You... you don't like vampires, do you?"

"I could tolerate them if they were just trying to live; it's the way they want to kill or convert everyone else when I come across them that I object to," the Doctor clarified, sighing as he walked over to lean against a counter as he looked at me. "Vampirism has a tendency to warp even the best of minds; I once knew a vampire who tried to abstain from human blood by creating human clones as blank slates to feed on-"

"Hold on; clones as a food source?" I said, my uncertainty about how the Doctor would react to my confession forgotten in the face of this confusing news. "Why not just feed on animals? That's what the Cullens did..."

"Most of the vampires I've encountered have noted that animal blood is virtually tasteless in comparison to human blood; they probably could live on animal blood, but the taste contrast just means that most of them don't think it's worth the effort," the Doctor explained, although I did notice a slightly hopeful smile crossing his lips before he continued speaking. "Anyway, the point is that the vampire who set those experiments up had good intentions, but she was just trying the wrong way of dealing with them; she was too focused on the idea that a vampire has to prey on humans to consider, for example, the possibility of identifying what made human blood different from animal blood and working out a way to artificially synthesise the element that made the difference..."

He sighed as he looked over at the wall in front of him, lost in his memories even as he continued to speak. "And she wasn't even the worst of it; I once encountered a scientist who turned himself into a vampire as part of some scientific experiment he was carrying out- he was trying to synthesise the strengths of vampirism to create super-soldiers back in the First World War; the results were about what you'd expect-, and even if he was actually trying to contain the virus and avoid infecting others, his methods of tackling the problem were questionable at best; at one point he actually created multiple short-lived clones of me just so that he could guarantee access to my knowledge without the inconvenience of capturing me, letting the clones die of cellular degeneration and just making a new one with the memories of its predecessor each time the last one collapsed."

"Oh," I said, uncertain if there was anything else I could say in response to such disturbing information.

I'd always known that the Cullens were the exception to the general rule of what vampires would do, but I'd always just thought of other vampires as straightforward killers.

The idea of them deliberately creating life to feed on it...

"However," the Doctor said, looking at me with a slightly reassuring smile on his face, "I think I can trust that you wouldn't have dated Edward if he was killing people, right?"

"Of course not," I replied automatically; I might have been scared that Edward was capable of drinking from me, but I'd never assumed that he would drink from me.

"And he didn't choose to become a vampire because he... wanted the power or anything like that?" the Doctor continued.

"From what Edward told me, he didn't even ask to be turned; he was dying of the Spanish influenza and his mother's dying wish was that Carlisle- Esme's husband, although he wouldn't actually meet and turn Esme until after Edward- save Edward any way he could," I explained (I thought about and rejected the idea of discussing Edward's self-loathing issues regarding his vampiric nature; even if we'd broken up, there were some things that should just always remain private even if you didn't like the person you were talking about any more).

"Then you're ahead of me," the Doctor said, a smile on his face that I could only describe as reflectively morbid. "An old... well, I suppose you could call her a 'girlfriend', although it wasn't like that in any sense of the word that you'd recognise- actually let herself become a vampire because she thought that the founder of our society had deliberately become one as he recognised that they were the future and was just waiting around in his tomb for the moment when the undead ruled the cosmos."

"Oh," I said again, still stuck for anything more interesting that I could say in response to something like that (Somehow, the idea of the Doctor dating just seemed strange; I could accept the idea that he'd had other friends, even without the stories he'd told me in the past, but the concept of him doing anything that conventional seemed strange). "What happened to her?"

"I threw her out of the TARDIS while it was in flight," the Doctor replied grimly.

I wasn't sure what to say in response to that, so I decided not to say anything, simply sitting in silence as the two of us stood around the kitchen, stuck for anything else that we could or should say in this situation.

"Still," the Doctor said at last, clapping his hands together as he looked over at me, "the important thing is, we've preserved the timeline and stopped the vampire lords acquiring a race of virtually indestructible vampire/Ogri hybrids; all in all, not a bad day's work, wouldn't you agree?"

"Definitely not," I agreed, nodding in agreement at the Time Lord.

I wasn't going to fool myself by thinking that the Doctor was completely over this particular issue- he hadn't asked me if I still wanted to become a vampire even after Edward left me, and I wasn't about to bring it up when I didn't know the answer to that question either-, but we were at a good place right now, and there was no reason for either of us to bring up those issues, so we wouldn't.

"So..." I asked, smiling hopefully at him, "what now?"

"Definitely not," I agreed, smiling at him in return. "So... what now?"

"Keep on travelling, really," the Doctor said, smiling back at me as he headed for the door. "After that particular mess, I think we could both do with a nice, random trip, wouldn't you agree?"

AN: For those fans who want to know, the other vampire encounters the Doctor mentioned here took place in "Goth Opera", "Project: Twilight", "Project: Lazarus" and "Vampire Science"; feel free to look them up for more specific information if you want.

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