I was inspired by this weeks episode to write a fic with Mona and Emily. I felt for the first time the potential for this ship, and thought I would give it a go. I am taking it quite slow at first as I don't want any romance to seem rushed, so please stick with it and more will happen!

It was lunch time and Emily was sat in the cafeteria with her three best friends, all of them unusually quiet as they thought through the events of the previous week. Hanna played with the food on her plate as she let out a long sigh "If I think about 'A' for one more minute I actually think my head will explode' she moaned as she rubbed her temples.

"So then let's not!" Spencer replied. "For today 'A' is off the agenda… and so is Jason" she added with a roll of her eyes whilst she took a bite out of the apple she had been rolling around her palm for the last five minutes. There was silence again as all four girls tried to think of a topic of conversation.

Spencer learned forward towards Aria. "Have you heard from Ezra?" She asked with a small smile. Aria sighed the same way Hanna had, "I think we should put talk of Ezra off the agenda for a while too' the girl said dishearteningly earning an understanding smile from her friends. Emily's phone buzzed in her bag and all four girls felt the familiar feeling in their gut at the possibility of a text from 'A'. Emily pulled her phone out and smiled as she saw the name on the screen. She smiled again as she read the new message that appeared on her phone.

Mona: Gone with the wedges, it's about time swim meets saw a bit of glam ;) Good luck for later, I'll be there cheering you on.

The other girls' faces had relaxed as they saw the smile form on Emily's face. Hanna grinned at Aria and Spencer "Must be Maya, judging by the size of that smile. How are you two love birds doing these days?" Hanna winked in Emily's direction.

Emily felt her cheeks blush, but thankfully with her dark complexion she doubted anyone would be able to tell. She didn't know why getting a text like this from Mona was causing her to blush, but it was. "What?" she asked, faking confusion. "Oh no it's not Maya" she said, as casually as she could "It's Mona, she was just wishing me good luck in my swim meet later".

"Mona?" Hanna almost choked on her Pepsi "I didn't know Mona knew how to wish good luck" she joked. There was still confusion on her friends' faces so Emily elaborated.

"Mona is the reason that I was allowed back in the sharks, she pulled a few strings for me with Principal Tamborelli and got me back on the team."

"Wow" Spencer let out "Mona Vanderwall actually doing something nice!" she joked in the same way Hanna had. Emily didn't know why but she found herself feeling defensive of Mona. She knew that Mona didn't exactly have the best reputation with her friends but Emily had seen a different side to her that she liked. They had been texting a lot since Truth Up day and the two had a surprising amount in common.

"Yeah" Emily smiled "She's been great" Her three friends seemed satisfied with this response and continued to eat.

"Talking of great" Hanna began again, obviously over the Mona situation and moving back to her original question "You never answered my question, How're things with Maya?" Her eyebrows rose up as she spoke, in what Emily guessed was Hanna's attempt at a seductive face.

Emily thought about her girlfriend and her stomach dropped a little. She realised that her and Maya hadn't spoken properly in about a week despite the fact that they had said they loved each other just a few weeks ago. Maya had been busy with her band and her friends at her new school and Emily had understood, but she couldn't deny it had been hard when she wanted to see her girlfriend so much. However Emily didn't want to explain this to her friends right now so she just smiled and nodded. "Yeah, things are great" was all she said.

The bell rang saving her from having to answer any more questions, instead the four girls said goodbye and headed off to class in different directions giving Emily a chance to type a quick reply to Mona before her next class.

Emily: Thanks again Mona for helping me get back on the team. I'll keep an eye out for you at the meet and I agree, I think the Sharks will appreciate the glam ;)

Emily settled back into her usual seat in her French class, not paying attention to the list of verbs Miss Laurent was writing on the board. Instead she was thinking about her swim meet later that afternoon and, surprising herself with her thoughts, how excited she was to see Mona.


Emily pulled herself up from the water effortlessly, despite her body shaking in excitement. She had not only won but she had beaten her own personal record, and it felt wonderful. Before she could reach for her towel she was surrounded by her team mates who hugged her triumphantly not caring about how wet she was. "Way to go Emily" She heard one of them praise through the loud cheers of the crowd. She smiled as she remembered how good it felt to be part of a team again, her muscles ached but she didn't mind. She glanced up to the stands, looking casually for Mona but not finding her. She grabbed her towel and returned another hug to a waiting team mate. She glanced up to another section of the crowd and caught Mona's eyes, smiling at her. Mona's hair was curled and she had on, what Emily guessed, was freshly applied lip-gloss. 'She really was bringing glamour to swimming' Emily laughed in her head. Mona flashed a big white smile back to Emily and clapped again, mouthing 'well done' as she did. Emily turned back to her team and followed them into the changing rooms to dry off.

After she was showered and changed Emily came back out into the hall way, bumping into her coach as she did. "Well done Emily, you really have proven you deserve your spot back on the team" She complimented the swimmer.

"Thanks, it means so much to me to be back here" Emily replied truthfully.

"It means a lot to have you back. Now have a nice night! Celebrate!" the coach said to her, patting her gently on the shoulder before walking away.

"Emily! You were awesome" A familiar voice cheered at her from behind. She spun round on her heel to come face to face with Mona who's hands were clapping together lightly under her chin. "The other team didn't stand a chance the way you were swimming" she added with a grin.

"Well, you can't be a Shark if you're toothless" Emily laughed, repeating the words Mona had said to her last week. "I had to be aggressive in there" she added and both girls laughed.

"It must feel so good to be back in the water after all this time, there is nothing worse than not being able to do the one thing that you love" Mona said sympathetically, the look in her eyes made Emily feel like she understood exactly how Emily had felt when she wasn't able to swim. This was something she never really felt when she talked to her other friends about swimming, but Mona seemed to get it. Emily tried to think what Mona did that she was so passionate about, or what she wasn't able to do anymore, but she couldn't think, it made Emily realise she really knew nothing about the girl stood in front of her.

"Yeah it really does" Emily answered, her eyes trying to work Mona out. "It feels… amazing" She admitted.

Mona smiled at Emily, "I wish I could swim like that" she said "But I don't think I would look as good as you in a swim suit" she added smiling at Emily again, this time flashing more of her perfectly white teeth. Emily was aware that she was noticing things about Mona that she hadn't before, and this caught her off guard. She had always known Mona was pretty, of course she was. She wore nice clothes, had a good figure and a good complexion, all the guys in the school thought she was hot, but now Emily saw something more. Mona was beautiful, she had big bright eyes and perfect lips which Emily could feel herself staring at and quickly stopped, forcing her eyes back to Mona's . Emily felt embarrassed as she felt her cheeks going red again, hoping for the second time today that her dark complexion would save her. Emily thought back to what Mona had just said, was Mona flirting with her? What are you thinking Emily? She thought to herself. It's Mona, Hanna's friend, popular girl, Straight girl, MONA! Of course she wasn't, she was just being nice.

"Thanks" Emily laughed off Mona's compliment and returned a smile, deciding against disagreeing with her, even though Emily had no doubt Mona would look amazing in a swim suit.

"So where are the other girls?" Mona asked looking around "I thought they normally come to these things, are you guys not hanging out tonight?"

"Oh they were busy" Emily replied, wondering if she should ask if Mona was free tonight, it would be nice to spend some time with her outside of school. Emily opened her mouth to ask Mona if she fancied grabbing something to eat, but was interrupted by her own name being shouted.

"Em!" Spencer's voice called enthusiastically "heard you stole the show in there!" She nudged her friend triumphantly.

"Oh yeah she did!" Mona smiled. Spencer seemed to notice the other brunette for the first time and nodded in her direction.

"Mona" she said, in a voice that Emily knew was Spencer only pretending to be friendly. "Didn't know you went to swim meets"

"First time for everything" Mona replied, not as friendly as she normally spoke to Emily.

Spencer didn't reply, instead she turned her attention back to Emily.

"I spoke to Hanna and Aria and they both managed to re-arrange their plans so we can go out tonight and celebrate you getting back on the team. I booked a table for 8" she added with a smile.

"Thanks!" Emily smiled, touched by her friends changing their plans. Emily looked at Mona who was now stood uncomfortably staring at the floor. "Mona, are you free tonight? You should come to dinner with us?" Emily asked, hoping the other girl would say yes.

Mona smiled but Spencer made a little sound to Emily's right before Mona could answer. "Erm, I only booked a table for 4 people" Spencer said matter-of-factly.

"Well I'm sure we could ring and ask for one more seat" Emily said to Spencer, slightly annoyed at her friend's attitude.

Spencer looked back at Emily "I don't know, they seemed quite busy tonight"

Mona interrupted, "No, no it's okay, I just remembered I'm meeting my friend later anyway" Emily couldn't work out if Mona was lying or not, but she could sense the fact that the good mood she was in before was gone. "But you guys have a great time, and congrats on your win today Emily" She added with a smile before she turned and walked away.

"Thanks Mona!" Emily shouted after her, she wanted to say something else but she didn't know what so she stood and let Mona walk away, unsure of what these new found feelings meant.

"It's weird" Spencer interrupted Emily's thoughts.

"What is?" Emily asked.

"Mona, being friendly!" The taller girl answered with a laugh.

"Yeah" Emily laughed quietly "I guess it is" she added before she followed Spencer out of the school and towards the parking lot.

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