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Mona checked her watch again. 7:30. She paced up and down the entrance to the girls changing room regretting her decision to come to school early. She couldn't sleep that morning and she knew it had everything to do with the tall brunette she was meeting for coffee in half an hour.

Mona had always been jealous of Hanna's friendship with Aria, Spencer and Emily, for no other reason other than the fact she could see they all really cared about each other. However she knew more than anyone Emily cared for Hanna the most. Emily cared about everyone and Mona would always admit she was fascinated by Emily Fields.

When Emily came out Mona was so shocked she didn't think about anything else for days. She would hate to admit it, but she didn't think lesbians could be like Emily. She had always been taught that lesbians were ugly, feminist, man hating liberals and she had to admit, she used to believe it. But Emily was beautiful, not just regular good looking but make you lose your breath 'head-over-heels' good looking and Mona was fully aware of this. Emily being gay really affected Mona and she never really understood why.

Mona tried to clear her head as she walked up and down again still not wanting to accept the fact she may be thinking about Emily in some other way. She laughed at the thoughts that entered her head, of course she is good looking, but so what? I can appreciate how amazing she is without having feelings for her, can't I? Emily is a friend and even if I did have any feelings for her, even a little bit, it wouldn't matter because she has a girlfriend. Mona repeated these over and over, making herself believe. She checked her watch again and couldn't stand waiting anymore so she headed off to her favourite coffee stand that was located just down the street, knowing she would be back in time to meet Emily.

Just after 8 she met Emily in the court yard where she was already sat at a table waiting for Mona. When she saw the girl approach with two coffees in her hand she looked confused obviously expecting them both to go and pick up the coffee after they met.

Mona walked up to the table where Emily was sat with a smile "Now tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm usually quite good at reading people's coffee preferences so I sort of just went with my instincts and guessed you would like this" She placed a tall take away coffee cup in front of Emily proudly. "It's a double shot vanilla latte… with whip" she added with a wink. Emily just smiled at the girl in front of her. Mona could feel herself become nervous all of a sudden and put her drink down too "But if you don't like it that's totally cool, I mean you might like what I got? Oh god I probably should have asked you first what you liked before I just went and bought it shouldn't I? Mona could feel herself rambling and suddenly felt stupid for picking Emily's coffee for her, but Emily was still smiling.

"What?" Mona asked, unsure what the smile meant.

"That's like my favourite drink" Emily said with a laugh. Mona hoped Emily wasn't just lying so as not to make her feel awkward, but she had a feeling she was telling the truth when she sniffed the coffee with a smile.

"That's a good skill you have there" Emily added, her lips coming together to take a cautious sip of the hot liquid. Why am I staring at her lips! Mona spoke to herself, trying to force her eyes away from Emily's perfectly shaped lips. I should totally not be staring at Emily Fields' lips in this way…even if they are perfect. She shook the thoughts away and smiled at Emily.

"How are you anyway?" Mona asked settling herself down in the seat opposite Emily. "How is it living at Hanna's still? I bet it gets a bit intense at times? I totally don't know if I could do it, someone there all the time especially when you have a… when you are with someone, how are things with Maya anyway? I heard you two got back together?" Mona realised she had asked too many questions at once, but she couldn't seem to keep her cool this morning.

"Sorry" she added with a laugh. "Question overload"

Emily laughed too, but it was a soft laugh and she smiled at Mona like she could tell she was nervous, and this made Mona more nervous.

"It's okay" Emily spoke softly. "Well, in answer to your first question, I am okay but will be better after this wonderful vanilla latte. Secondly, yeah the whole 'every night is a sleepover' thing got old about a month ago, but Hanna is great, I can't really complain." Emily took another sip of her coffee after she spoke.

"And Maya?" Mona asked, mentioning the girls name casually.

Emily's face changed slightly and she seemed to be thinking hard, as if she was deciding what answer to give Mona.

"Honestly?" Emily said quietly. "I really don't know we haven't spoken much recently" she seemed to be quite emotional as she spoke. Mona felt slightly uncomfortable about asking Emily this question. It seemed like Emily had suddenly regretted what she had just said. "But, it's really nothing; you don't want to hear about all that! How are you anyway?" Emily was obviously trying to change the subject, but Mona wanted her to know it was okay to speak to her about this.

"It's okay, you can tell me about it" Mona said sincerely, instinctively reaching her hand out across the table to touch Emily's supportively. She drew it back quickly as she felt the tingle in her fingers at the contact with Emily's smooth hands, something she definitely wasn't expecting.

Emily noticed Mona's reaction and she looked at the other girl as if she was trying to work her out.

"Well to be honest I don't really know how to explain, she just seems to be so distant these days, like I'm not that important to her anymore. I guess I just feel like I'm losing her" Emily admitted.

Mona had a feeling that this was the first time Emily had spoken about this and she was surprised at her openness with her.

"Well" Mona began with an understanding smile. "I don't know a lot about relationships" She thought back to her relationship with Noel and shivered slightly, not wanting to think about her ex and the fact he was now dating an equally cruel and suspicious Jenna. "But what I do know is that communication is key" she felt like she was reading straight out of a couple's guidance brochure but she carried on anyway. "You have to make her talk to you about what you're feeling, because it won't fix itself on its own."

She got a small smile out of Emily then. "Which brochure did you get that out of?" she joked to the other girl, Mona laughed at the fact that Emily had the exact same thought as herself.

"My parents are big on therapy!" Mona emphasised her eyes opening wide, causing Emily to laugh again.

"You're right though" Emily said, going back to the advice. "I guess I sort of just hoped she would work it out on her own, without me having to tell her."

"Yeah, she should be able to" Mona smiled. "I'm sure she'll realise how bad she's being when she sees it's affecting you, and I'm sure she'll change so she doesn't lose you. She would be crazy not to." Mona hadn't meant to say the last bit out loud and she suddenly felt embarrassed again, but she didn't know if Emily had noticed. "Because, I mean your relationship is really good… you know?" Mona added, trying to hide any flirting she was subconsciously doing.

Emily didn't seem to notice, or so Mona hoped.

"Thanks" she said with a small smile. She took another sip of her coffee and asked Mona again how she was.

Mona found the chat with Emily easy, the two spoke about school and music and their friends' complicated relationships. Emily actually listened to Mona when she spoke about the amazing shoes she had found on sale in the mall last week, despite Mona apologising afterwards about her obsession with shopping. Emily didn't seem to mind, she told Mona she was used to it with Hanna and actually secretly wished she had her wardrobe.

Before Mona realised the time Emily started putting her phone back in her bag and stood up from the table.

"I guess we better get to class" Emily said, a smile still firmly on her face.

"Oh yeah" Mona said looking at her watch just before the bell rang signalling the start of school.

"It was nice having coffee with you Mona" Emily said as Mona stood up from the table too.

"I hope we can do it again sometime?" Mona replied, returning Emily's enthusiastic smile. She wanted to reach out and give the girl a hug, like she did with all her other female friends but for some reason she couldn't. Emily was wearing a casual t-shirt and tight dark jeans that really complimented her figure, a figure that Mona was fully aware of for the first time. The thought of being close to that, or close enough to catch a smell of her long brown hair made Mona feel dizzy. I should not be having these thoughts about Emily Fields. She repeated over and over again in her head, but failing to stop the thoughts from surfacing.

"Yeah definitely" Emily flashed another white smile her way.

Mona waved awkwardly as she walked off in the opposite direction to Emily, leaving with a strange feeling in her chest and her mind full of something that was becoming more and more familiar each day. Emily Fields.

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