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Author's Note : Okay, don't ask me where this idea came from, but I had to write it down so I could get some sleep before work ;) Tis an odd idea, but eh, what the heck.


Chapter One : Small Blessings

The voice had been with her since that awful day, supportive in dark moments and jubilant when joy befell her. It wasn't like the curse that Carol Danvers had been, no, this time it was far different. A dying wish for a friend as fear of death took hold. A young life stolen in her prime, while experiences beyond her years, the life she lived had been short. In the end, they found Rogue clutching the still form of Jubilation Lee, sobs shaking her invulnerable body.

Jubilee had made her way to visit with friends of old, seeking out Storms team of Mutants as she still sought to find her place in the world. Rogue had gladly accepted the task of meeting Jubilee at the small airport where the chartered jet was to land. Waiting out on the runway in a silk shirt, jacket and jeans, she looked like any other friend waiting for the arrival from a old friend. The plane came in low, too low she realized. A burst of sonic speed and she was under the nose, guiding the plane in to the runway. With the plane having touched down, she flew to the door and ripped it from its hinge, only to be encompassed in billowing smoke.

Forcing past the smoke, she made her way into the wrecked interior, finding what looked to be the results of an explosion. Fear welled in her chest as she made her way past the bodies, until she found the prone form of Jubilee huddled in a corner, bloodied and scared.

"Roguey?" Jubilee questioned weakly.

Rogue was to her side within a heartbeat, cradling her close and rocking her gently. "Ah'm here sugah." Rogue whispered.

"I'm dying Rogue." Jubilee coughed out, a trickle of blood trailing down her chin.

"No your not sugah, the paramedics will be here soon." Rogue instisted with steeled determination in her voice.

"I'm dying Rogue, getting cold, slipping away..." Jubilee coughed out once more, pausing to take in a ragged breath. "I'm scared."

"Ah'm here for ya Sugah, just hold on a bit longer. Ah can hear the paramedics." Rogue pleaded as tears filled her eyes.

Jubilee looked up weakly, the sparkle in her sapphire eyes fading. Ever so slowly Jubilee reached up and poised her hand next to Rogue's cheek, her eyes containing a pleading look as the fire of life faded. Rogue suddenly realized that Jubilee wouldn't make it, but she didn't want her death to be in vain. Ever so carefully, Rogue brushed her cheek against Jubilee's hand in an affectionate jesture, the life force slowly being leeched from Jubilee as a tiny smile fell over her face. As Jubilee took her last breath, Rogue felt a tingle in the back of her mind, as a new mind settled in. A distant and weak 'Thank you' whispered in Rogue's mind, and at that the tears and wails of pain rang out as Rogue pulled Jubilee's dead body to her own.

That had been nine months ago, and Rogue now found herself crying out in pain once more, though not from the loss of life, but from the birth of life. A mystery to this day, shortly after Jubilee's death, Rogue found herself to be with child. Controversy rang through the X world at the news, yet Rogue and Remy let it wash over them like water from a ducks back. Rogue was going to be a mother, and Remy a daddy, and that's all they cared about. Shortly after the revelation of her pregnancy, Remy proposed to Rogue, and not even a month later she was now the proud Mrs. Remy LeBeau.

With another cry of pain, she pushed and clenched down on the hands of those whom were able to give their support to the new mother, a mother possessing Super Strength and Invulnerability. Monet held one hand, her own nigh invulnerability protecting her, while Paige had husked to a form that would not have her hand crushed. Remy stood off in a corner, video taping, while the doctor, a friend of Hanks, worked at delivering the baby.

"Just one more push!" The doctor cried out, amazed that the baby hadn't been aborted yet by the strange physiology of the mother.

"Ah am pushing!" Rogue cried out as she gave one last push, screaming out in pain that she had never before experienced.

As her own scream drifted off into silence, a new scream rang out. The doctor exclaimed with joy that it was a girl, and with that the parents gave the child the name they had held dear to their hearts since the miracle happened those nine months ago. Jubiliation. After the doctor cut the cord and wrapped the baby in a blanket, he handed her to the exhausted mother. As Rogue looked down to the child, a gasp of shock escaped her. Probing her mind for the presence of Jubilee, she could not feel her nor call her. Giving another look to her baby, she stared in awe at the Asian features, but even more so, the sapphire blue eyes which looked up to her affectionatly, amazing in the fact that they had opened mere moments after birth.

As Paige and Monet looked to the child, gasps escaped their own lips, causing the father by marriage to draw closer. As he looked to the child in his loving wife's arms, he too let out a shocked gasp.

"Merde..." Remy whispered.