A Good Liar

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After a rainy day, pale sunrays lightened Mansfield Road in the late afternoon. The quiet avenues along the Thames seemed to come alive as flashes of blue appeared in the gray cover of the London sky.

Sitting in her study, Bella looked down at her thesis' inscription. Edward entered the room; silently, he went beside her and circled her shoulders.

"Whenever you're ready, everyone is eager to begin," he told her quietly.

A soft smile appeared on her face. Alice had insisted on organizing a party to celebrate Bella's graduation, even if it was just a family gathering. As Edward saw the open book on Bella's desk, he wrapped her in an embrace.

He read her dedication:

To my parents, who gave me life out of love.

To my husband, whose love makes every day worthy and precious.

"I wish Renée and Charlie could be here with us today," she murmured against his chest.

"I see, love. But even if they don't know what you've done, they know they're the parents of a wonderful woman."

Both their minds went back to the night that, six years before, had severed Bella's ties with her family and her human friends.

When she had awakened after her change, she had easily recalled the accident that claimed her life. With those images, the memory of what she had thought in that moment of choice had come back to her. In order to save Claire, Bella had been ready to face true death, not just the three days' fire which would grant her eternal life with her beloved. She was going to sacrifice not only her mortal life, but her immortal one with Edward as well. Will he understand? she had asked herself in her agony.

But Edward wasn't the only one whose world had changed because of Bella's accident. When the time had come to tell her about the consequences it had brought, and that she was believed dead, for a moment the Cullens had been worried that she would lose her control. But Edward hadn't faltered. He had soothed her and prevented her from slipping in a dark hole of pain.

He had talked to her about Claire – the little girl who still had a life and would become a woman only thanks to Bella's sacrifice. He had reassured her about Charlie–reminding her how, as her parent and as a man whose life's work was to protect and serve, he would understand how she could have wanted to give her own life to save a child.

As time passed, the pain over the loss of their daughter didn't leave Charlie and Renée, but didn't prevent them from moving on with their lives. Just after her change, Edward had promised Bella that time would help them all. After six years, it hadn't proven to be a lie.

Bella recalled a Latin motto that had caught her attention during a lecture. Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. Everything changes, nothing perishes. Oddly enough, it was from a book called Metamorphoses.

The shy, lonely girl she had been had turned into a brave, passionate woman.

The daughter who hadn't experienced living in a close-knitted family was now part of a large, supportive family.

Through the books she had enjoyed, she had dreamed to find a love as pure and strong as the one her beloved characters enjoyed in their stories. That love wasn't an abstract idea or a dream for her anymore: it had been brought to life by Edward – her husband, her soulmate, the man she would spend forever with.

"I'm ready," she told him. Bella's topaz eyes shone as she smiled, and Edward thought he had never seen any jewel more beautiful and precious.

- The End -

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