Playing Games

Hey guys! This is my first ever fanfiction so as much constructive criticism, advice and any ideas at all that you have would be much appreciated.

This is set during episode eight during the Circle's truth or dare, but my way. There are a few instances where I use lines from the TV show, but just because Faye seems to get the best lines in the show. This is maybe a one-shot or a multiple-chapter story, depending on how many reviews I get (hint, hint).

Disclaimer: Let's put it this way - if I owned the characters, books or show, Nick would be alive, Jake wouldn't know the meaning of a shirt and Adam would be a pile of miserable ashes floating down the Mississippi river.

Faye POV

The boys have fixed the generator so we can at least have some form of heat and light in this deserted house. Meanwhile, Diana and Cassie search for blankets, matches and torches. My job: find the booze. It isn't particularly strenuous, as I know that my grandpa's key to the liquor cabinet is under the vase on the mantelpiece. In it is the biggest assortment of wine, beer, cider, liquor and pretty much any and all alcoholic drinks I've seen since Adam's father's stash behind the utility room.

As I bring out the glasses, the group come into the room, one by one to sit in front of the fire, Adam and Jake both trying to keep in close proximity of Cassie, all the while, glaring daggers at each other. Diana keeps glancing at Adam, that wounded-puppy look in her eyes. It's starting to depress me now.

"So," I begin as they sit themselves down. "How exactly do you plan on spending tonight?"

Diana immediately goes into take-charge mode. "How about Scrabble? I'm sure I saw a bunch of board games upstairs."

I fake-gag. "What are you, three? I mean something fun, unless you want to get wasted, which by the way, I'm totally up for," I say, holding up the bottle of Chardonnay.

Diana is about to open her mouth when Adam answers for her. "Diana's not a drinker, so no thanks."

I roll my eyes dramatically. I hate how he does that. On one hand he and Diana are broken up but he still has a possessive way about him as if they're still together. I look to Cassie.

"Any ideas, Blondie?" I sneer.

"None, but I'm fine with anything," she says, with that fake-innocent look. Hah! I bet you she's the one who ends up the most screwed up and disturbed of all of us. And taking into account just how screwed-up we are, that's saying something. I turn my gaze to Jake, sitting on the couch in that leather jacket, looking into the fire, his brow furrowed in concentration.

"Jake? What do you think?" I say to snap him out of his trance. It's a pain, really - ever since he's come back to Chance Harbor, he hasn't paid any attention to me.

"Oh, me?" he replies in the I'm-too-cool-to-care tone that by now, he must have mastered to perfection. "I don't know. How about... truth or dare?"

I can feel my eyes gleam with all of the possibilities running through my head.

"Seriously?" Adam interjects. "That's a sleepover game for eleven year old girls at slumber parties."

"I think it's a good idea," counters Diana. "Truth or dare sounds like fun. We could get to know each other better and ease some of the... tension... in the Circle."

I smile, as the last part an obvious reference to Jake and Adam's loathing of each other and my less than wonderful exchanges with Cassie and the unofficial leader, Diana.

"So, me first," I say. "Diana, you're up. Truth or dare?"

"I pick... Dare," she replies.

I think for a moment before answering before I come up with the best idea. "I dare you to switch clothes with Adam for the rest of the night."

The fake-smile on Diana's face quickly morphs into a look of horror as she turns to Adam, who is shaking his head.

"Absolutely not," they say in unison.

"It's not fair," protests Adam.

"It's not 'Truth or Fair', it's 'Truth or Dare'. Are you playing or not?" I smirk.

Adam and Diana exchange a despairing look before Diana sighs, gets up, and leads Adam to the bathroom to change. It's a good five minutes before they come out again, and we laugh so hard it feels like my side is going to split, practically breaking a rib from laughing so hard. Cassie and I are laughing until tears start blurring our vision; even Jake is half-smiling.

Adam and Diana shuffle in awkwardly. Adam is in Diana's skinny jeans which barely reach his mid-calves, and it's obvious that her spaghetti-strap blouse is seriously constraining his upper respiratory system. He is hobbling along in her pumps, a look of rage plastered on his face.

Diana, meanwhile, is laughing as she sits back down in her place, he form swamped in Adams's baggy jeans and T-shirt. It's probably not the first time she's worn his clothes, after all…

"Who's next?" Cassie asks, still laughing hysterically.

"My turn," says Diana. "Faye, are you choosing truth or dare?"

I sip my drink. "Truth," I reply.

"Hmm... How about... How many guys have you slept with?"

I roll my eyes. Seriously, other people's personal lives are all they seem to care about. I know we're bound to each other by the stupid circle, but that doesn't mean we have to tell everyone our personal information. It's not like I signed up to this life, putting my signature on an invisible contract binding me to disclosing all of me deep, dark secrets to this lot.

"Come on, Faye, you've got to answer..." Diana chides.

"Fine," I say curtly. "Two." I let that sink in as I gulp the remainder of the glass, pour another and see the looks on their faces. "Well, I guess I'm not such a super-slut as you all seem to think," I say.

There is an awkward silence before Adam pipes up. "Me next, I guess. I pick dare."

"Okay," I say, none too happy about lingering on the subject of my sex life. "I dare you to… go to the kitchen, open the freezer and put five ice cubes down your pants."

His jaw drops, eyes widen and I could swear he is pouting, just a little bit. He slowly gets up and leaves the room. The sound of painful counting can be heard, as well as our laughter, before a very angry Adam walks back in, still in Diana's clothes but now with the added bonus of five, freezing ice cubes shoved down his ex's skinny jeans.

"Happy?" he says through a clenched jaw. "Have you put me through enough misery?"

"No, not nearly enough," Jake says. It's the first time he's spoken all night, and we all seem a bit surprised. I was half expecting him to play mute until we return to Chance Harbor in the morning. Meanwhile, Adam is looking furious. You can almost see the hate being transmitted across the room. Honestly. Macho male tension is getting incredibly boring.

"At any rate, Cassie's up next," Diana interrupts the awkward silence. "Truth or dare?"

Cassie wrinkles her nose in concentration before she answers. "Dare," she says finally. "Always more fun," she adds, smiling at Adam.

Diana sees the look, and quickly decides upon Cassie's dare. "Kiss Jake," she says simply. It's the first time I've ever seen her do something mean to Adam, even slightly manipulative. Not that I'm ecstatic about Cassie lip-locking with my ex. Who does she think she is, the little blonde home-wrecking machine? I can feel anger race through me just as fast as I can see Cassie's look of surprise and Adam's look of irritation.

Cassie raises her eyebrows and makes her way to the small couch on which Jake is sitting. She sits down, ready to plant one on his lips, when he turns his face to the side, directing the kiss on to his cheek.

Cassie looks surprised, and slightly hurt. The rejection of a peck on the lips must hurt, even though it's coming from the 'bad boy'. But I should know that being turned down by a player is a bit much. However, I can't help but feel happy that he refused her. Maybe he's not interested in that little minx after all.

Cassie sits back down, still looking surprised. We resume the game. It's Jake's turn next.

"Truth or dare," Adam seethes.

"Truth," Adam replies.

Adam looks at Cassie, then Diana, then back at Cassie.

"Why did you turn your head when Cassie kissed you?" he asks. Diana looks hurt. I roll my eyes. I seem to be doing this a lot lately. I mean, these guys are so stupid, fighting over Cassie. What do they see in her, anyway? Is there something about a layered, long, blonde 'do that is a magnetic field, attracting all guys within a fifty-mile radius? I scan the room, exasperated, but still just a bit curious to hear Jake's answer, and Cassie's reaction.

Jake looks uncomfortable, looking anywhere except at Cassie, gazing at the fireplace, almost like he's willing it to go out. "Well, you know, I think that..." He searches desperately for an excuse. Then, the fire goes out. "...oh, would you look at that? I should probably go get some more firewood," he rambles haphazardly. He gets up and leaves the room as fast as he can without it looking like he's running. Running from Cassie, and why he didn't kiss her.

Four pairs of eyes follow him as he leaves the room, Adam's furious, Diana's satisfied, Cassie's injured and mine… Mine, very amused.

Now it's getting interesting.

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