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"You did well at battle training Dovepaw. I'm proud of you. I'm surprised that you were able to fend off Toadstep for so long," I praised my apprentice as we walked back to camp after the long day of training.

"It's easier because I'm smaller and faster, and Toadstep was a little clumsy since he hasn't practiced his moves recently," Dovepaw beamed at my compliments.

"Now you can go ahead and eat, and then get a good night's rest for the Gathering tomorrow," I told her, and Dovepaw nodded furiously before speeding off to join her sister Ivypaw by the fresh-kill pile. I followed her to the pile, grabbed a grey squirrel, and then retreated to sit under Highledge to eat my meal.

"How did training go today? I would have gone with you guys but Brambleclaw insisted that Ivypaw needs to work on her hunting more since she nearly failed her last assessment," Cinderheart padded up to me and sat down beside me, her tailtip brushing up and down my flank.

"It went really well, Dovepaw is moving along quite nicely. I wouldn't doubt that she'll become a warrior within two moons or so," I praised my apprentice, and Cinderheart nodded as she took a bite out of my squirrel.

"We've hardly had any alone time since we got apprentices," Cinderheart gazed up at me with amber eyes and then an abrupt scent hint my nose and I grinned a little.

"I don't know…it's getting dark and I'm kind of tired," I turned down her offer, and even though the scents waving off of her were intriguing I wasn't really in the mood.

"Oh come on big guy, you know you want to," she smirked sexily up at me, but once again I told her that I was tired and then retreated to the warriors' den. I could tell by the look on her face that she was disappointed, but it was only because she herself was feeling so horny. I curled up in my nest in the warriors' den, and noticed that Cinderheart had not followed me and laid down in the nest beside my own. But that didn't matter, for I asleep almost instantly anyways.

I had an interesting dream that night. I dreamt that I was running through the woods, but chasing after what I was unsure. I just kept running. Then I saw a dark gray fluffy tail flash in front of me, and I realized that I was chasing Cinderheart. I put a little more effort into it then, and took a lunge as I landed on top of her and we rolled down a grassy slope. We collapsed at the bottom, both laughing like kittens when the scene turned suddenly intimate.

Cinderheart rolled over onto her stomach and raised her cute, little ass in the air. I wasn't about to answer no in this scenario. She was practically begging for me as she wiggled her hips back and forth. Without even waiting until I was fully hard I clambered on top, grabbed her scruff in my mouth, and slammed into her as hard as possible. And oh lord, it felt good. I'd had sex with cats before in my dreams, but it never really felt all that realistic. But here and now, oh Starclan it was amazing. I didn't even bother thrusting anymore for she was slamming her hips against mine, and I could feel her wet cunt all over my cock. Then the sensation turned a little strange, and I swear I felt a tongue tip dart across my cock when it was rammed up in her pussy.

Then I felt a tongue lick its way up the side, and I got a little scared.

"I love the way your cock tastes," Cinderheart whispered so softly I could barely hear it, and now I was somewhat turned off because I was so confused.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at her, and then suddenly she hurtled away from me, leaving me standing there with a halfway-ready-to-cum cock.

Then in a flash my eyes popped open, and I found myself on my back staring upright at the bramble ceiling of the den. Then I let out a small gasp when I felt a hot mouth and throat around my cock. I lifted my neck up and saw amber eyes flit up at me, and a small pop as she let go of my dick.

"Be quiet, or you'll wake the others," she breathed as she slid back down again and I had to bite down on my lip to keep in my groan. I looked around and saw all of the other warriors sleeping around us, their nostrils flaring with breath and their flanks rising and falling at steady rhythms.

Then my attention was brought back to Cinderheart as she tugged and pulled and sucked on my cock like a pro. No wonder my dream had been odd; it was because I was feeling Cinderheart's mouth in real life even when in my dream I was fucking her.

I felt myself getting close, and I looked up to give her a warning but instead she just sucked hard on the head of my cock as I let out a small groan and came hard into her mouth. I thrusted upward as I pumped my seed into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it all. Once we were done her eyes glinted with satisfaction as she clambered off of me and licked her lips before curling up in her nest again. I did the same as well, and fell asleep curious on what Cinderheart was planning to do next…

I could feel the anticipation buzzing in the air as the clan walked down to the Gathering Island. We had recently had some border skirmishes with Windclan, and Firestar was anxious about whether they would bring it up or not. He certainly wouldn't, but he didn't want any disruptions at the Gathering since they were meant to be peaceful but it never seemed to turn out that way.

"I bet you're excited to see Tigerheart aren't you," I heard Ivypaw taunt her sister from behind me, but I pretended that I didn't hear her. Not many cats in the clan knew that Dovepaw was secretly meeting a Shadowclan warrior Tigerheart in the night, and I doubted that any of them would approve of the relationship. I certainly didn't, but it was nowhere for me to put my nose in.

Frost clung to the fallen tree as I rushed across it from the bitter leaffall night. I took in the scents around me and realized that only us and Riverclan were here as of now. I headed towards the knotted tree and sat off to the side of it. Cinderheart soon sat down beside me and began shivering as she pressed her pelt against mine.

"Why is it so cold?" she hissed through chattering teeth.

"Because it's getting close to leafbare," I responded.

Cinderheart just nodded and I pressed myself closer to her, trying to keep her warm.

Soon Shadowclan and Windclan arrived, and cats of all shapes and sizes were surrounding us. I heard Leopardstar began to drone on about her clan, when I noticed Cinderheart wriggling around on the grass, as though scratching her behind.

"What are you doing?" I hissed quietly.

"I'm so damn horny. I'm still in heat and all of these toms around me is just turning me on so much. I needed some friction," she whispered back to me, and I felt my cock abruptly harden.

"Meet me in the woods right behind us in a minute," I whispered in her ear before getting up and walking away and into the bushes along the shore of the island. I could hear Leopardstar still droning on in the distance, and I sat down on the shore. A moment later I heard rustling and a curious Cinderheart appeared.

"What are we doing here? The Gathering is-" her words were cut off as I let out a lustful growl and lunged towards her.

"You are now my whore. Got that?" she nodded furiously," You will do exactly as I say."
And with that I grasped onto her scruff and slammed into her. She nearly let out a scream but I managed to shove a golden paw in her mouth.

"You don't know how much your moans turn me on. But we can't risk any cats hearing us," I hissed as I thrusted in and out of her tight pussy.

I felt the vibrations on my paw as she moaned, but I didn't hear it. Not much time passed before suddenly I felt convulsions on my cock as Cinderheart held back a scream and came. Her cunt got abruptly wetter, and the sloshing sounds continued as I pounded into her.

"You are my bitch. Do you like taking my dick? Huh? You like taking my hard cock in your tight pussy?" I snarled.

Cinderheart spat out my paw and groaned," Oh hell yes. Fuck me Lionblaze."

I happily obliged, and with a few more slams I let out a groan and came right inside of her. She let out a sigh of contentment will I growled and swirled my cock inside of her a little before pulling out. Globs of mixed cum dripped down her hind legs and onto the forest floor, and I eagerly began cleaning her hindquarters. Afterwards she quickly sucked on my cock until it was squeaky clean.

"I love you," I murmured into her ear as we entwined tails and headed back to the now ending Gathering.

"They're beautiful," I could see Cinderheart's eyes glistening as we both stared down at the three little kits squirming at her belly.

I could easily remember the Gathering night that had created these three amazing children. Two were toms, and one a she-cat. One tom was a brown tabby, the other a dark gray, and the she-cat was a pale gray flecked with white.

"I think we should name the brown one Treekit," Cinderheart stated, and I could tell by the glint in her eye that she had a reason for naming him Treekit. This was from the tree at the Gathering that the leaders sat at.

"What about we name our other tom Nightkit?" I returned the glance, and she smirked a little in recognition.

"And our daughter should be named Shellkit," she concluded. I was confused about this one for a moment, but then realized it was because shells could be found on the shore, and we had fucked on the shore of the Gathering Island.

"I love you all," I purred, and then closed my eyes in the pure bliss of the moment.

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