Megumi awoke feeling an odd warmth beneath her. Her right shoulder screamed at her to move, for it was numb and tingling. Underneath her she saw, and felt, a warm chest rise and fall beneath her. It was a quick reminder that she wasn't alone. Pulling herself up she saw Takeda's form appear as if from a fog. The memory of the night before crashed on her. It suddenly became hard to breathe.

As she removed herself from the man that held her through the night, he stirred. Megumi's heart seemed to stop in her chest. She wasn't sure how she would approach today. Things had changed overnight. Suddenly everything was much more serious than before. She stared at the sleepy violet eyes that were under her and she was filled with a sense of more. Her entire life hadn't felt so small until now.

"Morning." Takeda's rough voice said through the silence. Megumi felt herself smiling at his voice. "Good morning." She told him, sleep still straining her vocal cords. He tenderly stretched up and kissed her lightly. That one act alone made her heart thump hard in her chest, as the butterflies in her stomach threatened to escape out of her mouth.

Feeling his hard body beneath hers suddenly made her mouth go dry. She wasn't sure if it was the confession of monogamy or the utter expression of honesty, but she wanted him. Megumi wanted Takeda badly. Parts of her that had lain utterly dormant before screamed for attention and she couldn't control the sudden intake of breath that befell her.

"Are you alright?" Takeda asked her with concern. If he only knew what he was asking, Megumi thought to herself. It was all too real for her at this moment. "Ye…Yes." She stuttered out. "I need to go take a shower before we have to go to school." Megumi told him shortly. Takeda frowned slightly before replying with a short, "Alright".

Escaping quickly into the confines of her stone shower, Megumi felt at war with herself. Obviously her body was telling her one thing, yet her mind was saying the opposite. The imminent question was which to follow?

As the water cascaded over her body, her mind raced. She felt closer to Takeda than she had any other man in her life. Yet, the amount of time that they had been in contact worried her. She didn't want to be a stupid statistic that fell for the first boy that paid her attention. 'He isn't the first though.' Her mind argued.

Sure she had male admirers from her modeling work, not to mention her brief encounter with her now deceased fiancé, but that surely didn't count. Takeda was the first to look past her faults and mistakes and take her as she was. He regarded as a person and that made her feel important. It made her feel like she mattered. This feeling was a far cry from anything she had felt since her parent's passing. Even through all of this, her logical mind reasoned with her that she only felt this way because of the previous reasons. It made her war with herself.

Toweling herself off, Megumi came to a reasonable agreement with herself, "I won't do anything with Takeda that I'll ever regret." She said to the mirror. The statement made sense in her head, but she still felt a tugging at the back of her mind. How would she know if she'd regret it unless she did it? Shaking her head, Megumi pulled on the long, silk robe that hung in her bathroom. Piling her hair into a messy bun on top of her head she walked out to a sight that made her heart melt and her blood race.

Takeda was in her kitchen, cooking breakfast, while not-so-sneakily feeding her dog pieces of bacon. He caught sight of her and immediately had to hold onto the counter. There she was, only in a scant piece of silk, her hair a beautiful mess, and looking at him like he was the most desirable guy on the planet. It made it hard for him to think. He had to say something so the thought of her naked, underneath him would stop playing in his mind. Quickly gaining his boyish smirk he told her "I decided that since you let me stay over, the least I could was make you breakfast". Megumi couldn't help but giggle. "Well that is a most chivalrous thing", she told him, walking slowly to the bar of the kitchen.

Sitting on one of the stools, Megumi saw that he had already prepared her a plate. Tentatively, she picked up her utensils and began to eat the meal he had made her. "I'm kind of shocked." She told him after the first couple of bites. Takeda chuckled and met her gaze. "Why is that?" He asked her. "This is the first time a boy has ever cooked me anything and I have to admit that it isn't half bad." She replied with a sweet smile. Blushing slightly, Takeda gave her a sheepish smile. "Well, I do live by myself. A growing boy can't live on fast food alone." Megumi felt a smile tug at her lips. "Well my good sir, I think that you have been doing a pretty grand job of staying alive".

The conversation between the two continued, physically strained, but pleasant. It was unnaturally natural, this interaction between the two of them. Finally Megumi stood up and excused herself. "I really need to go get ready for school. I'm sorry that I didn't get your uniform clean. Do I need to have the driver off at your place before school?" She asked him. Takeda looked at her oddly. "That's alright. I'll just wear my uniform as it is. It really isn't that bad. Do you have a dryer?" He asked her. She nodded and pointed to a cabinet that was mostly concealed by the shutter doors that encased it. "I'll be fine then." He told her, waving her on to finish her morning routine.

Leaving Takeda made Megumi feel guilty, yet her reasonable mind told her that it was only for a bit. She got ready for school at an accelerated rate. This meant skipping out on her usual routine. Her eyeliner and hair were the only features that ended up getting made up. Even those were done haphazardly. Rushing out of her room, Megumi almost ran into Takeda, who was standing relaxed in her hallway, Gage lazing against his leg lazily. She glared at her dog. "Traitor." She said to the fluff ball. As if he understood her, the huge white canine hung his head and slinked off towards her room.

"That wasn't fair. We had some pretty intense bonding while you were primping." Takeda teased. Megumi gave him a playful glare. "You better be careful mister, you just might be walking to school." Seizing the chance, Takeda gave her a playful kiss. As soon as his lips hit hers the chemistry hit and the once quick kiss became much more. Her hands went to his shoulders and his went to her hips, pulling her close. As Megumi ran her hand into the base of his scalp, Takeda pulled back slightly panting. "I swear if we don't leave now, we aren't going to." A flush ran onto her face. "I guess we should go then. Neither of us can really afford to miss right now."

They both got onto the elevator to go down to the car that would take them to school. It was an obvious effort for each to keep their hands to themselves. 'Why am I like this with him?' Megumi asked herself. If only she knew that Takeda was having a similar was with himself. His body felt on fire since their kiss. At the moment all he could think of was pushing her up against the wall and taking her right there. His sense of honor and respect for her was the only thing keeping him from doing just that. There was some kind of switch that was flipped for both of them and a very, very thin line kept them from tearing the clothes of the other.

Once in the car, where they were both forced to be right next to each other, the need to be closer pushed at each of them. Megumi had to divert her gaze from the gorgeous specimen of a man next to her in order to control her animalistic urges. She wasn't sure what it was about Takeda, but he seemed to bring out the more rough side of her. She'd been through more than one S&M themed shoot in her modeling career, but the thought of doing some of the things she'd posed for had never crossed her mind until now. Being underneath Takeda, completely restrained seemed extremely alluring. Having him restrained also was quite the turn on as well. Suddenly, her imagination was rampart with ideas of all the amazingly inappropriate things that she wanted to do with the purely, gorgeously, masculine guy next to her.

Takeda noticed the bright red flush spreading onto his girlfriend's cheeks and innocently reached out a hand to feel her forehead for a fever. The contact on her skin jump started Megumi's biological response. She jerked away quickly. Seeing the hurt look on his face, she felt like a complete tool. As Takeda pulled his hand back towards his body, Megumi took his hand into her smaller ones. Looking into his eyes she told him, "I don't want you to think that I'm trying to avoid your touch, but in all honesty I am." His eyes betrayed the dejection he was feeling. Megumi quickly continued, grasping his hand even tighter in hers than before. "I can't have you touch me without wanting to jump you right there. I know I shouldn't be saying this out loud, but when you touch me all I can think about is undressing you and doing horribly inappropriate things to you."

Hearing her words made Takeda's breath and pulse quicken. Her brutal honesty almost did him in. The things she was saying to him made his body automatically respond. He was rock hard that instant. Without thinking about it, he gripped his hand into the hair at her neck and pulled her to his lips roughly. That act alone made Megumi's entire body shudder. He was exactly what she needed, or so her body told her. There was no battle for dominance. Somehow, there was a smooth, erotically even pace to their passionate kiss. The roughness of hands was masked by the rigid tenderness that was in their lips.

Takeda's hands travelled up and underneath Megumi's school top, grasping her breast over her bra. The elicited gasp made him smile into their lip lock. She, in return, gave a light, travelling graze over his excited crotch. His low groan made Megumi's female pride swell and she kissed him harder and more passionately. The grip he had on her tightened, with it the wetness in her underwear increased. The feeling made her blush because she knew this wasn't proper, but at the moment Megumi could care less.

This intense kiss and pet session continued until they reached the school where the car stopped, much too suddenly for the two passengers in the back, who were thoroughly enjoying the ride. Removing hands from intimate spots, the two pulled themselves back into presentable condition. Takeda pulled Megumi back to his lips for a quick, but intent kiss. "I'm pretty sure this is the best ride to school I've ever had", he told her with a smile. Giggling slightly, Megumi gathered her bag and looked back at him innocently. "If only your enjoyment weren't so terribly obvious." She told him, glancing down at his pants meaningfully. A fast blush ran into Takeda's cheeks as he tried to hide his obvious arousal.

Megumi leaned in and gave Takeda on last deep kiss before getting out of the car and giving him a cheeky look. "You have an amazing day dear. I'll meet you at lunch. Try not to make too many guys jealous." She told him with a wink. Watching her walk away with that amazingly sexy swing to her hips, all Takeda could think was 'Thank Gods she's mine', before he collected himself and followed into the building. His life had definitely gotten more interesting.