My team and I have been working hard on trying to figure out two things.

One- Trying to find some sort of cure for this whole mess.

Two-Restraining the Hound.

I must say that I hate that bloody thing. I know I'm a scientist and there for I'm suppose to want to study the unknown but I would rather not in this case. I walked by the reinforced glass today on my way to the Stalker's holding area and all I heard was this deafening bang. Course being the brave man I am my first reaction was to throw the clipboard I was carrying at the noise. That Hound wants to kill me so badly that it bent the steel bars, that cut it off from the glass, when it leapt at me.

Hounds are ill tempered and will take any chance they get to be able to fest on human flesh. But besides that little mishap, I'm, oddly enough, really taken with the Stalker. I get a lot of information from her on the behavior of her type of Rabid. Unlike the Hound, she doesn't throw her self at the bars every time we walk by, she just watches. I find her behavior amusing, she can clearly tell all four members of my team, including my self apart from one another.

-She knows I'm the Team's head so she never looks me in the eye, which is a submissive thing among Stalkers as we have found out.

-There's Alex who's in charge of sitting there for hours on end, bless his soul, to record her every movement. I think she enjoys his company more then mine because Alex has told me how she'll come right up to the bars to examine him.

-Christina has the same job as Alex, except she has to record the Hound's movements. She actually gave the Stalker a name, "MJ". I can't blame her, she spends all day with the Hound so it's no wonder she likes the Stalker enough to name it. Plus, "MJ" seems fond of her.

-The two remaining teammates of mine, Ivan and Glen, are focusing their efforts on the 'cure' but they do take a break to feed the two Rabids. We feed them cows or any other animal we can get our hands on. "MJ" Knows their job is to feed her so, I wouldn't be too surprised if through her eyes she sees them as the 'hunters' of the pack. She makes these odd chirping sounds when every they walk by.

In short we're all very taken with her.


I find the military very annoying. I know they're there to 'protect' us but the least they could do is not question our manner of doing our jobs, I never ask them why they waste ammo just to shoot at cans at twelve in the morning.

Recently the commanding officer of the small army unit that is in charge of guarding our four-story lab plus the lovely twenty-foot wall that goes all the way around the building, has been asking why we're bothering to study the Rabids. He thinks that all we have to do is drain them of their blood and throw in some chemicals and 'vala' there's your cure. I've tried to explain the scientific manner behind our study but he wouldn't listen to me, only when I said I would call up the higher ups did he stop in his complaints.

After that little mishap was dealt with I when back to over seeing my team but I'll write about that in the morning.


Alex told me that "MJ" has been acting a bit odd, normally she shows a lot of interest in us but lately all she's been doing is staring at the wall. She still chirps when Ivan and Glen go into feed her but then she goes back to the wall. On a side note to that, we've gotten to the point where we can walk on the barred side of her cage to feed her. I think if we keep up the 'relationship' we might even be able to go inside the cage with her.

The fact that we have proven so far with "MJ" is that you can form a bond with a Stalker. As for the reason to that, I can only think of it as she thinks of us as her new 'pack', further study will be needed on this topic.


Cristina and Alex have come up with a theory as to why "MJ" keeps staring at the wall. I'll have to go into detail for anyone to really understand if they happen to read my journal. All the captured Rabids are housed on the third level of our lab; they live in sixteen feet by twenty-four feet rooms. With about two feet of cement and steel separating each room from the next one over.

"MJ" is in the room right next to the hound and the wall that she's been staring at, the Hound is on the other side. So, Cristina and Alex think that Stalkers and Hounds might be natural enemies in the wild. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at my fellow teammates but they might have a point. No one is able to study Rabids in the wild and by wild I mean the cities and the towns that have been over run with them.

Yes, I've been so busy here in the lab that I have failed to look out and see what the world is coming to over the walls. It's not pretty. It's the Rabids world now, we have towns that are guarded by small army units and even a few small cities but the rest belongs to the Rabids. I guess this is why the commander has been on edge lately, I can't blame him anymore, we really need a cure.


I haven't written in my journal for a while because of the unfortunate loss we have suffered. Cristina and Alex were right about "MJ" and the Hound, I just wish I had listened better and taken action on it.

It happened early in the morning, turns out that Hound wasn't as stupid as we had thought it out to be. Over that past few months it had been slamming it's self against the wall, we thought nothing of it, we were certain it was just being temperamental. All that slamming against the wall caused it to weaken and "MJ" knew this. That was why she had been staring at the wall for so long, she was waiting for it to break and at six in the morning it did.

Glen had gotten up around five to feed "MJ" and just as he opened up the first door to her room the Hound smashed through the wall. The noise woke those who were still sleeping up, which was Alex and Cristina. I was in my own office, which is on the first floor but the noise was so loud that I even heard it. Ivan was the first on the scene but the rest of us weren't far behind.

During the clash the sheer force of the Hound being pushed back by "MJ" broke the steel bars and smashed Glen. There was nothing we could do for the poor soul and there was no way to get to him. If we opened the door we risked the Hound escaping as well as "MJ".

The fight between those two creatures was terrifying, I had no idea there could be so much strength hidden in "MJ" 's tiny frame or that a Hound could be strong enough to smash through steal and cement. We stood there helplessly for some time unsure on what the right move would be, I realize now that we must have been in shock. With one of our long time friends smashed under ten pounds of steel and no longer looking human, I think we had a right to be.

What I consider sad is also the fact that we weren't the only ones to hear the noise; the commander sent a few soliders to see what all the racket was about. The first thing they did was hit the button on the door that gases the room, Ivan came to his senses before any of us but it was too late. Not only did we witness the death of one friend we had to watch another as well.

We buried Glen in the small gave yard outside the lab; I can say that he was indeed a great scientist and a kind man. I will miss him greatly but not as much as Ivan will. I think that he believes that Glen was still alive when the soldiers gassed the room.

But what can I say about "MJ"? Even though she was something that is considered a monster I can't help but think about how human she was.