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Falling Angel

By the time the doors closed I could feel the dull hum of the info link in my skull, I wondered if info links were common enough that Miss Lawson would know it had a tell. I decided to leave that for later, I had an interview with the blue suns, looking for some very temporary employees.

"You certainly look capable, maybe a little too capable. Why would you want to sign up as cannon fodder for Archangel?" The Batarian recruiter inquired.

"He's the one who put me out of a job, so I figure I might just return the favour, with interest." I decided was the best answer.

"Standard fee is 500 credits. You get paid when the job is done. AND NO this does not make you blue suns. You're a FREELANCER end of story." I realised then that he'd just be making small talk, probably been at this to long to be suspicious any more, good timing on my part.

"Archangel really stepped in it this time huh."

"You got that right, I don't know where this freak is from but on Omega you play ball with Tarrak and the others, or you find yourself on the wrong side of an airlock."

"Tarrak's not one to play nice with others is he?" I asked without allowing my hope to creep into my voice. I suspected I was right but the last thing I needed was the mercenary groups being best friends, and really co-operating on a plan to take down Archangel.

"No, but neither are Jarroth and Garm, so its just like a family aint it. They each got their own little plan, hopefully none of 'em decided to get caught in the crossfire, but I guess to take down Archangel its worth the risk"

"So where's this family re-union going down?"

"Archangel's base of operations. He's been hiding right under our noses. I can't tell you exactly where you're going, but we'll get you there. Just head out of Afterlife and take a right to the transport depot. One of our boys will take you from there." I decided I'd held up the line to the noose long enough, and turned to leave.

The Batarian pressed the comm and ushered in the next meat shield. Which was a kid, with a hat and a vest for protection and one pistol. "Aren't you a little young for this?"

"Aren't you a little old to still be freelancing?" Definitely a teenager, I briefly considered letting him sign up but decided not to hold puberty against the kid. "You even know how to use that?" I gestured to the pistol at his hip.

"I grew up on Omega didn't I? Course I know how to use a gun."

"How much?"

"For the pistol? I had to pay premium credits for this thing, a Cerniflex Hand Cannon."

That would be an upgrade to your current arsenal agent, EDI's voice noted over infolink. "I'll take it, 500 credits." That model is worth 150 credits agent.

"Really, sure!" The boy enthused, clearly missing that he wouldn't be able to sign up without a gun, oh well c'est la vie. Lucky thing I'd managed to win 500 credits from Jacob while we were on the range or I'd have to owe this punk a favour. Taking my new hand cannon I turned the old one into omnigel, after EDI confirmed it was the real deal of course, which got turned into a few LAMs, which I added to my collection, still a little small for my taste but EDI and Miranda wouldn't let me take more. Some people just don't appreciate the versatility of LAMs ,like wall climbing.

One air car ride later and I was at the mercenaries' base camp. I was greeted by another Batarian "It's about time they sent me someone who looks like they can actually fight," he said. "They tell you what you're up against?"

"Not really," I conceded.

"Wouldn't get many recruits if we did I 'spose. Archangel's holed up in a building at the end of the boulevard over there," he continued, pointing off in the distance behind him. "He's got superior position and the only way in is over a very exposed bridge. It's a killing ground. But he's getting tired, making mistakes. We'll have him soon enough."

"The bridge is the only way in?" I probed, hoping they hadn't covered all of Archangel's exits.

"No, just the fastest. He collapsed the tunnels and sealed the doors. We got a couple crews working on clearing the tunnels but it'll be a while until their through. If everything goes right though he'll be dead and buried 'fore then. If not maybe the gunship'll get him." With any luck they'd dig through just in time to let me pass, I hoped Archangel had a stealth vest for himself. Wait, "why not use the gunship now?"

"Already been tried, he knew just where to hit it, wasn't even a fair fight for us. Still it got our guys into position, and we'll be able to patch it up."

"Position for what?"

"To blow his house down. We just need you and the other freelancers to keep him busy long enough for our guys to set the charges."

"Guess I'd better hurry and get slaughtered then." I commented as I started off towards the bridge. I happened across a data pad with some information about plans for attack on Aria, which I decided to keep in case the collateral damage of this rescue spilled over into the fucking with Aria category. Then I ran straight into a YMIR mech like on the colony, except mercifully powered down. Looking at the terminal I noticed the mechanic had forgot to log out, and since no one was paying attention to little old me, I decided to take a look at its brain. It was about this time I realised I'd need a refresher course on operating systems of the 23rd century. I probably could have got EDI to do it, but that'd be admitting I had a problem. Taking another look around I noticed the wiring between the head and the body was still exposed, so I did my best to surreptitiously remove them, and close up the panels.

Since I was about ready to start the hard part I decided to remind Miranda of our race indirectly. "So Joker, any suggestions for Miranda's wardrobe after I finish up here," I 'accidentally' broadcast on the team frequency.

"I don't know, I've always been partial to a cheerleader outfit," came his response before he realized it was still on the team frequency.

"Don't even try it Denton," came Miranda's icy voice over the comm. I wanted to bait her into making a wager of her own but I was coming up with the rest of the freelancers, so I let her rant to joker while I concocted a plan to tell Archangel I was on his side so he'd let me cross faster. I settled for letting everyone else jump over the barricade first, and then placing LAM against the barricade. If I was lucky he'd see it and do the math, as it turned out I got lucky. I proceeded to lay a few more LAMs as I crossed since they'd still have to use the bridge until they got those tunnels open. Drawing the sword I cut a path through the freelancers' until they started turning to try and retreat. Unfortunately the first freelancer to try retreating decided this while I was focused on closing the last few steps with his buddy, who I was forced to use as a human shield while I looked for cover. To give credit to the company he bought the armour from it might have saved him if I hadn't killed him just before.

As it stood I needed to rely on Archangel to keep the freelancers from being able to focus their attention on me, I was well armed but my hardsuit's shields needed to be recharged, good thing I had an ion LAM to fry the detonators on the bombs meant to bring the house down. Between that and the confusion my LAMs on the bridge had caused I was able to just get into the shelter of the building Archangel called home in time to see them deploy the YMIR mech, which finished the bridge off when the power core overloaded and blew up. I was starting to wonder if there was some labour strife at the manufacturing plant of security robots when Miranda's voice came tauntingly over the infolink "Miss Chambers, any preferences on agent Denton's attire after we rescue him?"