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Denton's perspective still.


I made my way up to the second floor of Archangel's hideout, carefully, a mercenary may have slipped inside after all. As I came up on the room which I presumed Archangel had set up as his sniper's nest I took the precaution of putting my gun away, I wanted to make it clear that I was on his side, I think. "Give me a good reason not to shoot you?"

"I'm here to recruit you."

"For who?"

"How 'bout we go find a nice quiet spot to talk about that," a sniper obliged me by taking a pot shot at Archangel, it didn't work.

"Why is it humans here angel and think that under all this armour I'm a female?" He groused collecting a few LAMs and tossing them to me.

"Why does everyone just assume my plans all involve explosives?" I countered directing him to follow me down into his lobby, where I did in fact use the LAMs to replace the detonators my EMP had shorted out, I mean I have had plans that didn't involve explosions they just weren't as successful as the ones that did.

"Call it a hunch," came archangel's response, "you're gonna drop the building on top of as many mercenaries as you can, make it look like they got me, and limit their paths of pursuit."

"If we're lucky." The bot overloading on the bridge hadn't exactly been my plan, but it might just have made things come together. EDI can your sensors penetrate the tunnels under us?

No, communication will also become difficult. It was my lucky day, and then an alarm sounded and Christmas came early, the mercenaries had just finished clearing out the tunnels. The trick was going to be sneaking into the tunnels, which was where reality decided to assert itself once more. Opening the first door we found, unfortunately proved that the alarm was not quite as prompt as it should have been. There were lots and lots of Vorcha already through. After spotting a Varren stalking the crates Archangel showed off some more hardware, a gas grenade with a gas that would drive the Varren crazy and make them turn on whatever was closer, which happened to be the Vorcha. Apparently when you tick off the blood pack as a hobby you learn to deal with their pets.

While the Vorcha were distracted we managed to sneak into the caves of the Asteroid that Omega had affixed itself to, and just in time to beat the buzzer. Noticing that Archangel had the type of legs that were great for sprinting, I activated the microfibral muscles in my legs and burst ahead, hoping to beat the remaining mercenaries back out of the tunnels. Archangel being taller than I stayed right behind me the muzzle of his assault rifle right next to my head. We shot anything that was directly in our path, and Archangel kept throwing LAMs, destroying the tunnel behind us on top of the mercenaries we missed.

Of course most of the mercenaries in the tunnels were from the blood pack, which meant they were all Krogan. Dropping the cave on their head didn't so much stop them as just really piss them off. Lucky for us Krogan's are not really built for speed, being 600 pounds may give you durability but it'll make sprinting difficult. I wasn't quite sure how they were at longer distances but I was really in the mood to find out, especially since dropping the roof on them had done nothing to improve their reasoning skills, as demonstrated by the fact that most simply left their guns behind to make chase. When we came finished wading through a shallow but large puddle, I decided it was time to field test the Arc Projector., especially since my bio electric energy was starting to dry up, besides I could see a vehicle up ahead that could be used for an escape.

Turning off my microfibral leg muscles I took a step to my left planting my foot on a 90 degree angle, and drew out the Arc Projector as my momentum twisted my body to face the oncoming Krogans. I had forgotten that it could take some time to charge up however, and lost a few pounds of water weight as the Krogan's continued to close the distance. When the weapon finally beeped indicating it was ready to fire, I smell the Krogan's breath, before I ended his charge with electric death, which jumped from Krogan to Krogan, until they were all twitching on the ground. Archangel took the opportunity to finish the job putting a bullet through each head in turn, until the last one beat him in getting up. This Krogan had also been smart enough to keep his gun this whole chase. A shotgun which he promptly introduced to Archangel.

They were way to close and the shot destroyed a section of Archangel's helmet with one pellet which continued through Archangel's jaw. "I've waited a long time for this Archangel, and your new friend isn't man enough to stop me." The world came to a crawl as two more shots pieced the Turians armour, while I poured as much fire as my assault rifle would allow into the centre mass of the Krogan who refused to die. Rather than replace the heat sink, I simply caught Archangel's gun as it fell from his fingers and continued the assault, the Krogan continuing his march upon me. When the gun became to hot to hold onto I drop that as well and fell back to the old stand by the sword.

"I'll give you credit human, you've got a quad to go toe to toe with a Krogan, when you meet whatever god you humans believe in tell him Garm'll vouch for ye." Garm bellowed as he closed the distance methodically. Taking in a deep breath I readied my feet, and took a close look at the chest plate, the bullets had left a neat hole in both the chest piece and the monster beneath, although not deep enough to kill him. It was enough though that when the distance was finally closed I could drive the sword all the way thorough. Being a Krogan this didn't kill him, and I was sent hurtling across the cavern, I had used the last of my bio energy to harden my skin at the last second and absorb the shock of the massive form arm he had used to slap me away. It got his attention when I stood back up and drew a bead with the Arc Projector. It was a race between the Krogan's steady gate and the Arc Projector slow charge, the Arc Projector won, barely. The sword acted as a lightning rod for the weapon heating it up and melting his second heart as the electricity raced down to the ground firing the muscles in his legs and sending him backwards.

I let the Arc Projector fall from my grip as I let out a deep breath, and then I was reminded of the situation by the sound of someone clapping. I was pretty sure Archangel wasn't the clapping sort, let alone in a condition to do so, so I drew my Carniflex Hand Cannon on the source of the sound as I made my way back towards Archangel to asses his condition. Looking down I could see that he was still alive, but not for much longer. "I'd say you'd better not waste time arguing with me," came a familiar voice, that belonged to a man I remembered leaving in the care of the Illusive Man, Wilson's.