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Summary: Dreams can be good, and dreams can be bad. Dreams can be weird or downright sad. But of all the things they can be, they have always been what keeps us together, my little dysfunctional family. All crews have their themes, ours is our dreams.

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Ours is our dreams!

All pirate crews have a sort of theme.

At least that's how I interpreted it.

The Kidd Pirates were all gothic, bloodthirsty marauders who loved a good battle, especially when blood was spilled.

The Heart Pirates all had some skill in medicine and all knew some form of hand to hand combat.

Shanks' crew loved partying like no tomorrow.

Whitebeard's was one big old family with too many members to count.

Bazil Hawkins' crew was into fortune telling and heavily believed in fate.

Capone's was a giant piratical mafia.

Jewelry Bonney was a glutton, and her crew had more chefs then I could count on both hands, including my toes.

Blackbeard's was a bunch of punk pirates, literally and stylistically speaking.

Apoo's was a giant music band with fighting skills to boot.

And well, you get the picture, right?

Mine was different though, I wasn't actually looking for that common ground like everybody else seemed to when they recruited members.

Usopp was a cowardly liar, Robin a cool and intelligent archeologist, Zoro was a swordsman with zero directional skills, Chopper was a reindeer, Nami was a hot-tempered thief and navigator, Sanji was a perverted cook, Franky was an even more perverted mechanic and cyborg, and Brook was an equally perverted living skeleton.

And I, their captain, was a 14 year old girl with a simple dream of happiness, friendship, meat, and freedom.

There was no common ground among us, not at first glance.

Nobody seemed to properly fit, but we worked.

We were, for all of appearances sake, a dysfunctional family, a bunch of people thrown together on one ship that just happened to work really well together.

But we had a theme, it just wasn't common placed.

The theme wasn't clothes, or even skills.

It was our dreams.

There are happy dreams, sad dreams, pretty dreams, and ugly dreams.

There are ones that are so normal to you that they seem real and believable, and then there are ones so weird and unnatural you have to wonder if you really dreamed that when you wake up and aren't losing your mind finally.

Most would probably tell you to leave the dreaming for your sleep, but no. That's not the dreaming I'm talking about.

We all have goals, dreams. Big ambitions in life that we all would do almost anything to achieve, and as a result, we are willing to help each other reach their dreams as well.

We all have precious dreams that we just can't let go of, so we understand each other far better than any other ever could.

So we may not look like we fit together and can be kept on the same ship and be used effectively, but we can.

After all, our theme is our dreams.

Limited only by our imaginations and willingness to go far.

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