" Hello again kiddies! Whos ready for another chapter in Sikowitz' O'l tale huh? Good! Ok! On with my story... "

Robbie was walking to down the sidewalk, on his way to school thinking about the past couple of days. He and his mom had gone school

shopping the past couple of days considering today was the first day of the school. However, he still had one thing buzzing around in his

12-year old head. Popularity. " It's all working out! Iv'e got a new friend as cool as my old ones, my moms awake, and weeding herself off the

meds, and I'll be totally set up here! I just need the cool kids to come to my party. " Just then, a boy about yeigh high, black stylish hair, cool

clothes and two other boys came walking down the road. " Okay guys listen up! " The football jock ordered. ' Like Beck Oliver! ' Robbie thought

brilliantly. ' He's star quarterback of the football team, had got eight billion friends, and he can beat the crap out of ALL of them! If he comes,

everyone comes.. ' " Kendra's gona be here any minute! So we have to get this right! What have you for me? " " Check it out yo! We got it! "

Shouted the black kid with dreads.

Andre': 1, 2, 3, Here we go!

Andre' and Danny: Hey Kendra!

Beck: Hey, Kendra?

Andre' and Danny: Iv'e been thinki'n

Beck: Iv'e been thinki'n...

Andre' and Danny: I got to, got to, got to, got to, got to get with you!

Beck: So true.

Andre' and Danny: I wana get all up in your business girl. And make you feel, real, fine!

Beck: Uh..real fine! Not fake fine.

Andre' and Danny: Hey Kendra!

Beck: Hey Kendra?

Andre' and Danny: Come closer

Beck: Much closer..

Andre' and Danny: I got myself a brand new, rocking horse!

Beck: Rock-What?

Andre' and Danny: Why don't you climb up here on my muck?

Danny: And rocky, rocky, all night looooooooOOOOOONNNN-

Beck immediatly cut him off. " OKAY, OKAY! STOP! Rocking horse? Yeah, not gona work. " " Yeah! So gona work! It's double edge smooth.. "

Both boys rolled out the last word at the same time. " Guys..Kendra is a good girl! I can't just hit on her like Whack-A-Mole. If I do that, I will never

get, the TOUNGE. " " The tounge? " Both boys questioned. " The tounge! The ride down splash mountain! " " So, where exactcly are you gona,

the tounge? " " I didn't set anything up. I am very dissapointed in you Danny! And Andre'! There's gotta be some place to set the mood right?

Come on guys! " ' Great! It's clear that I can do something better than Beck! ' Robbie thought confidently. " THINK! " ' Exactly. ' " Hey Beck. How

about taking her to a scary movie? She'll get terrefied, and she'll get closer, open her mouth to scream, and your tounge will just get sucked in

with the jetstream! " WOAH! " " WOAH! " " " Woah! A scary movie..Who is this guy? " " I'm Robbie Shapirro, from New York. " " New York..WOAH!

I'm gona call you...Brain! " " Brain! " Danny repeated it. " Brain it is. " Robbie agreed willingly. " Yeah it is! " Beck said, pulling Robbie in for a

bro hug. " Incoming! Kendra 3:00! " Danny warned. The three boys immediatly scrambled back into positon, while Robbie stand aside and hope

his idea goes well with Beck. " 1, 2, 3, Get chizzy! " Danny starts. Beck looks at him wierd but merely shrugs his shoulders. No more than a

second later does a blonde girl walk up, wearing a short yellow summer dress. " Hey Kendra. " Beck says cooly, causing the girl to smile and

blush. But at the same time, another girl appears. This one wearing a purple halter top, skinny jeans, high-heels, and has long brunnette hair.

She immediatly steps in front of Kendra and gives Beck a flirtatious smile. " Oh..Hey Jade.. " Beck greets with much less enthusiasm. " Beck!

Wow! Lucy us running into you, when I'm looking so hot! " Jade excalims. However, Beck completely ignores her and takes a moment to stare

at Kendra. " Hey Kendra..you look amazing.. " " Oh, well see, I almost didn't wear this, but then I thought no...wear it! " Kendra giggled. " Um..

Kendra, there's something I wana ask you.. " " Oh God... " Jade said in a worried tone. Beck snapped his fingers towards his friends.

Andre' and Danny: Hey Kendra!

Beck: Hey Kendra?

Andre' and Danny: Iv'e been thinking

Beck: I've been thinking..

Andre', Danny, and Beck: I wana spend alittle special time with you.

Kendra: Aw!

Andre', Danny, and Beck: I wana take you too a movie girl.

Beck: Friday night.

Andre' and Danny: Down, at the mall!

Kendra: It's perfect!

However, Jade wasn't about to let " Her " Beck get away, that easily.

Jade: Uh, No, no, no, no, no! You can't go, to the movies on Friday night!

Andre' and Danny: No, no she can't do it!

Jade: I said she can't go!

Andre' and Danny: Uh-uh! No way!

Jade: Cause' you already commited to do..that thing!

Kendra: What thing?

Jade: That thing.

Kendra: What thing?

Jade: That thing you said you would do on Friday!

Kendra: There is no thing..

Jade: Yes there is Kendra!

Kendra: I'm going to the movies, Friday night with Beck!

Jade: No your not! Don't contridict me in public Kendra, we'll talk about this later!

Kendra: Fine!

Both girl turn back with smiles on thier faces.

Beck, Andre', and Danny: Hey Kendra? I'm begging!

Andre': Please! Go, to the movies on Friday!

Kendra: Yeah! I'll come!

Jade: Ugh! We, have to talk!

Jade then pulls Kendra off and away to her house.

Beck, Andre', Danny: Ohhh..Baby we soooo..Good!

Danny: You gona get all up in her business yo!

" Thanks for that Brain! I'll see you when school starts! " Beck calls out. " So when school starts, I'm so in with Beck! which means, that everyones

gona come to my party! " Just then Patrice walked up. Robbie began walking toward her, a smile on his face. " Thanks to all your help! Now come

on! Let's go to school, so we can pass out my invites! " " Robbie wait! Before you pass thoes out...if thoes guys know I'm coming, there won't be

a party! Iv'e been telling you for the past month! They hate me! " " Come on Patrice..What makes you think that they hate you? " " They write,

" We hate you! ", on my locker..Look, I don't read what they read, watch what they watch, shop where they shop, or think like..they think. And

neither do you..Trust me, you should stay away from thoes guys. " " They don't know you like I do! And your with me now! Come on! Iv'e got a

good feeling about our first day at DanQuill Junior High! " Robbie says with much enthusiasm as he runs off towards the school. Partice is still

abit unceratin but follows Robbie and listenes to his logic anyways, hoping not to be humiliated...

" Oh...So Robbies, in with Beck! But will he be able to handel being forced to choose between Patrice and the rest of the popular crowd? Find

out next time! Now, If you'll exscuse me, I have coccunuts to drain! "

Me: Very sorry for the delay! Mostly due to school and laziness..But, I hope you liked this chapter!

Beck: Stylish hair?

Me: It's the truth!

Jade: Watch it..

Me: I'm 15!

Jade: Oh..Okay..Thanks for FINALLY putting me in the story. I'm really mean in this right?

Me: Um, yeah.

Jade: Awsome..

Me: Um..Okay..Anyways, revi-


Me: Oh sh**...

Robbie: Who are you..?

Lucy: Zip it nerd!

Robbie: * Hides behind Beck *

Lucy: Punk..Luv..101? Victorious 13?...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?


Lucy: Really? I just bought them! There actual Loui Vat-..HEY!

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Lucy: Get back here!


Beck and Robbie: ...Yeah.