A/N: This is a special E/O Triple Drabble. Since I have missed three drabbles, I am giving everyone 300 words this week, with the challenge words: box, copy and sore in the story.

Spoiler Alert: Season 7, Episode "Death's Door"

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The dimly lit bar was nearly empty of patrons. A layer of smoke lingered in the air near the bar, and beer nuts cluttered the bar and floor. A juke box on the far wall played a Zeppelin song that sounded muffled, like it was coming from outside.

Cosmo's Pub wasn't the greatest place to be, but Dean didn't care at the moment. Hell, he didn't care about much of anything anymore. He sat in a corner booth, nursing a glass of whiskey. His eyes were red and sore from crying, and his table was cluttered with beer bottles and shot glasses.

On the table in front of him was a copy of a file he'd put together on Dick Rohman. He'd started it the day Bobby died. Every inch of him wanted to give up. He'd just assume drink himself to death in this shit hole of a bar. He didn't know how he'd make it without Bobby. He was more than a friend to Dean. He was family, a second father. He'd leaned on Bobby so much in the past five years, for pretty much everything. He felt like he was going to fall flat on his face without him.

The glass entrance door flew open, sending a gust of cold air into the bar. Shivering, Dean looked up to see Sam walk into the bar. It took Sam about ten seconds to spot Dean and make a beeline for him.


"Been lookin' for you," Sam said as he slid into the booth across from his brother.

Dean's gaze fell downward as he traced the lip of his whiskey glass with his finger.

"Needed some time," he said dejectedly.

Sam could tell he'd been crying. He slid out of the booth and went to order two double whiskeys. The last thing Dean wanted to hear was fluffy "it'll be all right" talk. Both of them knew it would certainly not be all right.