The door opened, creaking quietly on the hinges. The man who entered the potions shop had tousled dark hair and dull green eyes. They stayed glued to the floor as the man approached the counter, only rising when it was necessary to speak to the man behind the counter.

When his eyes finally reached the face of the potions master, they widened slightly in shock before he sighed resignedly and turned to leave.

"Where are you going, Potter?" There was no anger or malice in the words and maybe that's why the man stopped. He answered without turning around.

"Sorry, Draco, I didn't know this was your shop. My healer sent me here for a sleeping potion. If it's any consolation, he said yours was the best that he knew of." Harry sighed and finally turned to look at him and Draco was shocked at how exhausted the other man looked.

"For god's sake, Harry, how long has it been since you slept?" Draco was sure it had been weeks at the very least. Everything about the man was listless and faded like an old portrait.

Harry shrugged. "I sleep…some. It just doesn't come easy these days." He smiled softly but it didn't reach his eyes. "Anyway, I'll just go."

He turned to leave again, almost stumbling over his feet and Draco was around the counter in a second, grabbing his arm and steadying him on his feet. He didn't let go, just led an unresisting Harry to the back office and sat him down on the small sofa he used for relaxing when he was stressed.

"Now, would you like to explain why you're trying to leave without your potion?"

Harry blinked up at him owlishly, looking at Draco like he was daft and then looked down at his feet. "Well, as I'm pretty sure you hate me, I thought you'd prefer if I fetched my potion from somewhere else."

Draco looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out what to say before sighing and scrubbing his hands over his face. "I don't hate you, Harry."

The dark haired man looked up, startled. "You don't?" The confusion and hope in his eyes was almost too much for Draco. "Why not? Everyone else seems to." The words were so quiet that he almost didn't hear them. Draco would have wondered where the brash, brave boy that saved them all went, but he knew.

Draco crouched down in front of Harry and took his hand. "They don't hate you either, they just resent you."

Harry looked totally bewildered at that. "What in Merlin's name for? Because I didn't die?"

Draco could see the tears forming behind those expressive eyes. "They resent you because you were brave and smart and you saved us all. Now they expect you to want something for it; and from what I can see, you don't. They don't know how to deal with that."

As the tears began to slide down Harry's face, Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He used the small square of linen to wipe away the tears and smiled down at the other man.

"You are simply too good to be true, Harry Potter, and it scares them. You rid the world of the greatest of evils and all you want is to be left alone to have tea with the Weasleys, go out to a pub with your best mate once in a while and play a pick-up game of Quidditch when you can."

Draco moved and sat beside Harry on the sofa. He was quite surprised when the smaller man seemed to lean into him.

"But what's wrong with that? I'm not hurting anyone." Draco could see that the exhaustion was getting the better of poor Harry. He could see that he didn't need a sleeping potion, just a place to relax where he felt safe and not so alone, and apparently the office in Draco's shop had been appointed such a place.

Harry still had a hold of Draco's hand and didn't seem intent on letting go any time soon. "There's nothing wrong with it, Harry, nothing at all. It's just that most people who could ask for the world wouldn't hesitate to do so."

Draco smiled as Harry let his head loll to the side and come to rest on his shoulder and mumbled. "Don't want the world. Just to be normal."

He chuckled. "Harry, you couldn't be normal if you tried." He felt the body next to him start to tense up again and he reached up to card the fingers of his free hand through the silky dark hair. "It's a good thing Potter, trust me."

The other man started to relax at the touch so Draco kept it up. Harry mumbled again. "Just so tired."

He started slipping down and Draco just maneuvered him until he had Harry's head in his lap and the rest of him curled up on the couch. "Then just go to sleep, you silly man. We'll talk some more when you wake up." He kept petting him, smiling as the 'boy who saved the world' snuggled up and fell asleep on Draco Malfoy's knee.

As he looked down at Harry, he was struck at how small the other man was. It was like the line from the muggle movie he'd seen where everyone kept telling the hero that they thought he'd be taller. It seemed odd that the man who'd saved both the wizarding and muggle worlds would be almost a head smaller than Draco.

But then again, it wasn't what was on the outside that made Harry so special. It was the heart that Draco hadn't been able to figure out was there until after the war was over.

When he was sure Harry was asleep, he slid out from under him and put one of the throw pillows under his head. He grabbed the cozy blanket from the back of the couch and covered him. It could be chilly in the office in the fall.

Once he was satisfied, he lit a fire in the fireplace and dimmed the lights and then walked back out to the front of the shop and locked it up for the night. It was almost time to close anyway and he didn't want Harry disturbed.

When he walked back into the office, he walked over to his desk and sat down. He sat watching Harry sleep and shook his head.

Harry Potter. He'd started out in the wizard world as 'the boy who lived' and ended up as 'the man they wanted to forget'.

He'd sacrificed almost everything to help them and then asked nothing more than to try and have some sort of a life, but Draco knew it had been impossible.

There were those who wanted his attention, those who tried to curry his favor in hopes of getting something for themselves.

And there were those who suspected everything he did, simply because he hadn't demanded that they worship him. He had very few friends outside of Hermione and the Weasleys. Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom seemed to be the only ones who just wanted to spend time with him.

Everyone else wanted to drag Potter to some stupid charity function or another to get him to beg for donations or some other ridiculous garbage.

Draco knew that Granger and Weasley loved their best friend, but they were so wrapped up in each other that they'd failed to see that Harry had been slipping away slowly but surely. Now with the new baby to take care of, Harry had totally slipped through the cracks.

He didn't work. No one but the Auror's wanted him and he'd declared that he'd done enough fighting in seven years to last a lifetime. No other reputable employer could hire him, as the hoopla that seemed to follow him made doing business impossible.

Draco sighed. Harry looked so young and innocent in his sleep. He supposed he was really. He'd never had a chance to properly grow up; he'd just been shoved through it and made to cope.

He'd been surprised when Ginny Weasley had announced her engagement to some American wizard. He'd been positive that she and Harry would be together forever.

But from what Draco had seen Harry had been the happiest for her.

And yes, Draco had seen a lot, because he watched Harry all the time.

Without Snape there to egg the animosity on, and with both his parents being grateful to Harry for saving Draco and for testifying for them at their trial, it had been relatively easy for Draco to let go of the hurt and anger and see the real Harry.

What Draco had perceived as smugness and arrogance was really shyness. He finally believed him when Harry said that he didn't want or need the attention. He wished he had before.

So he watched as Harry retreated into himself. Some people loved Harry, or the idea of him, anyhow; but they weren't really interested in getting to know him.

Those who'd even thought about supporting Voldemort during the war were terrified of him. They just couldn't seem to understand that Harry wasn't interested in making them miserable or that he wasn't behind the Ministry's crack down on former Death Eaters.

Those on the other side either seemed overly awed by his presence or like he'd told Harry, they resented him for being a boy and saving them when they couldn't do it themselves. It's amazing how people's perspective changed when their lives weren't in constant danger.

And Draco had come to a few conclusions about himself in the three years since the end of the war as well.

First, Draco had decided that he wanted nothing to do with the family business or anything to do with finances. To be honest, it bored the hell out of him and he'd come to realize that money and power had been the root of most of the evil he'd seen and what had almost led his father to his demise.

The second thing was the he was bloody good at potions and it was something he could make a living with. So, after apprenticing for a year with a rather mediocre potions master, Draco took his equivalency test and became a master himself. He used the small inheritance he'd gotten from his godfather (Snape had been rather fond of him) to buy this small shop and he'd been making a name for himself in the wizarding world.

The third thing Draco learned was that making a living for himself without the help of anyone else was quite satisfying and he wouldn't change that part of his life for anything.

The last major thing that he'd learned about himself was that he was gay. It wasn't a big shock really. He'd never really paid that much attention to girls (not that he'd had time with the end of the world coming) and he'd paid rather too much attention to his team mates in the Quidditch locker rooms.

Being a gay wizard didn't have quite the stigma attached to it that being a gay muggle did. Wizards were much more civilized about sexual orientation, and Draco suspected that because wizards tended to live a lot longer than muggles, hiding away your true self really didn't make a lot of sense.

So yes, Draco had found out a lot of things about himself since the war and most of it made him feel rather good about himself.

Potter on the other hand? Well, he learned things too. Mostly that a world without a Voldemort didn't need a 'boy who lived'.

Draco knew that Harry spent most of his time alone. He went to Ron and Hermione's twice a month for dinner and most likely pretended everything was lovely. It probably never occurred to him to burden his dearest friends with his loneliness.

Draco knew he went out for a drink once in a while to the Leaky Cauldron, but those visits with either Neville or Luna were getting farther and farther between. They usually ended badly, with some drunken idiot babbling on about what a hero Harry was or alternatively, wanting to kick his arse.

He wasn't spying on Harry exactly, but fate did seem to bring them to the same place at the same time a lot. And Luna often frequented his shop, fetching potions for her father. She talked to Draco like they were old friends and had a tendency to let her worry for Harry slip out in his presence.

He looked over as the man on the couch started muttering in his sleep. Harry was reaching out and whimpering and Draco stood up and walked over to crouch down beside the couch so he could hear him.

"Please…don't go…" The pain and anguish in Harry's voice was heartbreaking and Draco couldn't help but reach up and take the outstretched hand.

"Shhh, it's alright, Harry." Harry gripped Draco's hand in a death grip.

"No…I don't want to…let me stay." His voice was nothing but a whisper but the despair in it was devastating.

Draco reached up to pet Harry's head, trying to offer him whatever comfort he could. "Harry, come on, wake up."

The man was so tired, but Draco just couldn't leave him to suffer inside his own head. Harry jolted a little but then seemed to wake up slowly.

"Draco?" He tried to push himself up but the hand on his head just pushed him back down.

"Just relax Harry. You were having a nightmare." He just continued the soothing touches and noticed that Harry hadn't let go of his hand yet.

The other man lay there, looking ashamed before speaking.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you."

Draco sighed and then stood up. He urged Harry to sit up and then sat beside him on the couch. He took Harry's hand in both of his and looked at him searchingly for a moment before speaking.

"Look, Harry, I know things have been tough for you lately but before we go any further with this conversation, I want to tell you something."

The smaller man nodded, biting his lower lip, distracting Draco for a second.

"You aren't bothering me and I'm not mad at you. Honestly I'd just like to be your friend, okay?"

Harry just looked confused. "Why?"

Draco answered him honestly. "Because you need one and because I know what that's like." He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them to meet Harry's. "I often wonder if things would have been different if you had accepted my hand that day."

Harry flinched and Draco hurried to reassure him. "Don't worry, I understand why you didn't now, and I don't blame you." He stroked Harry's hand and smiled at him. "I wonder if you would have straightened me out or if I would have corrupted you, but I think things turned out the way they were supposed to so that you could do what needed to be done to defeat Voldemort."

Harry just looked at him, his expression unreadable.

"So yes, I want to be your friend. I want to make you take care of yourself, and listen when you feel like talking and just be there quietly, keeping you company when you don't."

He could feel Harry trembling next to him and tried to find the words to express what he wanted to say.

"You deserve better Harry. You've dealt with so much crap in your life and you've lost so much." He felt bad for the tears that were starting to well up in those soulful eyes, but he wanted the other man to know that he understood.

"You need people in your life who see you, Harry. Not the hero, not the villain…just you." Draco looked down at their fingers tangled together and continued. "I almost lost everything too…and it was entirely my fault. But you? Nothing was your fault. Your destiny was thrust upon you and no one asked you what you wanted."

Harry relaxed more into Draco's side. "I'm so tired Draco. I shouldn't be so tired, should I?"

Draco took the chance and put his arm around Harry's shoulder, pulling him more firmly against his side. "You're tired because you're so busy trying to be what everyone expects of you that you don't think of yourself. You're never selfish." Draco made himself relax and lean back into the couch, hoping to encourage the other man to do the same. "It's your turn to be selfish, Harry. Trust me; I'm the expert on the subject."

He counted it as a small victory that Harry snorted a little at that comment. "No need to agree so readily, Potter." He was smiling as he said it and when he turned his head he could see the answering smile on Harry's face.

"I'm trying hard to argue with people less…especially you."

It was Draco's turn to chuckle with amusement. "Because you've been so busy fighting for your rights? I don't think so Harry."

Harry regarded him for a moment. "I like it when you say my name…it's like you're happy to talk to me without wanting my help for anything."

Draco smiled softly at him. "You've helped me more than anyone ever has already Harry. It's my turn to do something for you."

The dark-haired man smiled sleepily at him and Draco took it as a cue to slip off the couch and offer his hand to his new friend. "Come on, let's get you home."

Harry took the hand and stood, but had paled at the thought of going back to his house. "I don't…" He bit his lips and looked at his shoes and Draco was confused for a second.

"You don't what?" He stood there, holding Harry's hand, not pushing, just waiting for the answer. Harry blushed and then stammered. "N…no, it's nothing. I'll just walk home."

"Why would you walk all that way when I've got perfectly good floo right here?" Draco felt like his was missing something important.

Harry tried to pull away and Draco was mystified. "I don't…I just…I need the exercise. I'll be fine, don't worry." He was clearly embarrassed and just as clearly reluctant to go home and he obviously didn't want to have to tell Draco about it.

"Harry, do you not want to go home?" He knew that the other wizard was living at Grimmauld Place and when he thought about it, he couldn't really blame him if he didn't. The Black family home had never been a very cozy house to live in.

Harry looked up into his eyes and Draco waited. "It's dark there…and lonely. When I'm there I think about Sirius and how I wanted to go and live there with him and I never had the chance."

He tried to pull away again but Draco didn't let go. He tugged Harry closer and moved them to the floo. "Come on then, sleepover at my place it is then."

Harry looked up at him sharply in surprise and Draco sighed. "Your virtue is perfectly safe with me, I promise." The other man blushed again and Draco rather liked it. "Unless, of course, you want me to say otherwise." He raised an eyebrow at him and waited for what he would say.

"I don't have anything with me…pajama's and such." Oooh, so, Mr. Potter wanted to be convinced, did he? Well, Draco could work with that.

"I happen to have an extra pair of pj's and a spare toothbrush…unless you'd like to sleep in your underwear?"

", but you don't have to Draco. I'll be fine…at home."

Draco turned to Harry and framed his face with his hands, forcing him to look him in the eye. "If you were going to be fine at home, you'd be fine now…and you're not. You don't sleep and from the looks of you, eating isn't the first thing on your agenda either."

He deliberately looked down the lean lines of the other man's body and then back into his face. "Now, I'm inviting you to my house. Mother is out of the country with Aunt Andromeda and Teddy and I have a very comfortable guest room that I think you'd enjoy. We can have some cocoa and I'll get you something to eat and we'll sit in front of the fire and talk if you like."

He smiled gently and rubbed his thumbs over Harry's cheekbones. He knew he shouldn't be taking such liberties with him, but as the other man had yet to really object to the touching, he let it happen. He didn't think that Harry was touched enough.

"And then what?" Harry sounded breathless and Draco was trying to figure out the answer he was expecting.

"And then we'll see what happens from there." He stood, holding his breath without meaning to, waiting for Harry's answer.

"Is this because you feel sorry for me…because I don't want your pity…" His voice hitched and his small frame shook. "I don't think I could take it from you."

He sounded so broken and Draco just wanted to gather him into his arms and protect him from the world.

"No, Harry, I don't pity you. I just understand you better than most I think." He curled one hand around Potter's neck, under his hair and rubbed at tension there. "Just trust me, okay? I want to help you because I can, that's all. I give you my word."

Harry took a deep breath and searched Draco's eyes. He must have found what he was looking for because he nodded and wrapped his arm around Draco's slim waist.

Draco pulled him close and grabbed a handful of floo powder. He tossed it in the fire and yelled "Malfoy Manor" as he stepped in. He kept a tight hold on Harry, making sure he didn't stumble when they stepped into the sitting room that belonged to Draco.

He found himself reluctant to let Harry go after they landed but knew he had to so that he could do the other things he'd promised. He grabbed him by the hand and pulled him toward the guest room.

"Here's the guest room, as promised. Wait here for a moment." He pulled away and walked quickly to his room. He gathered the pajama pants and t-shirt he'd promised and went back to the other room.

Harry was still standing where he'd left him and he handed him the clothing and pushed him toward the bathroom that adjoined the room.

"All right, off you go. Have a shower and get changed. I'm going to change myself and arrange for the house elves to bring us some cocoa and some soup. When you're done, I'll be waiting for you in the room we came in at."

Harry nodded at him and turned to walk away. He stopped and looked back for a moment before whispering quietly. "Thank you Draco." He turned again and slipped into the bathroom without waiting for an answer.

Draco smiled to himself and made sure the floor warming charms were working and then hurried to change and speak to the elves. By the time Harry came shuffling shyly out of the guest room, Draco had the fire burning merrily and steaming bowls of soup with slabs of warm buttered bread on the table in front of the couch.

He patted the sofa beside him. "Come and sit down Potter. I promise not to bite…unless you want me to." He leered at the other man a little, making him blush, but he did come and sit beside Draco on the couch.

He took the soup Draco offered him and they ate in silence. Draco was gratified to see that he ate most of the soup and a good portion of the bread as well. When they were finished, Whimsy appeared to take away their dishes and then she brought them big cups of cocoa. She smiled at her master and bid them both good night before disappearing for the evening.

Draco turned so that he was facing Harry, one foot curled under his arse and Harry mirrored the position so that their knees were touching. He saw the other man shiver even though the room was warm so he summoned a blanket from his bedroom and wrapped it around Harry, one side of his mouth quirking up at how adorable he looked.

"Now Potter, what would you like to talk about?" Draco waited, knowing that Harry would need to gather his courage to speak.

"Could you…I mean, can you call me Harry?" He looked down at his hands twined together in his lap. "When you call me Potter, it reminds me of…before."

Draco smiled and reached down to lay his hand on Harry's wrist. "I'm sorry, Harry, of course I can. I have to admit, I much prefer hearing Draco come out of your mouth than Malfoy."

Harry smiled up at him from under his bangs but it faded quickly. "I know it's none of my business, but are you gay?" He looked like he was waiting to be yelled at. "I mean, I know some say you are, but I don't pay much attention to the tabloids. I know from experience that they aren't a reliable source of information."

"Yes, I'm gay. Does it bother you?" Draco didn't think so, but he wanted to be sure.

Harry shook his head. "No, not at all." He peered up at Draco again. "How did you know?"

Draco shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't really, until after the war. There wasn't really time to worry about it, what with trying to stay alive and all."

The other man nodded but Draco suspected that there was more he wanted to ask so he hurried to reassure him. "When I had time to look, I realized that all the girls that my mates were drooling over weren't doing much for me and that when I did look, it was at the blokes on the magazine covers."

He grinned at Harry. "And the first time I had sex with a man kind of made everything perfectly clear, if you know what I mean." He nudged his knee against Harry's a little and the other man blushed and shook his head.

"I don't really…know what you mean." Harry was pointedly looking anywhere but at Draco.

"You've never had sex with a man?" Draco was very curious now.

"I've never had sex with anyone…" Harry's ears were so red that Draco was surprised that smoke wasn't curling off them.

"But I thought you and Ginny…?"

Harry shook his head. "That was over before it really began. I stayed away from her during the war because I was afraid that she'd get hurt. When it was over, we were mourning Fred and so much was going on that we sort of drifted apart."

"I'm sorry, Harry." And Draco was. The people he'd lost during the war had hurt, but the ones Harry had lost had been like family. The only family he'd had. Remus and Tonks, Sirius, Mad-Eye and of course Fred. It still made Draco flinch when he saw George walking in Diagon Alley. There was an air of something missing about him and he knew it was the man's other half.

"We all lost people, Draco." He closed his eyes and Draco knew he was remembering the horrible fire in the room of requirement. As far as he knew that room hadn't shown itself to anyone in the last three years. He supposed Hogwarts castle was still healing too.

"Don't worry, there's a girl out there somewhere for you." He smiled at the other man. "And being a virgin, well, that's not so bad."

"I don't think it's a girl I'm looking for." Harry's voice was quiet…so quiet that Draco barely heard him; but he did.

"That's okay too. You'll figure it out." He still had his hand on Harry's wrist and he squeezed it gently. Harry turned his hand over and slid it down until it was palm to palm with Draco's, squeezing back before letting go.

"Thank you." It seemed to be Harry's favorite saying of the evening.

"You're welcome." Draco stood up and offered his hand to Harry. "I think it's time you got some sleep."

Harry nodded and stood up and took Draco's hand. They abandoned the almost full cups of chocolate as Draco led Harry back to the guest room.

"Sleep as long as you like, and if you need me I'm just down the hall. Don't be afraid to ask for anything, okay?"

"Okay." Harry looked up at him for a moment and then threw his arms around Draco's waist, hugging him tightly. Draco put his arms around Harry's shoulders, holding him tightly for a moment and then pulling away gently.

"Get some sleep, Harry. The shop's closed tomorrow and we'll just hang out and do whatever you want, I promise."

Harry nodded and walked into the guest room reluctantly. When he disappeared into the bathroom, Draco went to his room to finish getting ready for bed.

He wasn't all that tired though, so once he'd finished his preparations he went back out to the sitting room with a book and sat down to read for a while. He'd only been at it for about an hour when he became aware of noises coming from down the hall in the guest room.

He got up to investigate and walked down to peek in the slightly open door. To his dismay he saw Harry curled up on the bed, covers kicked off to the floor and shivering, in fear or in cold, Draco wasn't sure.

He was moaning painfully and Draco could make out the occasional word, mostly just "no" or "please don't" and the pleading tone in them made Draco's heart clench.

He walked over to the bed and sat down carefully on the edge, not wanting to scare Harry any more than he was. He gently touched Harry's arm, hoping to wake him.

Draco was startled when Harry shot up in the bed, cowering as close to the headboard as he could, a terrified whine pulled from his throat.

"Shh, it's just me, Harry." Draco sat still, not wanting the smaller man to feel any more threatened than he already did. "I guess you suffer from nightmares, huh?" He kept talking, letting Harry hear his voice and finish waking up.

"I have them too sometimes. When he was staying here, the things he did were truly horrific. He used to make us watch and I hated every second of it." Draco closed his eyes against the memories trying to flit through his brain.

When he opened them again Harry had stopped trembling and he seemed to be fully awake. He was still crouched by the top of the bed though and Draco could see embarrassment filtering through and that just wouldn't do.

"Harry, after all we've seen, aren't we entitled to a few nightmares? Do you think less of me for having them?"

Harry shook his head and relaxed a little more. Then he started to speak. "I keep seeing them…Fred…Tonks…my parents. All gone, because of me." Tears had started crawling down his face and he didn't seem capable of stopping them. "Teddy has no parents and every time I see him, all I can think is that I did that to him!"

Draco had never heard such despair from anyone who wasn't being tortured before. But then again, isn't that what Harry was doing? Torturing himself with guilt and solitude?

He couldn't take it anymore and reached out his arms, surprising himself and Harry, before the other man scooted closer and let Draco gather him up in his arms. He pulled him right into his lap, tucking him up close to his chest.

Harry's arms snaked around Draco's chest and he tucked his head under Draco's chin, his face pressed in to his throat.

Draco could feel the hot tears on his skin as he threaded his fingers into Harry's messy hair, rocking him gently and trying to sooth him. It was amazing how the smaller man seemed to fit so perfectly against him and it was getting harder for Draco to remember that Harry didn't belong to him.

When the sobbing had calmed a little Draco started speaking.

"There were a lot of people responsible for all the deaths that occurred, Harry, but you aren't one of them." He kept petting the silky soft hairs at the base of Harry's neck, smiling when the other man tilted his head forward a little to let him. "The only thing you did was try to save people…all the people, including little gits like me."

He could feel Harry smile against his throat and that made him happy. "You need to stop beating yourself up, love. There are enough idiots out there willing to do it for you, so give yourself a break."

The body in his arms relaxed by degrees, and the feeling of Harry soft and pliant in his lap was like a millions dreams come true. He sighed and grappled to get control of himself. Harry needed a friend and Draco was determined to be that.

"Think you can go back to sleep now?" He waited for his answer for a few minutes before realizing that Harry was sound asleep in his arms, clinging to him like a vine. He tried to pull away and lay him back on the bed, but as soon as he did, Harry started to whimper and clung harder.

Draco sighed and resigned himself to the inevitable. He slid up to the head of the bed, bringing Harry with him. He leaned back against the pillows and summoned the blankets from the floor to cover them with. Harry was not making this easy on him.

Draco knew that his feelings for Harry were more than just friendly. It had taken him a long time to admit to himself that part of his obsession with the other man in school had been about being attracted to him. A part of Draco had always hoped and prayed that Harry would win and save him from a life he was terrified to be a part of.

But like the others, he'd resented him for it for a long time. No one likes to feel like their future wasn't in their own hands and Draco was no exception. If only he'd realized sooner that Harry hadn't had any more choice than he did. If only everyone else would figure that out too.

He decided to enjoy this time with Harry, because Merlin only knew how long it would last.

Sliding down further into the bed, he let himself relax. Harry was asleep on top of him and maybe it should have been more uncomfortable than it was, but the man was entirely too skinny for his already slight frame. As a result, the weight and warmth of him was comforting and Draco found himself drifting off surrounded by the feel and smell that was Harry Potter.