Spencer and Derek sat across from each other. There were at a bar that had kareoke night every saturday, which had Spencer very confused. Derek hated kareoke.

There were sharing a plate of fries and each had a bottle of untouched beer. Their gaze to busy staring at each other, talking and flirting. They had gone out for three years aleady and Derek still made Spencer feel like they just met for the first time.

Derek brought Spencers hand to his lips.

Spencer blushed and smiled as always. But he never wanted Derek to stop.

Spencers smile faded, when all of a sudden there were polished finger nails on Dereks should. Spencers eyes trailed up the arm and to the long, dark hair, green eyed woman.

Derek turned and frowned. "Can I help you?"

"I was just wondering if you would like to sit with us?"

Spencer turned when the woman gestered with her head towards a table that had four more women. Spencer frowned even more and turned back to Derek.

"No thanks. I'm happy with the company I have." Derek turned back to Spencer, who glanced at the woman, who looked like she didn't understand english when she brought both her polished fingers on Dereks shoulders.

Spencer got up from his seat. "Back off."

The woman chuckled. "I think your friend has a crush on you."

Spencers brows narrowed.

Derek pushed the womans hands away. "Why wouldn't he? He's my boyfriend."

The womans smile quickly vanished. "Shit, you're gay?"

"No. I just like holding ever single mans hand I meet." Derek said sarcasticaly.

The woman smiled. "Well, it's perfectly fine."

"Thank you." Derek said turning back to Spencer.

"You see Stacy, she's gay too. You too can have a show and the rest of us can watch."

Spencer scoffed with narrowed brows. He shook his head and walked into the mans bathroom.

Derek slammed his hand on the table and cursed. He turned to the woman. "I think you should leave." He growled.

"Come on b-"


The woman shook her head. "Fine."

Derek shook and rubbed his head. He looked to the stage where there was a microphone.


Spencer came out of the bathroom and frowned when he saw Dereks chair empty. Spencer gulped and glanced at where the women still were, by themselves.

Spencer walked to his seat and sat down. One thought on his mind.

Derek left me alone.

"Ladys and gentlemen we have a special request from one of our guests. Who happened to have a bundle of cash to bribe me with, so he'll be able to do whatever he pleases for the next ten minutes."

Spencers gaze turned from the man to the empty chair. Just as he got up from his chair and turned the music started. Then there was a familiar tune, which Spencer had to turn around to belive.

Spencers mouth slightly opened at seeing Derek climbing off stage with the microphone. And he was singing the song they... had made love to the night before.

(Dereks Verse)

*I wanna tease you, I wanna please you*
*I want to show you baby, that I need you*
*I want your body til' the very lost drop*
*I want you to holler, when you want me to stop*

Spencer brought his hands to his mouth and laughed into them as Derek walked up to him.

(Dereks Verse)
*Who can love you like me*
Spencer shook his head. 'Nobody.' He mouthed.
*Who can sex you like me*
Spencer shook his head. 'Nobody.'
*Who can treat you like me now, baby*

Spencer still laughed then looked around at the crowd who was staring. When he turned back to Derek, the man was holding the mic towards Spencer.

He smiled. And uasually he would die before humiliating himself in front of so many people. But that woman...

Spencer had to show who Derek belonged to.

(Spencers Verse)
*I want the night, for me and you*
Spencer brought his hand to the back of Dereks head and pulled him forward. Their lips an inch away from each other.
*So come here baby, and let me do it to you*

Derek smiled and brought his hands to Spencers waist. He began to slide his hands up and down. He brought his lips to Spencers jaw.

(Spencers Verse)

*Who can love you like me*
"Nobody." Derek whispered in his ear.
*Who can sex you like me*
Spencer pulled away and grabbed onto Dereks loose tie.
*Who can lay your body down*
Derek shook his head.

*Nobody, baby*

* Who can give you what you need*
*And who can do you all night long*
*Nobody, baby*

Spencer threw his arms around Derek and practicaly dropped him to the ground. But the man had held on to the table behind him. Derek held on tight to Spencer and glared at the woman from earlier who was staring with a face that Derek could easily tell was jelousy. But he couldn't care less.

Derek sent a kiss to Spencers cheek.

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