Name: Jena Price

Looks: Blackish brown hair, light green eyes, lean muscled body from years of martial arts and gymnastics.

Age: 17

Background: She was born in North America, Louisiana and grew up in many other countries after that. Her father died when she was little and her mother will be told about later. Lives with her adopted mother and father, Kena and Charles. Since she and her family travel a lot she did live in Boston and Japan. Where her family met the Shibuyas. Been friends since then. Considers herself the big sister of Yuuri.

Powers: To be revealed later.

*Story Start Now*

POV Jena

*In a nice apartment in London, England*

"Really? Really? REALLY? No Way! No Way! We're Really doing this!"

"Yes, we are. We are moving to Tokyo and this time it's going to be permanently. Our work has finally allowed us to find a permanent home. Yes, it's about time that..."

"Kena, I think she stopped listening to you after you said yes, she is already starting to do her dance."

*in a singsong voice*"Yes, we're moving out of the gra-ay. Movin away from the ra-a-in! No more London Fog-o-og!"

This is fantastic! I get to see my baby brother! Or as they say in Japan, Otouto. i can't wait to see him again. I bet he is still as cute as I remember him. I just hope his mom stopped dressing him up in girl's clothes. Though I still think he did look kind of cute in some of them. Oh well point is. I'm going to see my little brother soon!


"Jena, could you not kick the doors in half, in the near future. Especially the ones that are keeping the wind and rain out."

"Sorry. I'll go get the towels."

*fast forward to Tokyo Move*

"I'm going to go see Otouto! See ya when I get back bye!" I race out the door and into the yard. Where the sun was shining its warm rays that lifted the gloom memories of London out of my head. Aunt Kena and Uncle Charles were trying to move a grandfather clock. When Aunt Kena saw me run past she let go of the clock and yelled out to me.

"Young Lady you get back here and help us move!"

"Honey, Honey a little help here!"


Saved by a grandfather clock now I've seen everything. Best not to be wasting any more time. I continue my mission to find my beloved baby brother. 'I'm coming for ya Yuuri Shibuya!'

Lucky for me they lived in the same house from my last visit. (Knock, Knock)

The door opens to reveal Ms. Shibuya. "Jena! I can't believe your here. Why didn't you call?" "I wanted to surprise you."

"Well come in then. be sure to take your shoes off this time. Alright." "I will." "I take off my shoes and put on the house slippers. I follow Ms. Shibuya to the kitchen where she quickly makes a cup of tea.

"So how long will you be staying with us this time?" "Hopefully forever." "You don't mean?" "Yep. Its official we are moving to Tokyo. Actually we just started unpacking today, but I couldn't wait to see you guys." "Well Yuri will definitely be happy to see you. He'll be home soon."

"Mom, I'm home." "Oh that's him. Quick hide behind me." "What?" "Don't ask questions, just do it."

POV Yuuri's

"Hey Mom. Do we have any fruit bars left? It was a real scorcher today."

"Check in the kitchen."

"Where are you?"

"In the kitchen."

"Aw Mom. (sigh) Alright." Mom can sometimes be so weird. Heading into the kitchen I don't pay much attention to what's going on, so not surprising I was blindsided by someone.

"Yuuri!" I got nose tackled by a blast from the past.



"Wow, when'd you get into town?"

"Not too terrible long ago and I will be living here as well."

"No way! You're moving to Japan?"

"All signs point to yes."

"Awesome. You want to hang out with us?"

"Us who?"

"My friend Murata."


"Great let me change out of my baseball uniform and we'll head out. Oh and would mind doing a favor for me?"

"What's that?"

"Getting off me." She hadn't realized that she had been sitting on top of me the whole time after the nose tackle. She did get up quick enough after though. So I head upstairs and changed out quickly. We walk on to the carnival by the sea and chat about what was current in our lives. I failed to mention all the things that had been going on since she had left. True I could have kept them secret for a long time, but she and I have been so close for so many years that it just felt wrong to keep something like this a secret. I figure I will tell her about those things when I knew she could handle it.

"Hey, Shibuya and girl."

"Hey, Murata. How's it going?"

"I didn't know you were going to bring a date." His face fell.

"Date? oh, you mean Jena. No, this is my sister."

"Sister huh. Well then. Hi, I'm Ken Murata and I'm currently single." He winks at Jena. The guy has a one track mind.

"Nice to know."

"So let's go. This place isn't going to stay open forever!" Jena starts to trot off to get us wristbands, the ones that give you unlimited rides. Leaving me and Murata to talk.

"Shibyua. Why didn't you tell me you had a sister?" Bullet eyes set the sights on me.

"I just…"

"Or that she was out of league cute?"

"Try not to say that around me."

"Why not? It's true."

"Let's drop this."

"Hey slow pokes! Let's get going!"

"We're coming, Jena."

"Okay!" Jena walks closer to the railing and leaned against it waiting for us to hurry up. We just caught up to her when we heard a crack and then saw Jena start to fall.


"WA, WAAaaaaa!"

"Jena!" I latch on to her arm trying to pull her up when we both go over and fall into the cold water below. I feel the familiar tug pull me down deeper into the water. I know exactly where this is going to end, but i fight it anyway. I have to get Jena at least to the surface otherwise she could die, but the light starts to surround us and once again I'm in a huge fountain.

I see Conrart, Gunter and Wolfram heading toward me. Wolfram didn't look to glad to see me. In fact he looked like he was about to kill me.

"Yuuri! I demand to know what you are doing with that woman!"

"Woman? Jena!" She had come with me to the Demon Kingdom.

"Conrart, Gunter help me get her out of the water!"

"Why should they save your little hussy?"

"She's my hussy, I mean she's not a hussy. She's my sister!"

"Your sister?" Gunter asks as Conrart picked her up bridal style out of the water. "She doesn't look too bad. She is just unconscious right now. I'll take her to a room and let her gain consciousness.

"Thank you, Conrart."

"By the way does she know about us?"

"You've been fooling with my brother?"

"No, Wolfram. When I said us, I meant us as in the Demon Kingdom and him being the demon king."

"No, I haven't told her yet. She just moved back to Japan."

"I see. Then we have a lot to explain when she wakes."

"Yeah, we sure do."

POV Jena

"Jena...Jena...Jena." I hear a voice calling me. It sounds pretty familiar. Like I have heard it all my life and I know I should respond, but I...

"" "Ugh.." "Hey guys, I think she's waking up!" My eyes open to reveal light. It was painful, man I thought that you only had that kind of pain when you get over a hangover. Not when you go flying into the water and get pulled by an under tow. Wait...water...undertow...someone was with me...who? ...YUURI! I can see him now past all the bright shining lights that were still blinding me.

Latching on to him with such force so that I knew it wasn't a dream. "YUURI! Oh My God! I Was so scared when you were begin pulled under water with me..."

"I'm alright, Jena. We're both going to be alright. You just lost consciousness when we surfaced. But your conscious now and resting comfortably."

"Oh, that's a relief. However I have a question."

"You can ask questions later. Right now you need to rest and then I will answer any questions that you have then." "It's a really quick and easy question to answer."

"I said you need to rest."

"It will be the only one I'll ask then I will go back to resting without any trouble."

"Well...I guess it couldn't hurt. So go ahead and shoot."

"Where are we?" This cuckoo look, like I just told him I'm a unicorn. I mean it was a pretty straightforward answer and we are in a room that clearly is not in his house, my new house or the hospital. Honestly what hospital has colored walls with wood finish, a canopy bed that looked like it should belong in Buckingham palace and large ornate windows. Plus there is no way any room in Yuuri's house is this freakishly large.

"Umm that's a little hard to explain. You see we aren't...well you see.. we...we...we are in the...ummm."

"Spit it out Yuuri."

"We're at a place called Voltaire Castle and it's located in this land called the Demon kingdom."

"Ha-ha. That's pretty cute Yuuri. Now tell me the truth where are we really?"

"We are really in a place called the Demon Kingdom."

"Demon Kingdom. Really? You really expect me to believe that?"

"It's the truth."

"Like that time you said that you saw a unicorn steal my cookies?"

"Okay. That time I was lying, but this time I am telling the absolute truth!"

"Okay, if we are in the demon kingdom. Then why are we here? Oh and how come you know about this place?"

"You said that you would go back to resting after I answered your question."

"Yuuri, you know me. Since when have I ever stopped with one question when there are two others to go with it?"

"Never." His head drops a little in a form of defeat.

"And that means?"

"I have to answer your questions here and now."

"Exactly. So start answering the call of duty."

"We are here and why I have been here before is because I am the Demon King and they call me over here when I am needed."

"Little Brother say Whaaaaat?"

"I am the Demon king."


POV Yuuri

I should have expected that. She still needed rest and the whole finding out I have another life in another dimension/world probably didn't help her either.

(Knock, Knock)

"Come in."

Gunter enters with his daughter Gisela.

"How's the patient doing?" Gisela asks in her usual calm voice.

"She woke up a little while ago, but passed out when she found out about me being a king and being in a whole other world, she kinda fainted."

"King Yuuri are you sure it was wise to tell her so nonchalantly, such an important title is not something that can be dealt with easily." chided Gunter. Shaking his hair and rubbing his forehead in worry.

"It's not like I wanted her to faint."

Gisela leans over and places her hand over Jena's forehead and then checks her pulse.

"She's alright. Her fainting is probably a sign of needing more rest. I'll come back in an hour to check on her. In the meantime I'll tell the maids to get some broth ready in case she gets hungry."

"Thanks Gisela."

"No thanks are needed. It's my pleasure to serve his highness's sister." She walks out and Conrart comes in.

"Yuuri, you need to sign some urgent papers." Gunter grabs my arm urging me forward.

"Wait, I can't leave Jena alone. What if she wakes up and gets worried when I'm not here?"

"Conrart will stay and look after her. Now let's go your highness."

"Conrart make sure she's safe."

"There is no need to worry Yuuri. I will watch after her as well as I do you."

POV Conrart

Jena. You have changed quite a bit since a last saw you. But you were only a little girl when I first saw you, playing with his highness. You have actually grown quite beautifully.

Carla POV

This is starting to get old. Passing out and then kind of waking up in a sorta dark world. Where you know you are supposed to be in a room with light and it's not light at all. Then there's the half-awake part of it. You can hear someone but you can't hear them that well. Even though they are possible like two feet in any direction from you. Because I know I hear someone. I just can't quite understand them or see them.

I open my eyes or at least try to the first time I get nearly blinded, the second wasn't as bad. It was still bad, just not as bad. So I engage the flutter technique. You know what you tend to see on any of those soap operas when people get out of a coma or dream. They flutter their eyes quickly and then stop and look around with wide eyes. Granted when they did it, it was part of a script. When I had to do it, it was because I was surprised to see that there was a stranger in my room and he had a piece!

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I throw all the pillows at him and he jumps from his chair and flicks them away from his face. At least he tries to. I then take the opportunity and did a side kick to his waist and then a punch to the head. It through him back a little but dazed him more than anything. He had this bewildered look etched into his face while blood was dripping from his nostril. I jump from the bed and try and get distance from him. He grabs my shoulder. I reign in my arms and use my left leg to deliver a back roundhouse kick to his head. Barley missing it when he tried to duck out of the way. He then grabbed me from the back and tried to pull me back. He was shouting something strange that I couldn't understand. Not that I was trying to. I mean come on! I was pretty sure this guy was some kind of pervert. I used his weight against himself. I flipped him over and finally made it to the door. Only to open it and find that there was another person there. A gruff, angry looking man with grayish black hair. He looked like he was the guy in charge and he did not look like the kind who would go down easily. But I did not care. I was going to get out of here. Until i heard...

"Gwendal did you find out what was going on?" Yuuri popped out from behind.

"Yuuri! Get out of the way these men were...!"

"Trying to watch over you when I went to take care of some important Demon King work. I didn't expect you go nuts!"

"I wasn't going nuts! I freaked out when I found some strange man when I woke instead of my Otouto!"

"Okay that one was my bad, but didn't you at least hear Conrart out?"

"Who's Conrart?"

"The guy you found in here."

"I can't understand him! He speaks a foreign language!"

"You can't understand them?" "That would be a yes, brainaic." "Oh, I see. I guess then you need help to understand them." The grouchy guy said something and then a blonde girly looking boy showed up with a green haired girl and a man in white. The guy who I thought was a pervert who I guess is named Conrart turns me to face him. He takes his hands and places them on either side of my head. I couldn't understand why he was doing that. Once more I think he's a weird sort of pervert. Then this wave of pain goes through my head. I fall to my knees and grip my head and in the split second it did. I heard a voice. A suave, debonair, sexy voice.

"I'm surprised to find that was enough to render you to your knees. The honor I had of fighting with you showed that it should take more than something as small as this."

I look up to a smiling pervert Conrart. Now that I will look at his looks. He is rather handsome. Still doesn't mean that I like or trust this guy. He seems kinda cocky.

He puts his hand out for me to grab. "I didn't mean to wound your pride. I know a good fighter when I see one."

Well maybe not exactly cocky, but on a high horse of some kind. I lift myself up and look around at the others. "Yuuri, you said you are the Demon King and we are in the Demon Kingdom. Should I safely guess that the people who are in this room are demons?" "All except Conrart. He's considered human."

"Your mom is probably disappointed that they don't have wings."

Yuuri and I share a small laugh. "Yeah, she would...Hey! Ow!" The blonde girly guy just grabbed his cheeks and stretches them like there taffy. "Yuuri, how dare you flirt with this hussy!"

"Wo-olllffram, i toold yoou thattt ssshe's my sssisster!"

"Hey, Blondie." The girly blonde stops and glares at me. "It's not polite to call someone you don't really know or accuse a person's sister of being a hussy. It makes others think you weren't raised right."

That clearly got him upset. Since he released Yuuri's sore cheeks and focused all his attention on me.

"Yeah, well that statement shows that you aren't too polite yourself!"

"Who said I was polite?" He grinds his teeth in frustration and takes a step forward. He stops when the guy in white cuts him off with his arm.

"Wolfram, I believe that as a member of the Ten Aristocrats wouldn't it be in your best judgment to introduce yourself. Instead of creating more hostility in the room?"

Wolfram as I will probably have to call him from now on instead of Blondie just huffs.

"Now then." The man in white comes toward me.

"I am Lord Gunter Von Christ. Mentor and tutor to his highness." He then takes my hands and looks deeply into my eyes. "It is an honor to meet the beloved sister of his highness whom shares his blood."

I pull my hands out of his.

"Listen I hate to burst your bubble, but we aren't related by blood. We just think of each other as siblings." He gives a confused pout that makes him look utterly adorable. Like a tragic hero or Tamaki from Ouran High School host Club. (Yes, I am an otaku. But I am proud!)

Yuuri moves me toward the grouch.

"This is lord Gwendal. He may seem like a grouch but he has a soft side." Gwendal's brow wrinkles a bit more at the statement.

"Yeah, he's a real ball of sunshine."

"Your highness, i think everyone should leave."

"Why Gwendal?" "I think that Jena needs to be looked over by Gisela and everyone else has work to do. Including you your highness." The green haired girl steps to the side and everyone ushers out. Conrart stops at the door and smiles back at me. It felt more like a smirk than a smile. For some reason this guy made me feel a little on edge.

"Ms. Jena, please sit down." I look her over. She seems like a cheerful type. She kinda made me think of Gunter.

"Don't worry. I'm a doctor of sorts. King Yuuri just wants to make sure that you are alright."

"I understand." She looks me over and then tells me I needed to rest some more and to take a pill that she placed on the table. She leaves me alone and it gives me time to reflect on things. Until I hear a knock on the door...

Jena P.O.V

I go to the door wondering what other man with a piece is going to be at the door to greet me only so I can karate chop him later. What came to greet me was a large butch looking maid in a pink dress that didn't help her complexion. At least I think she's a she. Oh who am I kidding she is most obviously a man. "I'm here to clean the room!" Sure you are.

"Um I hate to sound rude and all. But there is no need for you to clean the room right now. I'm going to be in here for a little while. You should try coming back later."

"I was told to clean the room and I'm going to clean the room." Note that her/his voice just got a little deeper. I'm betting on the fact that this is a man in drag.

"Look I already told you I'm still using the room right now. That means that you have to go until I'm done or you can get the king himself to force me to get out of the room." The maid's eye's narrow a little as she leaves the room. I still say that she is a he. The dress doesn't compliment his skin tone. The lip stick is too pale and she has really big biceps that don't add up to the anatomy of a woman's biceps. If I'm wrong I will give her a makeup kit that compliments her skin tone as an apology.

Five minutes go by and Yuri comes in.

"The maid is saying you're not letting do her job."

"I'm still trying to rest and I don't like a man in drag cleaning while I need said rest."

"You figured that out?"

"It's not that hard when you're a girl little bro. How long did it take you?"

"I found out when he told me."

"Ha ha. It took you that long!"

"Well not everyone can spot these things!"

"Don't get your pants in a big knot Yuri. I'm just joking with you. So who was that guy and has he always been a cross-dresser?"

"His name is Josak. He cross-dresses in order to gain intel on possible problems against the crown."

"Is it save to guess that I am a suspect of being a possible problem against the crown?"

"Oh yeah, they have been on to you for days."

"Then I better flee the country." We share a laugh and then the girlie looking guy comes in.

"Yuri! You should stop babysitting this girl and start running your country!"

"Hey he's not babysitting me. He's just watching out for me. Like what I use to do for him when we were kids." He looks at me with an obvious disdain.

"You best wipe that look off your face before I take wipe it off for you."

"Do you really think that you can do something like that?"

"Are you trying to tempt me?"

"Wolfram you might want to stop. In all fairness she will beat you up." Wolfram doesn't back down. Now that comment aside I don't know what else I did to irk this guy off. I didn't know him, I haven't met him before now, so why is he so mad at me? He marched right up to me and pointed his finger right at my chest.

"Stay away from my fiancée!"



"Your What?"

"My fiancée!"

"Wolfram! I've told you before that was a misunderstanding!"

"You proposed!"

"I didn't know that's how that's done here!"

"You and Yuuri are engaged?... BWHa-ha!" I just started laughing at the whole show. I mean my little brother is getting married to that priss! You would so laugh too. "What's so funny?"