Jena P.O.V

I was lost on why everyone was freaking out. They were going through the stages of denial and they weren't stopping. Wolfram was probably the worst out of the bunch. Considering he was the one who had just slapped me then yeah he might have regrets, but not a freak out attack that you would find at a mental facility. Of course this freaking out attracted attention. From several guards, the three maids, Gwendal, Conrart and of course my brother.

"What the heck is going on here?" Yuuri demanded. Wolfram couldn't even say what had happened. This meant that one of us had to explain the situation. This meant that I was the one to explain.

"Wolfram hit me."

"What?! Wolfram!"

"Well he slapped more than hit and now everyone is freaking out."

"On the left cheek." Added Lady Celi nervously.

"On the left cheek?" Yuuri's voice grew quieter towards the last words. I was getting the feeling that he knew what that meant. Now I was hoping that he would tell me the significance.

"Yuuri what is the importance of the left cheek? I can tell that is means something big, so just spit it out already." Let me guess it was a declaration of war. Well that can be easily solved I will just have to do the right thing and tell him that there shall be no war. And then beat him up later for it.

"It was a proposal of marriage."

"Say what?! They are wife beaters!?"

"No, no it's not like that per say. It is just with a proposal that they smack the left cheek. Ok?"

"Well I respectfully decline his offer of marriage and for the rest of our lives we will never bring it up again."

"It is not that simple." Wolfram said with his teeth clenched and the near look of panic still etched into his brow. My face was frozen for two seconds and then went into the teenager mode of shouting it out loud.

"WHY THE HECK NOT?! I mean come on, neither of us wants to get married and aren't the two of you supposed to get married?"


"Well sorry Yuuri but that was what I was previously told."

"There is no way that bigamy is allowed in the Demon kingdom." Stated Gunter quite fiercely. I looked around the room to see what the others felt. They all had crossed looks on their faces too.

"Of course there will not be any bigamy. I plan to be married to one not two. Especially not to some harlot vixen that snared some of our best warriors with her plain looks!"

"My sister isn't a harlot! And what do you mean by her snaring some warriors?"

"Honestly the two of you are so clueless. I swear when we are married Yuuri you will be taught to rid yourself of that trait."


"Alright. My brother Lord Gwendal, Lord Conrart and Lord Gunter are all in love with your stupid sister." He just let the bomb drop not too long after he told me about. This just got more awkward. Yuuri's face turns pale as he looks around the room at the guilty faces that refused to meet his eyes. It was true to me now that I see it. The rush of realization colored my cheeks a deep red, as my heart began to thump inside my rib cage.

"All of you…Why didn't any of you tell me?!"

"You see Yuuri…" Conrart began.

"I already figured that about you Conrart, I was talking to the others. Gwendal? Gunter? Anything you wish to say to me?"

"Your highness, I think that it is best that you calm yourself a bit before Lord Gwendal and I talk with you and Lady Jena."

"You should just save your breath Gunter. The matter of the issue is that somehow this pathetic human girl has bewitched you somehow and now I may be forced to marry the little bimbo."

"Shut Your Mouth! Wolfram just because you have done something without thinking does not give you the right to bad mouth someone else for your idiocy. Now apologize!" Gwendal was furious with his brother. The vein was throbbing and everything.

"For what? She is a stupid little…" It was Yuuri who hit Wolfram upside the head. But given a few seconds and Gwendal would have followed.

"Wolfram, I will not have you insulting my sister, especially now that I know that you hold such malice in regard to her. Now apologize to her and leave my sight at once!" There was no trying to deal with him now he was pissed. Wolfram was close to saying something when he became smart and shut it. Yuuri looked at him for a mere second before saying something to the rest of us.

"I would like it if the rest of you would go on about your business, while I deal with this matter privately among Jena, Wolfram and I." Slowly at first they all moved away. Some looked back and then moved on others thought they could be clever tried to hide behind a pillar or such, but Yuuri was in no mood for that. He demanded that they continue on and when they had left he turned to Wolfram and me. Using only his eyes to communicate to follow him into the study. Both of us were a little worried. Neither of us had ever seen Yuuri act this upset. When we entered he began to speak.

"Wolfram in light of the fact that you had proposed to my sister without actually meaning to I will disband the proposal. However keep in mind that there has been a similar event before." Wolfram I think didn't hear what Yuuri said at the end. He looked more relieved about the end of the proposal. He was breathing normally for once, but then sucked it back in when he realized that Yuuri wasn't finished talking to the both of us.

"However I could have it placed back on you if you do not start treating Jena with respect."


"You heard me Wolfram. You can start by apologizing and then giving her a sincere compliment." Yuuri's anger was down and now he was being high school principal serious. Wolfram was stuck at an impasse. He was going to have to give me an apology and a compliment or he was going to have to marry me. No way am I letting the latter happen. His face contorted as he looked at me as if his mouth was going to betray him and say all that he wanted to say instead of what he knew that he had to say. With my eyes I told him that he should just say something simple like you look alright today will do.

"I apologize (ignoring the coughing hack he made) for slapping you upon the cheek in my moment of blind fury." Okay he is doing well. Not too shabby nearly believable. He just has to bring it on home. "I would also like to say that you are not a floozy."

Okay still hurtful, but right now I will take what I can get.

"Wolfram! Try again." Apparently not enough for Yuuri.

"Fine. You are also not unattractive." Yuuri was about to say something in protest.

"Yuuri to be fair this is hard for him and you can't expect him to get it done perfectly the first time and be believable. Let's just call it a day for this. What do you say?"

"Fine then. Wolfram you can go." Wolfram dashes out of the room with a smile on his face and pep in his step. This would have hurt my self-esteem if I did not really care about what he was doing at the time.

"Well Yuuri, in light of things I think that I will head to bed. It has been one of those weird days that we will push to the back of our heads and never bring up again."

"Why would we do that? I thought girls your age thought that it was the best feeling in the world for them to have multiple guys interested in them?"

"I was talking about the Wolfram proposing to me thing." I shiver after saying that. "That is serious going to be the first thing I want to forget about today." I made way for the door before Yuuri could say anything else to the multiple guy things. Sure it was a grandiose complement to me to have three of the hottest bachelors of the Demon kingdom interested in me romantically. However the down side was that they all worked with my brother, they all were basically under his command, oh and one of them was so in to himself that he tried to pull something on me. The perverted jerk. Okay so now the only ones that seem to have appeal are Gunter and Gwendal. Wait. Wait. Wait brain! We have got to stop and actually think about something more important than this. I am in this world for only a certain amount of time as far as we know. That means it is not the time to be thinking about a boyfriend or any kind of relationship with someone from this world. It is best to ignore everything like it did not happen and stay in that state of bliss until it is time to go home. Then when I am home I can deny that this whole thing never happened and spend the rest of my life in therapy because I will go crazy at one point for denying it for so long. Great I am trying to turn into a psychotic. Recap I am just tired and overthinking things. Here I come bed sweet, sweet bed.

(Knock Knock) Then again. I go to the door with a constant feeling of why I am avoiding sleep. The door I open reveals to me King Sara.

"Sara? I thought that you were returning home?"

"I am, but a small dam burst and flooded the roads. Logically we came back here to wait for the okay to head back to home."

"I see. It is nice to see you again Sara, but I have had a rather long day and wish to get some rest. Please excuse me."

"Very well. I hope to see you in the morning at breakfast."

"You shall. Good night."

"Good night." After the door closed I pretty much flopped into bed and went straight to sleep dreaming of running away from something that was chasing me into a cave. I don't know what it could mean. Okay maybe that one is easy to figure out.

Breakfast was stressed a bit since everyone now knew about the almost proposal and how all these guys who were close to Yuuri were infatuated with but everyone had to keep a straight face and not say anything to our returned guest. Who was a bit of fresh air since he dominated the conversation with me so I didn't have to feel awkward around the other guys here. He was wonderful with the conversation. Kept it light and nice. When breakfast ended I went into the gardens. The tranquil feel of the sun and flowers did wonders for my mood. Cecille came in.

"Oh Jena! How are you feeling dear?"

"Awkward around the guys."

"I see. Well I have just the thing to ease the tension awkward feelings give. We take a bath."

"A bath?"

"Yes, the baths here are so wonderful. The water is nice and steamy with minerals that help keep your skin looking beautiful. Not to mention the marvelous scents they have! Come on!" She said it with pleading eyes. You know the kind the big round eyes that if you don't have a soul then it is still hard to say no to.

"Alright it might do the trick."

"Oh Goody!" She snatched my arm and ran or skipped I couldn't tell since I was getting hair whipped thanks to the wind speed. We arrive to this beautiful place. It was outside but looked well excluded enough to not have to worry about people seeing you. With marble pools and mosaic designs of Grecian proportions. I could already smell the scents of gardenia, lilac, jasmine, roses, lavender and honeysuckle. I hope they have more!

Cecille lead us into a room where we could change and gather our towels and pick our scents. I chose this passion fruit mango scent that was heaven in bottle. I wonder if I could get it to go? I'll ask later right now it is time to do some heavy relaxing. And boy did I. I applied the scent while I washed in the perfect temperature of warm water laid my head back and closed my eyes in a daydream. Time passed in a leisurely pace with polite conversations between the Lady Cellie and me. Till she wished to go get a massage leaving me alone in the baths. No skin off my nose. I wanted to stay here for a while longer.

POV Gwendal

"Do you think that there will be any trouble from King Sara? I don't fully believe that flooded road story."

"I had three of my best men go and check out the road they had said they were traveling on. Turns out they were telling the truth."

"Are you sure about this Gwendal?"

"I am positive Wolfram. The only thing I worry about is King Sara's involvement with Jena."

"Gwendal." Yuuri was starting to act as if he was going to reprimand me.

"Yuuri I worry that he may try something on her. She is naive to many of our customs and polices he may think of her as a way into politics with an upper hand."

"You do have a point." He said sitting back farther to his seat with a thoughtful expression on his face. Serious indeed since his eyebrows were starting to come together.

"Speaking of which where is the…girl?" Nice attempt Wolfram, but still sounding like a little lord brat.

"I haven't seen her since breakfast." Gunter said as he rearranged some books.

"Same here." I said.

"Gunter, Gwendal find Conrart and look around for her, but do not under any circumstances create a panic among anyone. If they have to ask just say that I request her presence or something like that. With what happened yesterday it has become the castle gossip everyone has been hovering over. No one would think to question any of you twice."

"Understood, your majesty. I can assure you that we will find her quickly and swiftly." Gunter said taking a bow before exiting from Yuuri's presence. Conrart did more or less the same thing but was met with a harsher glance than Gunter had received. When I think about it I can't help but think that Yuuri does have every right to be a little furious with all of us. Told us to stay away from Jena and we fell hard for her. Conrart though still has the reigning title of being the stupidest among us.

"Wait a minute Yuuri why was I not listed to go find her?! Oh I see you actually want some alone time with. Well you wimp there are better ways than causing a search party, but I suppose that it is nice enough…"

"That is not why I am having you stay back with me. I am more afraid that if you find her you could do more damage than what you had done yesterday." Wolfram was silenced by the comment and also embarrassed by the memory of yesterday. In turn it makes me furious that little lord brat had done something so stupid as to reveal private matters that could have been handle better without Yuuri having to know about them. It has just caused more problems. I grumbled with these thoughts as I exited the room to look for Jenna. I swear that if Sara has anything to do with this I will personally see to it that he pays for it with blood. (Author: Okay so you are heading into your dark place now Gwendal. Please try to restrain yourself from doing something that could cause a war. After all that means going against Yuuri. If you were to hunt for the blood a foreign king which is not peaceful.)

Gunter POV

Where could the lovely Jena be? Perhaps she has gone out for a walk among the flowers with his highness's daughter. They do get along well like a mother and daughter. Jena has the warm presence flowing from her like the embracing sun enchanting all of her with her kindness. How natural does that sound her as a mother. I can already see her with holding a baby in her arms. A smile on her face as she looked at the giggling baby. Her chin lifts up when she sees someone enter the room and I find that it is me and I hold the two of them close. OH! CRUEL GODS! HOW CAN I HAVE SUCH THOUGHTS WHEN HIS HIGHNESS HAS TOLD ME NOT TOO?! I must remove these thoughts from my head at once! But first I should look for Lady Jenna after all his highness told me to.

Gwendal POV

It feels as I have gone over every piece of land and stone and building in this castle. Twice I have met up with Conrart who has found no sign of her, three times I have talked with both Greta and Anissina and even to a guard who just got here I had to ask four times if he saw her. This is starting to look more and more like a Sara is involved issue. I should just go right up to that smug little prick and grab him by the throat and… Wait did I check that building?

Gunter POV

Finding Lady Jena has become rather problematic. No one I have talked to has seen her and when I asked Sara if he had seen her I saw that creepy grin of his. I need to relax, maybe go to the library. Wait I didn't check the library!

Gwendal POV

After I had checked the building which was the same one I had just come out of I realized that I need to stop and think. Oh I can't wait for that I think I will just head back to looking for her. This time I will go to the building on the right.

POV Gunter

This was a good idea to enjoy the pleasures of so relaxing an environment. I take another deep breathe savoring the scent of the water lilies in the gentle waters. I resumed my mission. I went looking for what I needed to look for.

Five minutes later I was ready to enter the water. The baths were an excellent idea for my situation. The warmth of the bath water will unwind my mind and when it unwinds I will be able to think of a way to find lady Jena.

I enter the water the feel of it gets every kink out of my shoulders and back. I think that this is pleasant enough for me to just lean back my head and maybe take a little nap.

Jena POV

I should get out of this water soon. My hands are beginning to prune, but it just feels so good and the fact that I could actually swim around in it like a pool instead of a normal hot tub. I like the feeling of hot water, but just sitting around in it is not something that I like to do. It feels sort of boring just to do that. I like to move around and float. I think I may float for a little bit longer. Eyes closed floating in warm water and pure utter bliss that escapes from you. I float for so long that I didn't take into account that I was moving I also didn't take into account that I ran into the side of the bath. The rocky side of a bath hurts! I was so close to conking my head into an unconscious state. Oh god I could have just drowned! Okay it is time to get out of the bath and dry off.

The Three Maids POV

"Oh, my dear!" said the blue maid

"Did we just really just see that?" questioned the Pink maid.

"Princess Jena is certainly brave." remarked the Green maid. All three nodded to agreement. Each felt at odds with what they had just witnessed in the bathing area. They had seen Lord Gunter and the new princess Jena in the same bath together. True it seemed like the two were not there for unsavory purposes, but instead they were just simply enjoying a bath. Still such behavior is highly frowned upon. And with her new status it is not even proper even though Gunter is in the running for her hand in marriage. We must tell someone. If we do though then the princess will be hurt. We can't stomach that since she is so kind to us and it would crush his poor highness if something this slanderous was brought into the light.

"It must have been a fluke." The pink one said philosophically.

"Yes, of course." The blue one agreed quite readily.

"In fact I remember that neither one of them so much as looked at each other." The green one said with flair.

"Of course we saw that too."

(The maids silently agreed that the scene at the baths would not be told to anyone outside of the three of them and each went back to their duties. Meanwhile Gunter stayed in the baths and Jena was out among the gardens looking for Greta. Who still wanted to hear the rest of The Secret Garden and then have her aunt read her the Alice in Wonderland story. So far both of them weren't having much luck finding the other.)

Jena POV

"Greta! Greta! Where are you?"

Where is she? I would have bet my bottom dollar that she was out in the garden playing with Yuuri or the He-she. Just because he apologized in his own jerky way doesn't mean that I am ready to forget everything. I forgave him and he has to earn the forgetting part. That I know will take a good long while.

"Greta! Come on out where ever you are!"

"I can tell that you are looking for someone. Do you mind if I help?"

"Sara? I thought you were leaving soon?"

"Unfortunately: no. The roads were much worse than originally thought. I will have to stay a little longer. Why are you already sick and tired of my presence?" His smile was playful and eyes merry behind the rose tinted sunglasses.

"I find your presence more tolerable than certain people I could mention."

"Good to hear that I am not that bad a person to be around. If that is settled do you think that you may answer my first question?"

"First question? Oh you mean about helping me. I would not mind the help at all."

"Excellent." He puts out his arm for me to take. I do not know why he has to feel the need to be so formal with me.

"Shall we your highness?"

"Call me crazy but I wonder didn't I ask you to just call me Jena?"

"You may have. I am not sure, but from this point forward I shall see to it that I address you the way you wish to be addressed. Since you have remembered to address me the way I have asked you to." He leads the way inside to the castle were the two of us look for Greta. Turns out she was in the library.

"Aunt Jena! Aunt Jena! Please tell me the rest of the story! I want to know what happens to the poor orphan girl!"

"I will in a second. Why don't you get settled comfortably for the story, okay?"

"Okay." She says bounding over to a self to grab the book. While I turn to say goodbye to Sara.

"Thank you for assisting me in finding Greta."

"You are most welcome, Jena." He said while bowing. I returned with a curtsy and walked over to the chair to begin reading. Greta was enthralled with the story more so than she was when I first started reading to her. She was so cute with her wide eyes all anxious to hear the next line in each chapter. We were nearing the end when Yuuri had come in looking for me.

"Yuuri, you look out of breath."

"I have been looking for you. Have you been in here the whole time?"

"I have been in here awhile."

"Okay then. Please come with me."

"I promise not to be long Greta. I'll be back before you know it and we will find out what happens with the walled garden."

Yuuri and I travel to what I am now going to call the Think Tank, since it seems to be the place that Yuuri does all his thinking. Inside were the Romance Crew, Conrart, Gwendal and Gunter. Oh and the prom queen Wolfram. What is going on?

"Yuuri, is something the matter?"

"I don't know how to do this, so I will just say this flat out. I don't want you hanging out with King Sara alone anymore. He is a dangerous individual that could corrupt you." I didn't say anything. Stared blankly and then walked out the door. This I believe stunned some people since I could hear someone coming after me. It was in the open column corridor that echoes every sound.

"Jena. Jena!" I called out to her retreating form before I started running towards her. When I had caught up to her she turned sharply.

"Listen Yuuri, I know you feel that you are protecting me and everything, but this has got to stop. I don't need you feeling that you need to keep everyone at bay. So what if some guy thinks I'm pretty or something you don't need to threaten them to stay away from me and will everyone please stop warning me about Sara. He is just trying to be a friend. I am old enough to not have my little brother have to look out for me all the time. I can do that on my own and so far I have done a better job of that then you have. I can't tell you how to run your kingdom but I can tell you that you need to remember that not everyone's life needs to be looked after by you. I have to go." She said and like a sap I stood there and let her walk out.

Things went downhill between her and me since the hallway confrontation. She would start to avoid me, not outright like with Wolfram. Hers was more subtle and less noticeable by the others. It irked me to know that even they couldn't see the hostilities, even Wolfram was unaware and that is saying something. She even was paying closer attention to the others not excluding Conrart. Who last time to my knowledge was not on her people she liked page. I think I just took his spot. What am I going to do? I can't just apologize, because she will know that I don't mean it or I will only half mean it. And if I do apologize and say something about what went on in the wrong way she will get mad again. Man, there is just no dealing with women is there?