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Yuuri POV

I managed to make it to the meeting in time and thankfully it wasn't that long of a meeting. It was more of an idea circle on how we could improve the number of people coming to our school for the culture fair next month with our events. There was going to be a raffle, haunted house and someone even suggested that we have a beauty pageant that any girl from any school could enter and guess who it was that suggested it. Murata and since a majority of the class are guys it was voted into the fair quickly. The only rule the teacher had to add was that there wouldn't be a swimsuit competition since that would be asking too much and it was not something he agreed on for a beauty pageant. Murata was still sporting a smile after the declaration of no girls in swimsuits.

"Hey Shibuya I got an idea I want to run by you. I think you should get your sister to enter the beauty pageant." He said rather loudly. Too loudly, why would he talk like this?

"What? Shibuya has a sister?" A few of the guys from the baseball team who were in my class started forming a circle around us. Now I could see why he was practically shouting at me. "How come we haven't heard about her before?"

"Because they aren't actually related but they think of each other as siblings. She also just moved back here so that's why you haven't really heard of her before. And if I must say she is really cute. I mean Really Cute." Murata said as if he was an old man still believing he was in the prime of his youth with the ladies. He even did some weird hand motion that I was sure was from the thirties.

"Really? Are you sure you aren't being nice because of Shibuya being right next to ya?"

"Hey!" I shout.

"Hey, is right. Believe me guys she's way cute, like model cute and I believe she is currently available." His eyebrows jump up and down. Why is he acting like a playboy for the olden days?

"A girl cute enough to be a model and she is currently available. For some reason we doubt that Murata." The guys said rather bland faced. Murata is not always the one to believe when it came to certain stories about girls he knew. These guys knew about it from experience.

"Oh really well it just so happens I have a picture of her with me and she's wearing her new school uniform in that picture. You guys are about to eat your words." Murata then pulls out a picture of Jena in a school uniform.

"Murata where the heck did you get that?!" I shout at him trying to get the picture from him while the picture instead was just passed on to one of the other guys.

"Your Mom, she got it from Jena's guardians. I just asked for one and she gave me a copy no problem." He said smiling. I wish Mom did not give him that picture because now the guys were ogling over her and asking if and when they could meet her. I am so getting back at Murata for that. But first I am getting back that picture. I snatch it out of one of the guy's hands and then head for the door. Murata comes after and starts saying that I was being too protective over Jena and that no one meant anything by it. They were just making a joke out of how you were being protective.

"Still it's a little weird for you to be carrying around a picture of my sister. I mean you really had to ask my Mom for one."

"It's not that weird. She is one of my friends now and it's nice to have a picture of a friend. Makes you look less like a loner when you do."

"Yes, yes it is weird. Even for a friend to ogle over a picture of one friend's sister/their friend in a short skirt!" We walk the rest of the way in silence then I get the idea to pop in and see the new house that Jena was living in now. I knew it wasn't that far from my own home so it wouldn't mean I would be late going home. Murata came with as well, no surprise there. I knock on the door and Jena's Aunt Kena was the one to answer.

"Yuuri! It's wonderful to finally see you. And I see that you have brought a friend with you. Why don't the two of you come on into the house? Jena will be home soon. She and Charles had to run an errand on the way home. I have some Earl Grey tea and honeybee scones if you would care for some?"

"Thank you Aunt Kena." Yeah she allowed Yuuri to call her Aunt Kena too. She shuffles the boys into the kitchen which was designed to look like an English cottage kitchen. Tea cozies, herbs hanging upside down to dry and pretty bone china over wooden surfaces. Aunt Kena gathered the scones with raspberry jelly and placed them in front of the boys while she checked on the tea.

"You have a lovely kitchen." Murata tells her as he takes a bite out of the sensually sweet confection.

"Oh thank you. It's been a pain to remodel since we had it done before we officially moved in, but it was worth it. All the time that we lived in that flat in London I kept thinking of these beautiful English cottages I would hear about and see in movies. So I decided the next place we would move to I would have at least the kitchen look like one of those cottages. And I really have to say that it has been a dream come true to have. Tea?" The boys said yes please and drank the tea down quickly. Because even though the scones were tasty they were a bit dry. A scone or two later with several cups of tea Jena and Uncle Charles returned from their errand running.

"We're home!" Jena shouted amongst the structure of the house as she and her guardian brought in bags of groceries. "Oh! Hey, you guys." She happily said.

"Do you need some help with those bags? They look kind of heavy." Yuuri asks.

"No, thank you. We only have these ones and they are headed straight for the counter to be put away. I will be with you guys in a minute after I'm done." Aunt Kena was the one to tell her that she and Uncle Charles had it and she could go ahead and hang out with her friends. The group heads upstairs to her room which was going to be repainted soon. So it was already getting to the point where it needed covers over certain pieces.

"So what do you guys think?"

"I was actually expecting something along the lines of boy band posters on the walls or at least something on the walls."

"There will be stuff on the walls once the painters are done in here. Till then I have to put up with buttercream yellow walls."

"I thought you like yellow?"

"Not as a room color. When the sun hits it I feel like I am going to go blind because of the brightness." Yuuri could understand that. Then the conversation shifted to something else. How Jena almost tripped in the Koi but didn't at the last second. The reason she mentioned it to the boys was because of a question she had burning on her tongue. "Is it going to be like every other time I am in water I will be sent back to the Demon Kingdom?"

"To be honest the portal to the Demon Kingdom is really a lot like playing roulette it's a gamble. But hey at least you know that you still have a chance of going back there." Murata truthfully told her.

"It actually wouldn't be too bad to go back there soon. I want to see Greta again, Oh and apologize to Lady Celi for returning her dress so late."

"It still might be awhile till any of us could go back to the Demon Kingdom. Till then we just have to make the most we have here. And on that train of thought how about we make the most of that time, and have you come watch Yuuri on the baseball team." Yuuri uttered a what that went unnoticed by the two.

"I would love to see Yuuri in action! When's the next game?"

"Not for a while, but we do have practice tomorrow." Yuuri was going to say something but well you could probably tell that no one was going to listen to him for now.

"Do they allow people to watch the practices?"

"Sure they do, so long as you don't cause the players any damages or anything like that. So what do you say? We'll come pick you up right after you get out of school and then walk to the fields?"

"That sounds great! It would be so nice to see how far Yuuri has come in baseball. Our throws earlier this week leaves me with a few worries over his abilities." Yuuri's mouth forms the widest O of surprise that it could have been used as a bird bath for falcons. "I'm kidding Yuuri. Your throws aren't that much of a sore spot."

"One of these days I think that I will take your teasing as being serious." The three then shared a laugh.

"We also have a tiny request to ask of you." Not thinking that it was going to be a big deal Jena nonchalantly asked what the request was. "Our school is having a cultural fair soon and it is to help get more people to come so we have money for our dances and other things. One of these events we would like you to participate in."

"Café waitress?" Murata takes a moment before answering. No doubt thinking about her in a waitress dress.

"No, but that could be an idea. We want you to enter our school's first ever beauty pageant. Now I know there may be some concern, but don't worry there is not going to be a swim suit competition or anything like that. Just a school friendly pageant where I have confidence that you would win hands down."

"Murata, your flattery is charming, but enough for the snake. Besides are you sure you want me in your pageant? I'm not that pretty."

"What? Of course you are. You are defiantly pretty enough. Besides it would help our school a lot if we can get as many contestants to enter the pageant. Please for the good of our school?"

"Well…alright. I could always get booted out early in the competition." She said in a hopeful voice. Murata then said that she should have a more positive attitude if she wants to win. Her response was what part of that wasn't positive?

Narrator P.O.V

The next day after school the two young boys gathered up their friend from her school. Granted Murata wanted to chat a bit with some of her female class mates but was pulled away from doing so. The three arrived at the baseball field with a few minutes to spar before practice had to start.

"Hey Everyone! Come meet Shibuya's sister!" Murata shouted to the boys in the field and they were soon descending upon the group because well no one actually believed that she was real and was instead one of those… well girls that guys say they met at summer camp deals. It was Murata after all that informed them. But there she was real and in the flesh. And she did look like her picture.

"Hey, Shibuya is there any chance that she has a blonde sister?" One of the guys asked him in whisper.

"No, she is an only child, except for the fact that we see each other as siblings." The guy felt crestfallen over the fact. But soon left to start up practice along with the others as the coach arrived to begin the practice session. There was some minor distractions brought on by the girl cheering on her brother, but not enough to warrant her to be escorted out by the coach. The boys' minds were distracted by the game.

"Go Yuuri!" Jena cheered loudly as his swing made another ball fly out of the park.

"Well, well what's a pretty girl like you doing all alone?" Jena looked at the creep who was inching his way towards Jena's seat. Jena chose to ignore him and focus on Yuuri. The guy however did not stop his mission.

"Is your boyfriend on the team? That's a little sad that he leaves you all alone like this."

"I would rather you leave me alone." Jena says believing that he can take the hint. But like so many sleaze balls like him he didn't. He kept moving closer and try to get her to talk back with him but she moved further away.

"Come on, I'm not a bad guy I could really turn your head if you will let me."

"I am going to say this slowly so you can understand it. No thank you. Please leave me alone." She got up to walk away from the guy, but he took hold of her hand.

"That's not fair of you to just leave me like that. Leading me on with the whole disinterested routine."

"Believe me when I say that I am not using a routine on you. I have no interest in whatever it is you are trying to sell." She freed her hand from the guy's grasp and continued to walk away from him when she felt his hands on her again. But this time he couldn't do much but feel pain as she kicked him in the shin. The guy was a real wimp and let go of her immediately and she moved closer to the guys practicing. This time the coach saw what had happened and had the guy removed. The practice ended and the three headed over to Shibuya's house for a snacks and rest from such a day. While Yuuri went to take a quick shower, Jena and Murata helped to get the snacks together. By the time that Yuuri had finished his quick rinse he found the kitchen a mess. There was flour and sugar all over the floor that had become wet and sticky to the surface. There was also syrup of some kind that was all over Jena and flour was coating Murata's shirt. His mother was going to the closet to get the mop and bucket.

"What the heck happened in the eight minutes I was gone?"

"We had a little spill with some of the ingredients I was trying to use for the cookies for your schools bake sale Yu-chan. Poor Jena got the worst of it though. I think you should go upstairs and take a shower Jena. You can't home like that. Imagine all the flies you will attract." His mother exclaims as she proceeds to mop up the floor of the mess. Jena carefully walks upstairs to the bathroom and proceeds to remove her sticky syurp coved clothes, placing them in the hamper before stepping into the warm shower. The water felt good against her skin. With a little soap the feel of the mess leaving her body and hair did wonders for her mood. She felt wonderful. Once she felt that all of the kitchen disaster had been washed away Jena shut off the water and stepped out of the shower tub. She proceeded to dry off her hair and body not realizing that the water from the shower had formed a puddle. Actually it was larger than a usual puddle as it reached from end to end. Her back was turned and her thoughts were elsewhere so she was surprised to hear the sound of wildly swishing water. Her head turned to the source of the sound. She thought perhaps the tub was having trouble draining. That would be a big fat no when she saw the true source of the sounds. Another sound erupted from her in the form of a scream that sent the whole house running towards the bathroom.

When the group raced in they could see why it was that Jena had screamed. In the bathroom were the members of the demon tribe. Each of them were wearing faces of scarlet over the scene as well since Jena was trying to cover as much of herself as she could with a towel. Ms. Shibyua ushered Jena away from the group into a room where she took a few of her own sweat clothes and gave them to Jena to wear. Jena even after putting on the sweats still did not feel like joining the others just yet.

Gunter POV

The idea of seeing King Yuuri's home world again was a nice idea. If it would allow me to see his highness's lovely sister Jena again then it would be a more than nice idea. Our group takes the plunge into the water and come out on the other side. Where we were greeted with a sight both pleasing and wrong to see at the same time. I did wish to see Lady Jena again, but I did not wish to see the beauty of her bare skin unless she and I were to be wed. There she was before us. Her skin wet and shining with nothing but a towel covering her more feminine assets. I would surely have fainted to the floor from such a sight had I not been against a wall. The other's I believe all felt the same as I about the situation. Or at least more or less that is what I believe the others feel. Wolfram would see it more as embarrassment to see the sister of his fiancé nearly naked before him. The wise Lady Jennifer who gave birth to our noble king whisks Jena away from us to save the lady's face. Even if deep down I did find her alluring in that…Bad thoughts Gunter! Bad Thoughts! You Have Not Courted Her PROPERLY Yet! We were soon shuffled out of the bathroom and into the, what is referred to this realm a living room.

"What are you guys doing here? And couldn't you have picked a better way to enter than my bathroom?" His highness's face was growing pinker by the second as the scene replayed for him of what happened barely a few minutes ago.

"We do not always get to control where the portal will open up, but at least we were in the vicinity." Wolfram said a bit harshly. "Besides Yuuri we have a few things to discuss with you and we would prefer it if you could get your 'sister' out of here while we talk about this business."

"Why can't she be here to listen to this important information? She is an honorary royal isn't she?" His highness pointed out.

"You dolt! This important information has to do with her and she shouldn't listen to this without checking up on a few things!" Wolfram should really learn to lower his voice.

"What sort of information?" Yuuri could sense that this was going to be a complicated conversation. No one answered him yet and he didn't repeat his question. Instead he went upstairs. A total of ten minutes goes by before King Yuuri reappears and escorts his sister to the door. I could not help but notice that while her head did not turn she did acknowledge that we were there. Under the circumstances it was quite understandable her reaction as she went through the door and out of the house.

"She is gone. Now tell me what does this have to do with her? And is it something bad?" The one who spoke up for our collective group was Gwendal.

"The first act we would like to say is that we do apologize for the inconvenience we have caused Jena. We did not have any intention of coming into this world with her in… that position." A noticeable blush came over his face as he said that. But with a cough it disappeared and his frown lines returned.

"Jena, what is her last name? Her true last name, not the ones that her guardians have given her."

"Jena's last name was Ravenswell. That was before it was changed to Price when Aunt Kena and Uncle Charles officially adopted her. But that was a long time ago. I'm surprised that I still remember her old last name."

"Ravenswell." I could hear Conrart test the name on his tongue a few times.

"Do you know why she was adopted by these people? Was there some sort of problem with her biological parents?"

"If you are asking if her parents were drug users or something like that I would say with the upmost certainty that they were never like that. Her father was a nice guy. At least from what I can remember about him. He died when both of us were pretty young."

"And what of Jena's mother? Has she too passed away?" Gwendal asks him. A strange look came over his highness's face. The look of whether he should tell us or not.

"Your highness this is important. All of us understand that divulging in her family history may be a more complex issue for you, but this is information that we need. Once we collect the information then we will be able to tell you why we are here. Now please tell us this information." I plead to him. His highness sits himself down and tells us about Jena's mother.

"The truth is that I know next to nothing about Jena's mother since I never got to meet her. Just little bits of information nothing about the woman herself. Things like how she was said to be a rather beautiful woman with a rather shy demeanor. She was also ill most of her life and died shortly after Jena was a year old." He pauses to look at our expressions. "But I get the feeling that you guys know more about it than I do." An awkward feeling washes over us as we debate on how we should say our next words to him. It wasn't exactly something that could be easily said when it's something as large as this to say. It was Wolfram that broke the ice and said what had to be said.

"Whoever told Jena that is obviously lying. Her mother isn't dead. She's alive."

"Wolfram, that isn't funny. If this is some kind of sick joke that you have put the others up to then…"

"It's not a joke Yuuri. I wouldn't do something like that on a subject of this nature. Jena's mother is alive and her name is Helena Ravenswell. She is known to belong to the Dark Protectors. An family legacy that has been led to believe that they were legend and not fact."

"Legend?" Gwendal is now the one who speaks and is the one to tell the tale.

"The legacy of Jena's family began at the time of the Shinou's rule. A woman whose name is sadly lost to history, but the name she earned in battle still stays with us, the Vengeful Wolf. A protector to the Shinou that once stood by his side in all battles had to take to the shadows in order to protect both King and country. Her nickname served her well as when she was in battle her desire to bring justice to all her fallen comrades knew no bounds. She had even learned of a power that when uttered would leave enemies quaking in fear. A power that she could not share with her beloved King and... According to Ulrike she was also his lover and father of her two children."

"You mean to tell me that Jena is decedent of the great Demon King? The Shinou?" Funny he has about the same expression on his face that Wolfram had when he found out about Jena being of the Shinou's blood line.

"She is. But her mother decided long ago that she would be the last on in the family to preserve the Legacy they hold. By leaving the only one who could possibly fill in that role should something happen to Helena in this realm."

"If she wishes to end the family legacy then why have you come here?"

"The Legacy cannot end solely on the whim of one of its two remaining members. There has to be one to continue from where the other has left off. Even if Jena has not gone through the whole training of her family's ancient power she still the only one who can see to the line prospering for another to take on the role."

"Wait a minute I thought you said that her mother was alive? If that's the case her mother could continue the line."

"Didn't you hear what Gwendal just said Yuuri?! He said that Helena does not wish for the family Legacy to continue, she wouldn't bring another child into this world if that was to become their fate." Wolfram pointed out to his highness.

"I can already tell that there isn't an option for the family line not to continue, but you still need to clarify on why all of you have come here. You could have waited to tell me all of this when I came back to the Demon Kingdom." It is now my turn to talk to his highness.

"Your highness, Ulrike has told us that Lady Jena is the key to the family's legacy to thrive, but that legacy has to happen if the blood lines of one of the Ten Aristocrat's and hers were to mix." King Yuuri no doubt is thinking of this literary at the moment. His mind tends to do this with certain information, but it's a good thing that he does get the jest of what we mean in a few minutes.

"You mean to tell me that MY SISTER HAS TO GET MARRIED TO ONE OF YOU?!" That sounded far more hurtful than what I was expecting of his highness.

"Yu-chan. Stop yelling in the house. Honestly the neighbors might have heard you and called the police thinking that someone was dying." Lady Jenifer said from upstairs.

"Sorry Mom. I just got some… interesting news." He gulps a little and takes in a breath before plunging forth into the conversation again. "Ulrike has said that Jena needs to be married to one of the Ten Aristocrats so her family legacy can continue, but did she give a time limit or any indication of a deadline?"

"She did not give a specific time for when Jena should be wed, however she did hint at how she would like it to be soon and we are not the only ones who have been informed of this development over your sister's bloodline. Before you ask the answer to if the Ten Aristocrats know of Jena's bloodline the answer is no. Only we who stand before you know about it. The other Aristocrats only know that a beneficial marriage between his highness's sister and one of the eligible males of the Ten Aristocratic families is underway. Needless to say that a ball has been set for Lady Jena to attend and meet her potential husbands to be within the next couple of weeks."

"The next couple of weeks? And is she supposed to know about this or are we going to have to be like idiots and pretend that there is no ulterior motivation to the whole thing!" His highness is starting to act a little irrational right now. "In fact why don't we just draw lots instead that way it's actually fair since Jena seems to have no real opinion that matters in this anyway!"

"Your highness! Lady Jena may have to get married to a member of the Ten Aristocrats, but she has the option of choosing the one she feels is right for her and there is still the option of time. She does not have to marry right away."

"That still doesn't change the fact that she is more or less entering an arranged marriage for a kingdom that she hasn't even known about for nearly as long as I have. Not to mention the fact that now I have to tell her that her mother is alive. Her mother isn't dead but she abandoned her. I can't even think about how I could approach the subject with her."

"You should not tell her your highness." Yuuri looked sharply to Conrart for what he had just said. The words shocked him.

"Why on earth should I keep this from her?!"

"Helena is still out there and greatly desires the end of the line. She could see to it herself to end the line. If we lead her to believe that her daughter is marrying into an aristocratic family she will believe that she will not be a part of the Legacy."

"It still doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least tell her something."

"Yuuri how do you think she will react if she were to be told even a fraction of what we have told you? She may not be able to take it. She may even go straight to her mother and then what? Her mother holds a power in the shadows and in those shadows she could hide both her and Jena. Taking her away from you and everyone else in the kingdom."

"Then what about her future husband to be? Will he know the whole truth?" He said this bitterly and it is a justifiable emotion considering all that has been told to him in this short amount of time.

"Should she choose one of the other aristocrats to marry than he will be informed after the wedding ceremony or just before the wedding was to take place? Still we would not have Jena know anything more than what was prepared for her."

"You prepared something to say to her?" I could tell king Yuuri's mind was growing tired with the stress of this conversation so I took hold of it in order that it would end soon.

"We planned to tell Lady Jena that as part of her royal duty would be to see that this world and our world are symbolically matched in a union of marriage. The choice of who her husband will be is her choice. Even the time it takes can become debatable." His Highness then excused himself so that he could think about this in private. The rest of us were seen by Lady Jenifer in the meantime. It was not till the time of dinner that he made his appearance and he did look solemn.

"Yuuri, are you feeling alright?" Lady Jenifer placed her hand across his forehead checking his temperature. "You don't feel warm. Perhaps you would like to go to bed and I will bring you up something warm to drink?"

"I am fine Mom. I just need to talk to them before dinner. Alone." Lady Jenifer had a worried frown on her face, but did not question his highness about his request and left the room to go outside in the yard. He then turns to face us in an up most serious fashion. "I have come to a decision over what you have told me about."

"And?" Wolfram asked, no hint of impatience in his tone or voice. He is genuinely interested in what his highness has to say next.

"I will honor the words of Ulrike and I will be the one to explain it to Jena. Before either of you protest. I know what must be said to her and believe me it would be better if she heard it from me than one of you."

"When will you tell her.?" I ask delicately.

"I will tell her after my school's culture fair. I will be able to form the right words to tell her and she won't have added stress to being in the pageant hanging over her head." Gwendal spoke next.

"That sounds reasonable. Wait a second did you say pageant?" He looked a little lost as he said that.

"Yes, Murata managed to convince Jena to be in our culture fair's first ever beauty pageant. To be honest I thought she would flat out say no to the idea, but she agreed. Though at first she did say something about not being pretty enough for it at first, but…" Why would she think that? She is defiantly pretty enough, more than pretty enough! Mark my words she will win that pageant!

Meanwhile At Jena's… Jena P.O.V

I can't believe that that had just happened! All this time that I have been careful to avoid a bath in favor of a shower because of the fear of winding up in the demon kingdom naked and now the citizens of the Demon Kingdom just saw me naked here! Wolfram saw, Conrart saw, Gwendal saw and Gunter saw! What next Sara? Oh god that would be awkward on whole new level. He's married for Pete's sake and Wolfram would punch out a two year old in order to call me a slut first. But that didn't happen so yay for small favors and a towel that I hope covered more than what think it covered. It was easy to explain what happened to my school clothes while I was at Yuuri's to Aunt Kena and Uncle Charles, but it wasn't like I could tell them why my face is equivalent to a stoplight. (It refers to an old joke about why stoplights turn red, the punchline is if you had to change in public wouldn't you be red to?) I just made up a fib about running back home because of too much homework and that I forgot to grab my clothes on the way. Luckily Uncle Charles is a nut for preparedness and bought a spare change of school clothes.

Not so lucky that now I have to pretend to be busy doing homework so I don't feel totally guilty about lying and to keep my mind off of what just happened. I guess I will be that kid and get a jumpstart on tomorrow's homework. It looks like what seems like busy work, but it was easy and I can't complain that much about it so I'll get it done.

And then have time to watch Black Butler with corset scene again. And also Haruhi explain instant coffee to rich people. Maybe I should just watch anime instead of being a productive overachieving student? No wait a compromise is best. I could watch anime while I do homework. I will more than likely only finish about half of it so I will still have something to do for tomorrow. Great that's settled, now the more difficult choice to make. Which anime will I watch first. Corset scene or coffee scene? Which do you think King Midnight? (The black knit bear Gwendal let her have. Thank you Cats for the name suggestions!) Even he can't decide between the two. Oh what to do?