"Oh, hey Tripp, aren't you psyched for the party tonight?"

"Oh, yeah, a party with you is SOO fun!"

"What the heck Tripp? That was rude!"

"Oh, excuse me little miss perfect!"

"Tripp, why are you being such a big jerk lately?" Izzy asked, frustrated. The command echoed in Troops head. When you hear the word 'party' you will act like a big jerk-but when you hear the word 'jerk' you will tell that person what you truthfully and honestly think of them.

"Because I think that lately I'm falling in love with you!" A hypnotized Tripp blurted. Izzy was silent for a long moment.

"Y-you what?" She asked, swallowing a ball of spit nervously.

"I said I think I'm in love with you." Tripp repeated, courtesy of being hypnotized. Izzy was silent again.

"I-I..." Izzy began. She couldn't bring herself to finish her sentence.

"And the deepest part of me, underneath all my rocker-jerk influence is dying to know if you feel the same way, but I can never bring myself to say it. In fact, the only way I'm telling you now is through hypnosis." Tripp explained further.

"Wait, hypnotized? What was your command?" Izzy asked.

"Act like a jerk when I hear the word party and tell what I really, truly think about the person I'm talking to when I hear the word jerk." Tripp explained. Izzy was silent in thought for a moment.

"Party." Izzy said suddenly and very nervously. Tripp was silent a moment.

"Oh, hey Iz what's up?" Tripp asked.

"Uh, hey can we talk?" Izzy asked nervously. As she did so she heard a loud clatter coming from the kitchen.

"Sure, but let's go somewhere where it's a bit quieter." So the two went out to the small back porch attached to Tripp's room; it was small enough for them to sit side by side with their legs dangling off the edge, but only that small.

"What's up?" Tripp asked.

"Look, uhm, Tripp I don't necessarily know how but I-I think somehow you were hypnotized to act like a big jerk then tell what you think about someone. A-and I must've said the trigger word, because you kinda just told me that you love me." Tripp absorbed her words in silence for a moment.

"Well...I-I wasn't lying..." Tripp answered nervously.

"You're not?" Izzy asked quietly.

"No...I'm just scared that I'm embarrassing myself right now." They sat in silence for a brief moment.

"Well...you're not." Izzy admitted shyly as she looked out to the night sky and back to Tripp.

After another awkward silence, Tripp finally built up the courage to turn Izzy's gaze to him with his finger on her chin and leaned in and kissed her. Izzy smiled and relaxed into him, everything in her body seeming to melt into him.

They broke apart for air a moment later, a smile forming on both cheeks.

"Good talk..." Tripp thought.

"And for the record, I hope you took away the meaning as being that I love you-"

Before Tripp could finish his sentence, Derek came in, shouted excitedly that they'd be late for the party, and whisked Tripp away from Izzy before a response could be made. She hurriedly got up, forgetting that she hadn't told Tripp the trigger word for his hypnosis.

Well, that's how I was HOPING the series would end, but sadly that wasn't the case ): review?