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This story is a mixture of the "Thor" movie, the "Avengers" movie and the current chapters of "The Mighty Thor" comic books. So it's movieverse based on the comicverse.

It happens after the "Avengers" movie.

Warning: Spoilers for chapter 617 of the comic forwards. So, I don't own any of this, I just mixed up the plots.

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The Body from the Seine

Upon death, the soul left the body as they all do. It was supposed to go somewhere, like the millions of other souls that parted from their bodies that day. Instead this soul stayed still.

It was a selfish, resentful, envious, manipulative and liar soul. The soul of a villain doomed to eternal punishment and agony. Yet… that soul was already suffering.

After a while, the memories of the person whose it belong began to fade away along with every other knowledge of the life it left behind. All that was left were its feelings. Anger first, but that too gave away to despair.

As this soul remained in the abyss of nonbeing, its rage and desperation ran out, replaced by fear, shame, regret…


The soul became barely a lingering sentiment. Trapped in the deepest darkness, alone, scared and confused, just waiting to cease to exist.

Then, something happened. A body was being created from nothingness. Flesh, blood and skin covered the body's hands, feet, legs, arms, torso, head…

The lonely soul was slowly drawn into this body and was pulled towards it. Thus, a new being was created out of the ancient soul.

The new person floated in the void briefly before it was sent back to the land of the living.

Paris didn't resemble the beautiful City of Lights that most people remembered. That fateful afternoon, Paris looked grey, cold and discouraging like a shattered heart.

The storm caught most people out of guard, specially the tourists who had made so many plans, with a lot to see and so little time. Even the huge thunderstorm didn't prevent some of these men and women to enjoy themselves around the city, seeking shelter on the stores, cafés and even the famous Eiffel Tower. Some of them even accepted to go on a boat ride on the Seine.

The skies roared so loud that some children grabbed to their parents in fear. Even the adults felt wary. This was one of the most terrifying storms they've seen, like something out of a horror movie.

At the same time a thunder lighted up the sky, something fell right into river with a massive bang.

People ran to the bridge and anywhere near the Seine so they could see what had caused such a blast. As the waters became soother, a young German tourist started to yell, pointing to the river in panic.

There was someone on the waters, waving arms and legs desperately to try to stay afloat. However, the strength of the river was too much and the person was pulled down the river.

"Somebody help him!" a woman cried. "He's going to drown!"

People continued screaming, terrified by the person's attempts to survive but no one dared to jump into to river and suffer the same fate. Fortunately the firemen arrived quickly along with an ambulance and some of them managed to get to where he was.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn't fight the torrent. His arms and legs were getting too tired and his mouth kept filling with water, making him cough.

"I see him!" the fireman said before jumping into the freezing waters. "Keep swimming! I'll be right there!"

He tried to keep swimming but he was pulled underwater. His mouth opened in a silent scream and his lungs filled with water, as his body finally decided to give up fighting.

A strong arm grabbed him by his right hand and abdomen and he was pulled to the surface. Coughing violently, he was pulled into the small boat and covered with a grey blanket.

Many voices talked to him while they brought him back to the shore, but he was too confused to understand any of them. He felt hands grab, rub and pull him from all sides, in a scary mix of blurry, unknown faces and blinking white, blue and red lights.

People were talking to him, asking things over and over while dragging his trembling legs. He tried to understand them, but it were too many voices, too many faces and too many gazes. He couldn't answer them, so he did the only thing his instincts told him. He screamed.

He screamed to make the voices stop and tried to run away from them. Yet, it was like he wasn't used to his own legs and he fell on the concrete floor, skinning his knees and hands.

His eyes grew wide with terror and panic when the now silent people approached him. Still covered with his grey blanket, he pulled his legs to his chest into a fetal position. He closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands, hoping to make everyone disappear if he couldn't see them.

A man waved to everyone else to stand back and carefully approached him.

"It's okay" he said softly. "Everything is going to be okay. You're safe now, boy."

Hesitantly, he took his hands of his face to stare at the man with the gentle voice, revealing his bright green eyes and his still round face. The face of a scared child in the brink of puberty.

"What's your name, son?" the kind man asked.

The boy opened his mouth but… no sound came out. He didn't know the answer.

"It's okay now. You can trust me" the man persisted. "Please tell me your name?"

His lips began to tremble and he pulled the blanket closer to his small and thin body. He didn't know his name. He tried to remember it but he couldn't. He didn't know who he was, his mind was completely blank.

Actually, he didn't remember anything.

"Son? Can you tell me your name?"

The child couldn't hold on any longer. He looked at the nice man and shook his head before bursting into tears, his shoulders shaking as he sobbed in distress.

Aside from the boy's whimpers, only thunder could be heard. The heavy rain also continued to fall, like tears from a saddened God.

Alright, I guess it's safe to say that the boy is Loki. This chapter was based on the untold events of chapter 617 of the comic but it happens on the movieverse.

Loki is now OOC but that was intentional, he'll change. He's also around 10 years old.

BTW, read Journey into Mystery! I don't usually read superhero comics, but those are a master piece!

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