Hi! I guess the events of Everything Burns have inspired me. I'm sorry if the plot is going slowly, I'll try to speed up the pace next time.

Trivia: Damien Thorn was the anti-christ on the Omen movies. Scared the hell out of me! He didn't have horns though.


I Miss My Brother

"You're a liar!" Darcy cried out. "You big, fat lying brat! You said you were going to give us the film if we took you with us!"

Serrure was sitting across the young woman, indolently drinking his fresh coke and eating cookies with a grin on his lips.

"Well, technically speaking, I never did promise to give you the film" the boy said. "I just told you I wouldn't show it."

"Why you little…!"

"Darcy!" Jane warned, though she also frowned at the young thief. "Look, kid…"

"Serrure" the boy interrupted.


"My name is not "kid". It's Serrure. Serrure DuSeine" he said, finishing his meal. "I would appreciate if you called me by that."

Jane blinked. In that moment, the boy sounded very prim and proper, very different from the little rascal they were expecting. If he took a bath, cut his hair and got nicer clothes without stains or holes on them, he would look very cute. He was definitely educated and smart; children like that didn't grow up on the streets. He had to have a family somewhere.

"Alright… Serrure. I'll admit that situation on the Louvre was unexpected. I wasn't planning on dragging you with us, it was just a reflex" the scientist said.

Serrure smiled. "Just as well, because if I had stayed there, I would be dead."

"Okay, but you have to understand that we can't take you with us" Jane insisted. "We're scientists and we're working. We can't look after you."

"That won't be a problem, Jane" Serrure answered, still smiling. "I don't need to be looked after."

"You're a child. Every child needs someone to look after them. You need a home, a family…"

"I don't have it" the boy said bitterly, his smile fading from his face, his green eyes bright and angry. "I don't have a home or a family. I never did. I can live just fine without them" he looked at the two women in the eyes. "Let me guess… the moment we land, there will be a social worker waiting to take me back to France, yes?"

Jane's brown eyes widened with surprise. "How did you…?"

Serrure chuckled. "You adults are so predictable. You all act the same way regardless of where you're from. The thing is… I'm not that easy to trick, you know? I've been with social workers and foster homes before and I'm not going back."

"But you could get a family…"

"No, I won't! I know how it works. It's like a kennel. Parents only want the cute, little puppies. No one wants the older ones, the bad ones, the sick ones…" the boy said, lowering his face and listening to the wind outside the jet. "I'm a pest and a thief, there's no way someone is going to take me."

"Geez, I wonder why…" Darcy mumbled sarcastically, receiving a poke from her mentor. "Ouch! What? It's true! He said it!"

"Act like an adult, would you?" Jane groaned.

"Anyway… You don't have to worry. I'll go with you until I find my way. Then I'll be out of your hair" Serrure said. "I'll keep the video with me, just for safety. If you try to trick me, this will be all over the internet. I bet it will go viral on YouTube in two hours!"

Jane sighed and Darcy cursed angrily. It was humiliating to be at the mercy of a little kid, but they didn't have any choice unless they tried to take his phone. As if he had read their thoughts, Serrure took the phone and put it inside his pants.

"I dare you to try and take it" the boy sneered.

"Great! We're stuck with Damien Thorn" Darcy cried out, glaring at the grinning child. "All that's missing is the big horns on his head!"

Serrure ignored her and sat comfortably on his seat, enjoying being warm and well fed while it lasted. He was used to insults and being disliked, he learned how to live with it. However, he did make a mental note to check who Damien Thorn was.

"So tell me more about this Loki guy!" Serrure asked. "You said he was the bad guy who tried to take over the world, but didn't the Avengers kill him?"

Jane sat across the boy, while Darcy sat in the other side of the jet.

"As far as I know, the Avengers didn't kill him" the older scientist said.

Serrure looked confused. "Why? The bad guys always die at the end."

"Unfortunately, not always" Jane continued. "I'm sure Iron Man and the others would gladly kill Loki, but… well… Thor would never allow it."

"Thor?" Serrure said softly, wondering why the word sounded so familiar.

"He's one of the Avengers" Jane explained.

"The big, blond hunk with the red cape and silver armor" Darcy added. "Very handsome, but most of the guys from the team are."

"Anyway" Jane went on. "Thor and Loki are from … another world. When Loki was defeated, Thor took him back to their home to face their justice."

Serrure nodded, obviously interested in the tale. "Why did Loki want to take over the Earth? That sounds like a lot of work."

"Who knows? I guess he is just evil" Jane said. "Before he tried to conquer the planet, he tried to kill us and Thor… his own brother."

"His brother? He tried to kill his brother? Why?"

"Because he's wicked and insane" Jane said angrily. "Believe me, he's the kind of man who would stop at nothing to get what he wants. He destroyed anything and anyone who stood in his way so he could have power. He's the worst kind of monster."

Serrure seemed to ponder on Jane's words, feeling somehow troubled with the conversation. "If… Thor took him to their home; shouldn't he be locked up in a dungeon? Or dead?"

Jane looked at the window. "I don't know… We all thought we would never hear from him again, but we have to think of the possibility that he might have escaped."


Odin sighed deeply and rubbed his aching forehead. Even though the walls were thick, he could hear the music and happy cheering coming from the feast in Thor's honor. He had already excused himself from the banquet, shortly after congratulating his son on another successful quest. He didn't feel in a celebrating mood and Thor wasn't exactly pleased with his recent actions.

His son and his wife didn't understand that what Odin was doing was for their own good. Loki's betrayal and villainy had broken their family and filled the All-Father with sorrow. Maybe he shouldn't have kept the truth from his parentage away from him for so long, but nothing justified what Loki had done to Asgard and Midgard, the lives he had taken or attempting to murder Thor.

No. Nothing justified Loki's actions. Odin needed to remind himself of that every time he remembered Loki's face staring at him from the abyss, pleading for some kind of understanding and approval when all he could give him was his disappointment and regret. He knew he had done the right thing as a king. The only way to keep Asgard and Thor safe was to keep Loki away and erase him from their memories. In time, they would finally be able to forget him and move on with their lives.

It was useless to regret anything now.

"My King!"

Odin looked up and saw Heimdall entering his chamber, a solemn look in his golden eyes.

"What is it, Heimdall? What have seen?"

When the guardian of Bifrost told him what he had seen, Odin stood up in shock.

Thor Odinson had probably drunk too much, but he didn't care. He had just returned from a great quest with his noble friends, the Warriors Three and Sif, and defeated a horde of warriors sent from the fire colossus himself, Surtur. Their battle had been glorious and worthy of legends. The bards were working on ballads as they ate, determined not to let anyone is Asgard to forget their heroes and their bravery.

"Another!" Thor yelled, smashing a cup on the ground and instantly getting a replacement.

The hall was filled with food, people and laughter. Frandal was surrounded by women, boasting about his feats, Volstagg was too busy eating and laughing to speak and Hogun simply listened to his companions, smiling from time to time.

Sif was the only one who decided to bath and change her garments before joining her friends in the feast. When she arrived, she looked stunning and made several men turn their heads and admire her beauty. She sat next to Thor, talking and bickering with him like they always had. True, Sif had once been courted by the handsome Thunderer and rejected his advances. She didn't want to be like those silly women who couldn't see anything beyond his looks and status. Sif and known Thor since they were children, she knew him better than most people and she longed for his acknowledge of her strength as a warrior instead of another pretty face. She hoped that in time, Thor would become a mature man but she had waited too long.

Thor had changed from the better after his exile to Earth, but Sif wasn't the one who had made him a better man. It had been that mortal woman. Jane.

What was it about this mortal that was so important? How could she mean so much to Thor when they barely knew each other while Sif had known and been there for him all her life? What made her so worthy of his love?

Sif had heard of similar situations when a God and fallen in love with a mortal and those stories never ended well. She knew Thor would meet Jane again eventually, but they had time against them. Jane would grow older while Thor remained youthful. Obviously, he would plead to the All-Father to turn her into a goddess, but that was very unlikely.

"You look deep in thought, Sif" Thor said, smiling warmly at her. "I hope you're fretting over that lovely dress you're wearing."

"I have more dresses. I worry about your comatose body falling on me though" she teased. "How many cups have you drunk? Eight? Nine?"

"Nonsense! I could drink until dawn and I would still feel ready for another battle! Don't worry, Sif!"

The warrior maiden smiled as Thor asked for another cup, his blond hair waving in the air like gold. Her hair had been golden once, beautiful. When they were children, Thor had said that he loved her hair. Shortly after that, Loki made it disappear.

Sif still felt crossed just thinking about it. It had been a prank, Loki said. He was just making a jest, but she knew the truth. Loki had done it because Thor liked her hair, so he had tried to make his brother miserable by taking it away and then replace it with black hair. Even as children, Loki had always been wicked and envious of Thor. She didn't like him then and she never did, just like most of Asgard.

Loki's death wasn't mourned and he wasn't missed. Instead, people often said how relieved they felt now that the Trickster was gone. But Thor wouldn't even listen, too blinded by his love for his unworthy brother. They had to hide their feelings about the trickster unless they wanted to unleash Thor's anger.

The crow demanded a speech from their champion and Thor jumped on top of the table, boasting about the details of his battle. At the end of his tale, the God of Thunder picked up his helmet and put it in his head while the men and women cheered.

The moment Thor finally sat back, he looked radiant and Sif felt happy. That was what he needed, to let go of the past, of Loki, of Jane and Midgard and focus on the precious life he had now with his family, his friend and her…

"You sure know how to tell a tale" Sif said with a grin. "I don't think a bard would have done better. Well… I would have appreciated the singing voice though."

"Ah! Ah! Sif, you adore my singing voice!"

"That's what your big head thinks" Sif pointed at his helmet. "Is that the helmet you wore on the coronation day?"

"Aye" Thor said. "The very same one."

Sif smiled. "Nice feathers!"

Suddenly, Thor's blue eyes widened and his mind was transported to a memory.

It was the day he had dreamed off from ages, his coronation day. Giant doors open at one end. Thor walked forward against the bright light beyond, his red cape wavering, his hammer in hand, he reached the end of a raised platform.

An attendant handed him a goblet of wine and he drank it quickly, hurling it towards the fire directly below.

"Another!" the Thunder God ordered, while the cup smashed, the alcohol causing the fire to glow intensely and, for a moment, brightly lit.

Thor walked down and saw a figure behind the curtains. Loki appeared next to him, wearing his horned headpiece and also dressed for the huge ceremony.

The brothers stood by a brazier at the foot of steps that led up to the crowded throne room.

"Nervous, brother?" Loki asked with his usual mischievous smile.

"Have you ever known me to be nervous?" Thor answered, laughing and hoping to hide the bit of fear he had in his heart.

Loki looked deep in thought for a moment. "Hmm. There was the time in Nornheim..."

Thor had to laugh at that! His little brother would never forget that battle when they were ambushed by hundreds of warriors, much to Thor's dismay. Aye, he had been nervous, but he wasn't going to admit it to Loki.

"That wasn't nerves, brother. It was the rage of battle" Thor said confidently.

"Ah! I see" Loki answered sarcastically.

"How else could I have fought my way through a hundred warriors and pulled us out alive?"

"Huh… As I recall, I was the one who veiled us in smoke to ease our escape" Loki said.

Thor laughed even louder while another attendant approached him with another goblet of wine for him. There was no way Thor was going to admit that Loki had saved his life or that he had made a mistake. He would have been able to defeat those warriors eventually.

"Some do battle, others just do tricks" the blond said.

The attendant stifled a laugh and the next thing Thor knew, man yelled and the goblet fell to the ground while eels slithered from it.

"Loki…" Thor said, hearing his brother chuckling. "Now that was just a waste of good wine."

"Just a bit of fun" the God of Mischief said, turning to the scared attendant with a grin. "Right, my friend?"

With a light wave of his hand, the eels disappeared and the attendant picked up the goblet and left the chuckling brothers. A moment later, another attendant brought Thor his new helmet.

"Nice feathers!" Loki said.

Thor chuckled and faced his brother, staring at the horns on his golden helmet.

"You don't really want to start this again, do you, Cow?"

"I was being sincere!"

"You're incapable of sincerity" Thor answered.

"Am I?" Loki said with a laugh. Then, his expression became serious and his green eyes were staring at his older brother's blue ones, all pretense lost. "I've looked forward to this day as long as you have. You're my brother and my friend. Sometimes I'm envious, but never doubt that I love you."

Thor searched his brother's face and saw no trace of irony. He was either speaking from his heart or he was a very, very good liar. Maybe both. Thor put an appreciative hand on his brother's shoulder, deciding to believe the first option.

"Thank you" he said, feeling truly glad that Loki was there with him. Despite all their fights, he loved his brother from the bottom of his heart and he was the person he felt most at ease.

The brothers took a moment of silent, until Loki spoke again.

"Now give us a kiss" the raven said jokingly.

"Stop it!" Thor laughed and made the final adjustments to his ceremonial wear. "Really, how do I look?"

Loki stared at Thor for a few seconds. "Like a king."

"Thor? Thor did you hear me?" Sif asked, but the blond man looked miles away. "Thor!"

"Huh? What?" Thor asked, looking at Sif with a strange expression on his face.

"I was asking if you want to join Frandal and Hogun" she said, pointing toward their friends. "They are about to duel."

Thor looked at his companions and the laughing crowd, suddenly feeling a heavy weight on his chest. All of the joy he had moments earlier now gone.

"Maybe some other time" Thor said, standing up and ready to leave the feast. "I feel tired, Sif. I should get some rest."

Sif could only watch as Thor left the hall, sending his admirers away with a wave of his hand. The maiden knew what changed Thor's disposition so quickly, she had seen it numerous times.

Loki was still haunting him.

Thor sat near one of the fountains, away from the feast and the laughter and from the people who wouldn't understand his feelings of sorrow. They had been understanding for a while, but when Thor couldn't forget his grief or his brother, his friends just wanted him to stop brooding and become his cheerful self again, like he had been.

The problem was that he couldn't be the person he had been. A lot had changed in those past few years and Thor couldn't stay the same anymore. He had known humility and the frailty of the humans. He had fallen in love instead of the lust he was used to. He had gained new friends. He had lost his brother.

Looking back at all his memories with his brother, Thor couldn't help but wonder if every time Loki smile he was really cursing him inside, if all the times he thought he loved him had been nothing but a lie… For how long had Loki hated him? When did he start to plan his vengeance on Thor and try to stab him the back? Did Loki love him at all or had he been lying all this time?

The God of Thunder remembered Loki's words perfectly when he had asked him if he remembered the good times they had spend together, but the raven answered that he only remembered being shadowed by Thor greatness. Was it really true? Loki didn't hold any good memory of their family in his heart? Did he stop thinking about them as such the moment he found out his true parentage?

"Goodnight, Thor."

Thor almost felt angry by the intrusion, until he saw his mother coming towards him with a gentle smile on her lips.

"It is late, Mother" the blond said. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"I can't. There are too many thoughts on my mind" Frigga said, sitting next to her son. "What about you?"


Frigga grabbed Thor's hand and smiled, though her eyes looked as haunted as his were.

"Thor, I miss him too" the Queen of Asgard said, as if she had read Thor's mind.

"I'm not sure if what I miss is real, Mother" the blond continued. "I can't help but doubt my memories of Loki. He had so much hatred inside of him and I never noticed. I wonder if I was the only one who thought of him as a brother…"

Frigga sighed. "When you're angry with someone, it is a lot easier to recall the bad memories and ignore the good ones. Loki always felt jealous of you, of your skills, your popularity, Odin's pride for you… He wanted to be you."

"But why?" Thor cried out. "Why would he want to be like me? He had his own strengths and… my friends are his friends! We all fought together!"

"Thor… Do you really think your friends felt the same way about Loki as they did about you?"

"Of course they…" Thor stopped and his mouth slowly closed as he thought about his friends' treatment towards his brother, how uncomfortable and suspicious they were of him, how they didn't mourn him a second. "No… they did not."

Frigga looked at the full moon, tears behind her eyes. "We've all failed to notice how lonely he felt, how sad… I saw the way he always compared himself to you and how saddened he felt every time tried to impress your father. Loki's skills in sorcery and deceit were astonishing. He's intellect rivaled your hand-to-hand combat, but being smart isn't something warriors in Asgard value, it is strength and bravery."

Thor shook his head. "He was a good warrior. Sure, he fought differently from us but I never doubted his power. When I underrated his tricks, it was all a friendly bickering between brothers."

"I guess it was because you always felt confident about yourself" she added. "Loki lacked your confidence and your self-esteem, Thor. Looking back now, I see that he never thought of himself worthy as long as he wasn't acknowledged. He felt inferior to you and jealous, that grew into hatred. Especially after he found out he was Laufey's abandoned, Jotun son. He sought of a chance to make Odin proud of him by destroying Jotunheim, but he failed. Then he tried to become king in Midgard and prove to himself that he was worthy. After failing at everything, he saw no reason to stay alive anymore."

Thor stood up and walked back and forth angrily. "It never mattered! It didn't matter that he was a Jotun or Laufey's son. I still thought of him as my brother and my blood! Why couldn't he see it? Why did he have to destroy everything?"

"Thor… if it had been you, would you feel that way?"

The Thunderer stopped dead on his tracks. What would he feel like if it had been him who was adopted? How would he feel if he found out he was the monster he had learned to hate all his life? Or that his birth father had abandoned him to die? How would he feel to know that the one he called father had kept this all from him?

"I would feel so angry… betrayed" Thor answered. "My first action would be to punch father. I really don't know how I would deal with it."

Frigga stood up and placed a warm hand on her son's shoulder before leaving.

"Mother?" Thor asked.

Frigga stopped and turned around. "Yes?"

"I know I should hate him. I should feel nothing but anger but, despite everything he said … everything he did… I still wish he was here" Thor said, lowering his head. "I miss my brother, Mother. I miss my brother."

Frigga nodded and went back to the palace, while Thor stared at the infinite stars with tear rolling down his cheek.

Serrure had fallen asleep in one of the seats and he was dreaming. This dream was different from the ones he was used to. There was no violence, hatred or murder. Instead, he saw a blond boy his age talking to him and smiling. He couldn't understand what the boy was saying, but he felt happy, his mouth muttering a single word in his sleep.

Darcy looked back and saw the young street hustler moving in his sleep, before shrugging and putting her headphones in her ears.

She could have sworn she had heard him say "brother".

Thor's flashback came from a deleted scene from the Thor movie, too bad they didn't include it. I loved it! You can always see it online if you're interested.

Also the line "I miss my brother" was originally said to Sif in the comics right before Thor resurrected his brother.

I hope it wasn't too sappy.

See ya!