This is a companion piece to my first fic that got reviews: I Dare You. It's from Vader's point of view.


Your words cut to what's left of my heart.

You have no idea how badly I have wished that things were different.

However there is an old saying: you've made your bed, now sleep in it. I started when I slaughtered that entire village of Tusken Raiders.

It felt good to feel their fear.

Than when I made that fateful decision and cut off Master Windu's hand so he couldn't strike down Darth Sidious I knew that I had made a mistake when Sidious used Force lighting to hurl the Jedi Master out into the Coruscanti might.

It was too late to go back.

I still remember the screams of the younger ones in the Jedi Temple when they realized that I hadn't come to save them but kill them. I remember the looked betrayal on the faces of the older ones that could understand what was happening.

I murdered the entire Separatist Council in cold blood. They begged for mercy but I showed them none.

I attacked your mother with the Force while she was carrying you and for years believed that I killed her and you that horrible day.

I wish deeply that I could come back but I am a damned soul.

I wish I could but I can't.


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