Hello! I have been a fan of Wolf's Rain from the get-go, but recently went through and watched the series again. I fell in love all over again and decided to work on my long-time dream of continuing the story in a fan-fiction short story. The first chapter took one evening, and I'm planning to post more soon. I'm very excited to share my take on the Wolf's Rain characters' futures. This was an amazing series that touched my heart in so many ways; so here is my tribute to the creators, series, characters and fellow fans. :)

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A New Beginning

The youth was awakened by the glare of sunlight that beamed through the dark curtains and onto his pale face and messy auburn hair. The cold morning air bit his nose and he groaned, pulling the thick, white comforter over his head. Lost in thought under the warm blankets, he frowned as he recalled the dream he had once again visited during his sleep. It had been like this for quite some time and he did not understand why. The flash of wild, running wolves dashed through his mind and he threw the covers back, frustrated and confused.

He managed to drag himself out onto the cold, hardwood floor. Another chill flew through the room and he shivered, clutching himself. As he looked up he noticed the window was open and quickly ran to close it. He paused there at the window for a moment after, once again lost in his thoughts. "Gran…" he sighed. The look on his face was one of frustration and sorrow. He was beginning to see her slip away from him and he knew it was only a matter of time, time that she did not have. He shook the dark thought away and made his way into the hallway and to the bathroom.

He looked into the mirror after washing his face, holding the green towel close and gazing into his own curious, amber eyes. The wolves came back to him; his dream. He leaned over the sink and closed his eyes. He was in the dream once again, running with the wolves. He remembered feeling a sense of longing, searching, finding and holding onto something that was out of reach. But what was it?

"Toboe! Good morning!" The young boy snapped back to reality as an older, greying voice greeted him with a wrinkled smile. "Morning, Gran." He smiled back at her. "What time is it? How long have you been up?"

Her happy smile turned into a curious one and she looked up to the ceiling, "Well," she paused, "I'm not quite sure, but breakfast is ready." She turned and Toboe followed, dropping the towel onto the floor behind him.

"So I have to work again this morning and," He stopped when caught the delicious aroma of food in front of him and shoveled a fork full of hot scrambled eggs into his mouth, "Mmmm, this is great, Gran!" He continued his meal, occasionally biting into the crunchy, buttered toast between the eggs, guzzling orange juice to wash it all down. He hardly took any breaths, ravenous as if he had not eaten in days.

"My Goodness, my dear Toboe. Did you eat anything for supper last night?" Gran spoke up, concerned with his manner.

Toboe stopped eating and looked up, a smudge of butter on his chin and a crumble of egg in the corner of his mouth. "Yes," he slowly replied, "I had a sandwich on the way home from work last night…" He looked down at his plate, three quarters gone.

"Oh. Well… you're behaving like a wild animal." she frowned. She slipped a bite in herself and calmly chewed while Toboe sat there, still staring into his plate. After she took a sip of orange juice she spoke again, "Do you work today?" She continued her breakfast as she waited for a reply. After two more bites of eggs and another sip of juice she was concerned, "Toboe?"

Toboe stared into his plate, the milky, white glass beneath the remnants of what was left from his breakfast. His reflection was unclear, the plate old and scratched, creating a jaded image of himself.


He shot up, "I'm sorry! …What?" He blushed, embarrassed for many reasons.

"What's wrong?" Gran asked. "You seem so distant today." She reached out her weathered hand and gently placed it over his that was currently clutching onto a worn fork. "Did something," She coughed half way through the sentence and removed her hand from his, clasping it over her mouth. Bending over, the chair she sat in creaked and she clutched her knee with her other hand. She started coughing again, more aggressively.

"Gran!" Toboe shouted and rushed to her side, knocking over his own chair. He knelt next to her, his arms around her. The coughing slowed and eventually came to a halt. "Water…" she breathed in a raspy voice. Toboe nodded and rushed to the sink, quickly flooding water into an empty glass from the counter top. He rushed back to her and she took the glass in her shaky hands, slowly swallowing it down.

After a moment it felt as if nothing had ever happened and she returned to normal. "Toboe," she smiled down at him, as he was still by her side. His expression was worried and frantic. "Toboe," she said again and touched his smooth face with her wrinkled palm. She brushed back a few strands of his hair with her bony fingers as she spoke, "You're so good to me."

He smiled softly, relaxing himself at her touch. They had been together as long as he could remember. Gran continued to stroke his hair as Toboe laid his head on his grandmother's soft lap, closing his eyes. He vaguely remembered the woman, his mother, the one that held him in her arms long ago, her long hair caressed by the wind as he grabbed at it; it was the color of his own. And her eyes; her eyes were bright blue, like the sky on a beautiful day.

He thought of Gran and her smiling face, her kind embrace. He slowly opened his eyes, keeping them half shut as his mind drifted with Gran's loving touch. He couldn't remember the day his mother left, why she had left, where she had gone to. "Gran?" he asked softly.

"Yes, my dear?" she continued to pet him.

"How long has it been now? How long have we been like this… since mom went away?" he asked.

"Oh Toboe. …Many years now, I do suppose. Why do you ask?"

"I miss her. I wish we were all here together, like before… Why… why did she leave us?"

Gran did not answer for a moment as Toboe laid his head patiently on her lap. As she stroked past his cheek again, she felt warm tears on her fingertips. "My little one, you were so young. Your mother," she paused. "It was a few years after the new beginning… She had to go." She waited for him to speak up, but he said nothing, sitting there quietly. She continued, "It will be all right my dear. One day… we will all be together again in Paradise."

Toboe immediately sat up, slightly startling his grandmother. "What did you say?"

"Ah," she looked at him curiously but then relaxed again. She looked to the window across the room, sounds of the city blaring outside the glass panes. She sighed and continued her stare, as if she were imagining something. "I am aware that I am not long for this world. Soon I will join my daughter, your mother, and we will both be waiting until it is your time." She looked at him but he did not meet her gaze.

Toboe stared into his lap as Gran spoke, "Toboe, I know that it upsets you for me to say things like this. But I am too old now to pitter patter around the truth." She looked down at her own hands, worn and tired from the years. "I am an old woman. I have seen many years and many things in my time. I do not regret the days I have spent with you." She met his gaze and smiled as he would now face her, all though he still appeared frightened. "I have watched you grow up into a fine young man." She looked down again, "But when I am gone, I wish for you to keep on living. For you also have many years and things to see."

"Toboe, my dear, my little one… You don't even know how special you are." Gran looked at him again and reached out her arms to him. Toboe bit his lip and dove into her embrace. She held his body close to her as he tried to choke back the bittersweet sobs. "Oh, Toboe… My little miracle. This world used to be such a dark and dreary place. I watched this world turn from a murderous, disease-ridden wasteland into a perfect and bountiful paradise."

Toboe opened his eyes, not sure what it was about that word, but still held onto her. His tears had ceased and he simply listened to Gran's story.

"Everything changed with you, my dear. Not just the lives of your mother and I, but this world. When you were born, the world found paradise, a new beginning."

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