Say What?

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Author's Note: This story is a crossover between 30Rock, House and TheOffice! If you do not like these shows or these pairings: Liz/Jack,Huddy, or Angela/Andy then I suggest you not read any further!

Alright so let's say Liz and Jack decided to have an actual relationship and Jack doesn't ever meet Avery.
Angela happens to still be single after that whole Andy and Dwight incident..BUT something happens. Besides that..yeah this happens right now.

Thank you Fanreaders :)

Ch. 1 Rocky Date

'Ready to eat Lemon?' Jack asked as he knocked on the open door to his

best Head Writer's office. 'Always ready to eat Jack' Liz replied not

looking at him but at her computer screen. Jack made a low chuckle

walking towards her, making her grin and look up at him. 'Still

working on your script?' he asked a bit concerned, after looking at

her. Liz had tiny bags under her eyes, her perfectly straight hair

from this morning now in a ponytail, glasses hanging off her dress,

and her cardigan could be seen on her chair with new stains on it. She

smiled at him for a second before turning her attention back to the

monitor. Liz shook her head, 'Just finished that' she huffed, then

clicked on the mouse a few times focusing on something. Jack's

curiousity got the best of him, rounding her desk, he could clearly

see she was checking her e-mail. She looked up at him as he put his

hand on her desk, and his other over her chair. 'Looks like you got a

few e-mails Lemon, one in particular I see' he said, pointing to the

screen. Liz knew which particular e-mail that was, the one with the

'unread' icon beside it, the one which was in big capital words

reading 'YOU'RE INVITED TO THE BABY SHOWER OF..', and the one that

said it was from her mother's e-mail address. 'An a

baby shower that my mom called earlier about' she sighed a little,

right before Jack took the mouse and double clicked on the message. An

invitation from e-cards showed up, it was in computerize handwriting.

'Angela Martin?' Jack questioned, 'She's some cousin

I use to have play dates with as a baby. Mom told me she works in an

office in Pennsylvania' the brunette replied tiredly. 'That's

adorable. Now let's discuss it when your mother calls again in the

morning' Jack said turning the monitor off, then pulling Liz off her

seat. She grabbed her bag as he picked up her cardigan. Liz turned off

the lights in her office before the two walked out.

short..random, but i just had to do a crossover! its my first one, and i'd love it be about my 2 fave shows! anyways i need some ideas for this story pretty please :)
feedback = a very happy bubblytvlover