The Witch

"My dad is so impossible! He doesn't ever want me going anywhere! He wants to spend total quantity time together. And I'm, like, 'Dad, I can go out, it's perfectly safe!' But he's got all this guilt about leaving me with my mom. And he's being a total pain."

It's a huge relief, being with her dad again after all that time with her overbearing mom. She really had never noticed quite how much she'd missed him until she hadn't been with him in so long.

Being a normal high schooler was, in many ways, a new experience for her. Ostentatiously, she'd already been one for over a year, but in reality, those days had been lived with the constant shadow of her mother looming over her head, bombarding her with unending lectures about cheerleading. It was all different now, though. And she even had friends to go with it!

Sometimes, though, she spares a peek at the books she's stacked in the corner of her bedroom. The ones she had grabbed from her old house at the last moment, completely on impulse. The ones that her mom had once perused—the ones with titles like Hecate's Blessings and Nox Aeterna.

Every time, however, she was able to tear her eyes away. She was here, with her dad, as he constantly impeded on her teenager sensibilities.

What possible use could she find for magic?

A/N: I felt like exploring pre-horrible crazy Amy a bit~ Although I didn't get that much into her character, so it ended up being of questionable quality… :P Ah well. To the next drabble I go!