This is a new type of story for me. Creepy. Ive never written anything as creepy as this. But I got the idea from the movie "White Fang" and Some pirate move and "The Lovely Bones". Its not anything like "playing" with children or what not. Its just…creepy. If you like gore or violence this is a story for you.! Enjoy!

Chapter 1


Chaos was heard through the Wilkerson house on the sunny Monday morning. Mondays were always crazy, especially for the Wilkerson family. It was the day starting the week, the day that was cut off from the weekend.

The mother of the three children was screaming through the house. She was a very loud woman with a set of lungs in here. She was almost always screaming, also very intimidating. It seems the boys have overslept. The mother drags a mop bucket, its possible its containing ice water. A few minutes go by before the mother hurries out of the hallway and continues slabbing breakfast carelessly on the stove while brushing her hair. The husband isn't there. He had left for work early that day, before the sun was up….around 6:30 am.

There was movement in the hallway as all three of the boys came trudging out tiredly, fully dressed for school. They looked as if they would pass out. The middle child did not sit down at the table with his brothers. Instead, he started to pack up his back pack that was laying on the sofa in the living room. He was the intelligent child. Malcom was his name. He was 13 years of age and was always bringing home awards for his intelligence or pranking with his brothers. The boy was about to take off, but his mother came around the corner and pulled him away from the bag and plopped him down at the table. Then, she left them as she hurried down the hall.

The three boys sat there. The two oldest sat in front of the youngest. The oldest boy, Reece, was the…per say, reckless violent one. He was always causing trouble around the house and the neighborhood. The 15 year old did stupidly dangerous things that could get him killed one day. Eh, but why think of that? Reece was sitting there stuffing his face with what looked like ggs, occasionally throwing little bits of it at his baby brother across the table.

The youngest child, age 9, was named Dewey. He was the baby of the family. He seemed like a very weird little boy, but the only people that could see past that could see that he was very smart for a nine year old. And by taking the "abuse" his brother's gave him, gave him a good built like his brother, Reece. The boy didn't know what abuse was. There were millions of kids in the world that had it harder than Dewey. Dewey was almost always trying to follow his brothers or participate in their troublesome antics. But on some occasions, he tries to avoid the trouble. Smart kid. The little boy would play by himself in the yard or the driveway of the little run down house.

There was another brother, but the parents sent him to military school for reckless behavior. Overly. Reckless. Behavior. He was around 17 years of age and only visited on special occasions or when he ran away from the academy. Then he would be sent right back.

As the brothers ate, the mother , Louis, came running out of the hallway, yelling at the boys. The children jumped out of their seats all at once, grabbed their back packs and ran out of the door. They must have done something very bad for them to want to get ot school so fast….Oh yes, it was very bad. Almost 300 dollars for the old woman's repairs on her car. What a great show that was.

The boys slowed down to a walk after getting past their house. The oldest were in the front talking to themselves, while the youngest was in the back, walking silently behind.

Suddenly, Reece and Malcom stopped, then turned their gaze behind them to Dewey. A mischievous smirk crossed Reece's face, although Malcom was a little hesitant at first, he made his expression match Reece's. Then they ran. Ran down the street, stopping immediately behind 3 girls and followed them around the corner, leaving, little Dewey there to walk to school by himself. His brothers would leave him to walk the 15 minute walk to school for girls who think they are weird. And they are. All 3….4 boys are very strange boys. Eh, but its worth a try!

Dewey stood there for a second, almost confused at what just happened, then continued on his way.

But then, the boy stopped. He turned and looked at the house across the street. This is the 7th time he has looked at the house in two months. The little boy studied the house with a blue rusted car in the driveway and broken shudders in the darkened windows for the longest time since the first time he studied it. After another long moment, he pulled his blue backpack over his slim shouldars and fast walked to the block corner and continued on his way to school.

As the boy left, the grey eyes through the telescope that faced the outside world, blinked and closed the opening.


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