Dean Winchester's daughter wears a lot of jewelry.

She says each piece has personal, significant meaning, but…

"All that bling will weigh you down on a hunt, sweetheart."

"It's alright, Daddy, it's not like you ever let me hunt anyways." (In her sweetest voice, of course.)

Dean Winchester's daughter insists on spending all her allowance on scented lotions.

"It's bad enough I have a chest like a boy's, I don't need to smell like one too." (When she said this, Dean couldn't help but think that while he's not sure what she's seeing, she must be hanging around some pretty well built men. She's no Hooter's waitress, thank god, but the looks she gets when they go out in public set his teeth on edge.)

Dean Winchester's daughter is incapable of talking to boys.

Dean doesn't know how this happened. After all, she grew up in the constant company of two full grown men. How she ended up stammering nervously, incapable of even giving the poor counter boy a flirty wink when he slipped her extra fries at the burger joint, he'll never understand. (Though he has to admit, this one he doesn't mind so much.)

Dean Winchester's daughter can fart and belch with the best of them.

Honestly, Dean's never been prouder than the day she burped Star Wars.

Dean Winchester's daughter hates guns.

She can shoot one like none other, but god forbid she ever have to actually TOUCH one.

"It's not like I'll ever need it, Daddy."

"You might, kiddo."

"When? On a hunt? I. Never. Go. On. Them."

"And for a damn good reason."

Dean Winchester's daughter loves animals.

That damn cat…

Dean Winchester's daughter is big on handling her own problems.

He didn't even know she was being picked on in her new school until he was called in to listen to the principal yell about how she broke that poor boy's nose before he was allowed to take her home. (And then they went out for ice cream.)

Dean Winchester's daughter might make the best pie he's ever tasted.

Thanksgiving is his favorite time of year, now. Forget St. Patrick's Day.

Dean Winchester's daughter refuses to pay for drinking fountains.

When they hit that rest stop in that last county, she decided to risk dehydration instead of pay 50 cents at the coin operated drinking fountain. It wasn't until later that night that Dean overheard her telling Cas about those girls in her gym class who used to shout "THE WATER'S NOT FREE" before pushing her into the wall every day. He thinks this might have something to do with it. And something to do with why she flunked gym and got kicked out of school.

Dean Winchester's daughter does yoga.

She's lucky she's so adorable, otherwise he might chuck that damn yoga mat in the dumpster. If he gets one more weird look for carrying it out to the Impala from the motel, he's going to have to slap someone.

Dean Winchester's daughter looks nothing like him.

The eyes, maybe, are a little like his. Green, anyways, but less hazely. She does, however, resemble her mother. With that long dark hair and those weird strands of blond shot through it-though her mother's were gray by the time the cancer took her-Dean would swear sometimes it's Lori staring at him. Sam and Bobby say she has his jaw, but he thinks maybe they're confusing the stubbornness on her face with a physical feature.

Dean Winchester's daughter does not believe in Divine Intervention.

He doesn't understand this one. He's told her the story a hundred times, and how else could her presence in his life be explained? How else can he reason out the fact that Cas pulled her out of that car at the VERY LAST SECOND, or how he swore on his grace that it was Dean's soul he sensed in that soon-to-be carwreck, or even how Cas was there in the first place? It's got divine intervention written all over it in Dean's eyes, but every time he brings it up, she gets that very serious, very "Lori" look in her eyes and says it.

"There are no coincidences, Dad. Fate has a hand in everything. Those things were MEANT to happen."

He never bothers to mention how, despite the fact that Cas swears it was DEAN'S soul in that car, every time he's touched her since, she's been herself and most certainly NOT Dean.

Dean Winchester's daughter thinks he might be gay for Cas.

"Get your feathery butt down here."

"Dad, you spend way too much time thinking about Uncle Cas's 'feathery butt.' And how do YOU know it's feathery?"

"Shut up, Dr. Phil."

Dean Winchester's daughter puts apple butter sauce on just about everything.

He values his life, so he'll never say it, but he finds it a little redundant when she spreads it on her apple toaster struedel.

Dean Winchester's daughter watches Being Human.

She finds it hilarious that anyone could believe that there are really vampires like Aidan or ghosts like Sally out there. She has to give them Josh-they got that one right, at least, but the other two make her smile. (He's always suspected that she only watched it for Aidan's looks, though.)

Dean Winchester's daughter hates anime.

She used to love Soul Eater-be it the manga, anime, or video game. Then she met the REAL Death and her beloved Shinigami-Sama and Kidd lost all meaning for her (even though he's pretty sure she still has that Kidd plushie in her backpack.)

Dean Winchester's daughter has never wanted to be a rockstar.

She's not half bad with a guitar, and she definitely inherited her mother's lark voice, but that's never stopped her from saying, The song 'Blood, Sex, and Booze' is all the fame I'll ever need."

Dean Winchester's daughter is a home-town girl.

Whenever they hit a new place, she makes instant friends with the town's local "good old boys." He's lost count of how many rusty pick-up trucks she's ridden in the back of, and she's got an ever-growing collection of plaid shirts they gave her "to remember them by."

Dean Winchester's daughter is shy about sex.

Dean blames Cas for this one, because this gene couldn't have come from Lori and it CERTAINLY didn't come from him. (Still, he's grateful, because his daughter will probably be a virgin into her thirties.)

Dean Winchester's daughter likes Bob Marley.

Rock n' Roll is her truest love, but every once in a while he catches her humming "Three Little Birds" or some other hippie shit.

Dean Winchester's daughter hates 13 Ghosts.

"HOW DARE YOU KILL SHAGGY? Dad, the director of this piss-poor film should be shot, turned into a vamp, tortured by a shifter, haunted, molested by a woman in white, and then have their eyes bled out, and then MAYBE I'll let them be staked. If they're lucky and I'm feeling merciful."

Dean prays for the director's sake that she's not on her period when she gets hold of them.

Dean Winchester's daughter loves hypothetical situations, even though she only uses them to reassure herself of her father's love.

"Daddy, would you still love me if I accidentally started World War III?"

"Your uncle and I almost started the apocalypse. Yes, I will still love you."

"Okay…Dad, would you still love me if I accidentally blew up a planet?"

"How'd it happen?"

"I crashed the TARDIS."

"The doc shouldn't have let you near the controls anyways. Yes, I'll still love you."

"Dad, would you still love me if I was a werewolf?"

"Yes, Adrian! My god, are we done yet?"

"Yeah, okay…hey dad?"


"Would you still love me if I got famous on youtube by remaking the song Ice Ice Baby?"

"I might actually love you a little more for that, kiddo."

A week later she had a youtube account with a single video posted.

Dean Winchester's daughter hates goodbyes as much as her father does.

Dean choked again, the blood clogging in his throat. "Adri…"

Through her tears, the fifteen year old smiled. "See ya later, Dad. Say hi to Grandpa Bobby for me, alright?"

"I love you."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry. Sam and I'll be just fine." She kissed his forehead. "And kick Uncle Cas's feathery ass for me, will ya?"

Dean Winchester's daughter is always there for him.

"Dad, wake up! Jeez, you were having a nightmare!"

Dean jerked awake, the blood in his throat instantly disappearing. He gasped.

She frowned at him from the backseat. "Sam, can we, like, grab him a beer or something? Cuz I don't need him going all chick flick on me, and I'm getting 'The Look.' Please?"

Sam chuckled from the front seat of the car and said, "Yeah, why not? Bar sound good, Dean?"

Dean settled back in his seat. "Sounds awesome."

"Hey, look at that billboard! They have pie at that one!"

Dean smiles. Yes, his daughter knows him very well.